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  2. Nikita was sprawled out on her bed, doing some sketching as she hears the phone ring. She picks it up "Hey babe, what's up?" she asks him happily, "how was practice?" she asks him and giggles as Spike had jumped onto the bed to cuddle up with her.
  3. He smiled at her and and drove her to the boutique whit the directions Rainbow sent in a message and soon they arrive and he help her carry out her thing and gave her a goodbye kiss before leaving the place and going for the studio to to rehearse with Flash Sentry and his band, later that night after a shower he looked at his phone and called for the number of sunset hoping for Nikita to pick up
  4. After the short makeout session, she smiles "Awesome, I love you so much and thank you" she says as she gets into the car and buckles up her seat belt. She smiles at him and as he does the same, she'd place a hand on his knee reassuringly.
  5. As he took her to the car and put her heavier stuff on the back truck he kissed her deeply and almost make out with her while kissing her, he said "definitely babe" he then let her go and open the door for her to get in
  6. She smiles and nods and kisses him "thank you for a great time love, I'll see you at school, but please call when you can, I'll miss you" she says, as they make their way to his car "I would love a goodnight call from you"
  7. He pays for all her goods and keeps carrying her stuff and then Rainbow sent her a message at Sherem's phone saying that Sherem needed to drop her at Rarity's boutique for her to try more custom clothes "well I guess it's time to drop you at Rarity's now babe"
  8. Been veeeeery obsessed with state individuality. Standing against being lumped into the generic pot of genericness.
  9. I had a horrifying thought. Don't look unless you want nightmares.


    Disney live action Duck Tales.


  10. She would smile and nod "alright" she says, picking up a strawberry doughnut, a sticky finger bun and a coffee scroll" Alright this should do "Thanks babe" she would say, placing the items on the counter.
  11. Sometimes the best thing to do is look forward to stuff.

  12. *I still have to watch out to not eat too much babe" he giggled and held her by her hip with one arm, his fingers nearing one of his legs "allow me to pay for this now babe okay?" He asked as she kept picking her baked goods
  13. I’ve never tried Root Beer.
  14. Today
  15. Apparently, they think we should be watching shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy simply because we're adults.
  16. Literally the cutest thing I've seen and I want to die


    Art by Jhayarr23


  17. I was playing my old games for lols and I bumped into something I didn't expect to see...


    So um... I'm not sure what is this. Well yeah, that Rarity's face does exist in graphic files -- as an easter egg of some sort, but I'm not sure what is this supposed to be. Her face was kind of hidden in a specific file, which apparently textured something like this, but what is so intriguing is that weird shadow at the top... That is something I cannot explain. Interesting effect for something I didn't program on purpose. EqE4vfd.png

    Actually, that's pretty creepy. Thank Celestia it's just Rarity, because things could get sp00py. It reminded me of an easter egg in Sonic



    --- so that's why it's kinda creppy. :twi:

  18. I'll try to get to these soon. Depends on how I feel. Not been feeling that motivated today. It is hard to not feel like just a summed up statistic thrown into the mass.
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