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  2. Angel Bunny gave us eggs & then a bunch of angry ponies chased us. Yes. That is exactly what I was going for.
  3. Jenna just nodded, she didn't really chitchat during the travel because she was constantly checking for any danger, until they finally arrived to their destination. "Here, that one, park somewhere bit to the side." she then took out the old phone she had used earlier and started writing a message.
  4. I do it to myself but really quietly. Some people may accidentally hear it like I'm whispering. Whatever I'm talking about isn't always super important but I do it just to clear my head.
  5. Not sinister what so ever :lie:


  6. "But I asked first." Jenna said with a smile and lighthearted tone "Besides, I'm the one resting on you, not the other way around." she was quiet for a moment before continuing "This has been the best weekend of my life." "Thank you."
  7. You will not believe what just happened.

    So, I decided to play an old Wii game I hadn’t for a while (Toy Story Mania). This particular game’s disc has been known to make a weird bass-like sound on one of the minigames. (A western themed skee-ball game). 

    I was playing a completely different game (A standard shooting gallery, still western themed), when it started playing different sound effects from elsewhere in the game, some were pitch-shifted. Sure, fine. It was the last game, and, in the game, there’s a final score cutscene. The bass-like sound played for a few seconds before switching to more sound effects. The screen faded black, like it does every time it returns to the menu. It’s what happened during that second or two of black that sticks with me. 

    In one of the final score cutscenes, the little green aliens say “Return again.” During that blackness. I heard “Return again” in a really deep voice.

    Yeah. I think my game is possessed.

  8. @Buck Testa, I don't want to sound pushy, but not everyone has the time to check up on this forum regularly, so I feel I should remind you that the ball is in your court.
  9. All Along The Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. Gimme that wine (unhand that bottle) Gimme that wine (unhand that bottle) Gimme that wine (unhand that bottle) 'Cause I can't cut loose without my juice
  11. "All it does is to kill time, you won't get me telling any secrets by talking about cats." Mystic said, for her 'something she wouldn't otherwise tell' meant secrets, because she still hid certain things so well that she didn't know about them even herself. This was a mare with heart surrounded by layers of stone and ice, poking wouldn't do anything, so if Placidus wanted for her to open up, he needed to break those layers with force.
  12. Who kept the Sheep-Johnny Cash
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