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  2. "And that's exactly what is wrong with your species, a prey that forgets its prey will learn it through the hard way." Ruby stated "And it's something that can only be fixed in one of two ways, either by teaching reality from the day you're born, or by experiencing that hard way." "And since it's your rulers who too are ignorant, it will most likely be the latter." "And that's a one thing that I like about the captain regardless of how much I hate her, she seems like she understand it."
  3. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet smiles and lens on him as they wait for the treats cart to make its way to their carriage "I had thought about that too, but what would I even do with that kind of magic?" she asks "I mean, I don't really have need for it, as I am pretty happy with what I've got in life already" she says and closes her eyes "As for the plushies, I can't wait to see and snuggle them, though my plushie stallion right here is always going to be the best and my favorite" she giggles, giving him a big, tight hug.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Orange giggles "I remember, we were like something like..4 or 5 I think" she says and giggles, shaking her head "I remember my mom looking at your dad with some disgust as well" she says and looks at him "I wish we never had to leave, but they had been given an offer they couldn't pass up, and well, you see why now, they're like Canterlot's version of Sugarcube Corner" she then looks around "I think I know a place, it's a bit of a walk, but it isn't too far from here" Starlight smiles "It is alright, you always were the type to prefer books over other ponies, in fact, I believe Twilight used to be like that" she says as Twilight nods, remembering that, and how her obsession with studying had made her lose her friends back in Canterlot.
  5. Excited about the big episode 200 today!!! Glad I could come back in time to witness this big moment in the fandom and show.

  6. Well only an hour and a half to go till the big moment arrives.
  7. @PathfinderCS very happy easter to you

  8. "Oh." A slight look of disappointment crossed her features for a moment, then she simply smiled back. "Well, I suppose as long as he's doing well, there's no need to worry so much, eh?" But she was worried; she'd known enough politicians to realize that the press saying Illiad was happy didn't mean Jack Squat; he might have been miserable, but the way that stallion could hide his true self... well, Vylia was certain that he could handle whatever Troy threw at him - she simply hoped she'd get the chance to speak to her friend again, too. And if the drawing Mystic had done held any truth to it, Illiad would be at the party, anyway; she could always endeavor to catch up with him there. Vylia sat up, foppishness and decorum instantly gone in a flash as a decidedly different look was slapped onto her features. "Attack? There's been an... a-an attack?" Vylia recalled when Illiad told her things were politically tense in Troy... and she sincerely hoped it wasn't a precursor to something worse. Her smile returned, though looking a tad forced. "Thank you, dearie - I expect not a single iota less. Now, if you're curious, I'm certain we could arrange a tour of the grounds, as you'll be here for quite some time. Might as well get a good view of what's to be your temporary new home, and perhaps maybe you'll get the chance to meet the others here. Careful of the miners, though," she shuddered, "... they're FILTHY." With a calculating grin, she turned to her butler. "Call... go fetch Daxter, would you? I'm sure he'd be... interested... to meet our new houseguest. And I can think of nopony better for a tour of the quarry proper." Her smile grew. Redd gave her a skeptic eye to beat the band... then put on a ponderous look as he truly considered her question. The thinking expression seemed ill at ease on his muzzle. "Well... how about this, then? I have a sister. Her job is incredible. I'M working at this... dunghill of a hole... in order to help her. If you really have some sort of all-knowing, all-seeing ability to predict what comes next, then we'll go from there. Honestly, though?" She leveled a gaze at her. "I expect about as much point as sack of drowned parasprites." He sighed, rolled his eyes, and said, "I would like to know if all I'm doing here for her benefit will be of any good? Am I working for no reason? Is this what I need to continue, so that she has a chance to make it? Am I wasting my time at the quarry... or in this carriage?" Beck's smile grew, and he made his way toward the kitchen. "Benny, Master Key, is actually not a 'who'... as much as a 'what'." Reaching his destination, he went to what at first appeared to be a window... yet, when he tugged on the 'windowsill', it opened as if it were a doorway, allowing access to the side of the manor itself... and a garage. It'd been here when they'd first arrived, but it was set back between the side of the manor house, and where it met the mountain it was imbedded into. The garage looked quaint, as it had the same blue ivy crawling up it that the Blackwater Manor had out front... but nowhere near as well-trimmed. Beck made his way towards the garage door. "Many years back, one of the Blackwaters was a prolific inventor. He took it upon himself to begin work on a machine that could provide safe and efficient transportation around the quarry grounds, and after a number of years, he managed to come up with such an invention." Inside the garage were a number of tools all neatly placed upon a rack, sacks of fertilizer and cement, a few crates stacked upon each other... and a rathr large something under a big, thick tarp. Beck reached it and stopped. "And so, without further ado... I present to you one of the greatest inventions in Blackwater history..." He grabbed the tarp with his mouth and yanked it free of... of... of... It was a HULK of steel; it was longer than it was tall, and it also had windows on all four sides where he could see the interior seats. There was some sort of pole sticking through the middle of it, about as big around as Key's leg, and there was some sort of wheel in front of the front left seat. All of this was sitting on what looked like wheel made from rubber or something? [OOC: Think of a 1957 Chevrolet with a steel pole in the middle of it.] "I give you... Benny, Master Key," he said with a flourish of his forehoof. She smiled broadly. "Well... from my experience, the BEST inventions are the ones we create carefully. Let me show you how I do it..." Silver made her way over to one of her plastic-coated whiteboards, hauled it over, swiped a fetlock over the stuff written there already, and lifted a marker with her magic. "The planning stage might not be as exciting as the actual building part... but getting this part done is what you use to make SURE your creation is what you want it to be - plus, it'll save you a ton of supplies, as you'll be doing and not just experimenting blindly." The marker uncapped, and Silver began writing away on the board. Ovals, lines and circles slowly began to take shape as a sleek-looking set of mechanical wings began to take shape right in front of Blitz's eyes. "See, what we need to focus on is aerodynamic tensile strength; the faster you flap, the stronger they'll need to be. And we need to make sure they don't snap in mid-flight; miiiiiiiiight be a touch disconcerting to some folks. From there, we have to ensure that the gear mechanisms can not only withstand hard flight, but long hovers - and they need to be able to withstand weather, too." She began scribbling little noted on the sides of the drawing: 'drag?' or 'batt. casing' or 'silver thread for lining'. "Blitz," she said as she continued to focus on the whiteboard, "I like the idea of the leather for the wings - that would bring SO much weight down! But I'm NOT going to use..." she shuddered, "... the REAL thing; however, there's a number of pones I know who make materials like this - I could get in touch with them, and I'm sure they could have some strong canvas or such. It'd REALLY make a difference to the weight count." She continued to draw, her amber eyes locked onto the board. "Blitz, may I ask where you got the metal to make the power connections? I mean, it's a stroke of brilliance, to be sure... but I'm wondering what other kinds of conducive metals might interact badly with the battery - we need to make sure the thing's safe before we let anyone try it out."
  9. Good morning everypony how is everypony on this beautiful Saturday morning?

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      Aqua shine

      i'm fine my friend

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      Dynamo Pad

      Good morning, my friend! I'm doing pretty awesome! I'm psyched for the new episode that's premiering today. :ticking:

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      All is well. How are you this fine day? :catface:

  10. happy easter everypony good news today reading the dareing do books




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      yes there real i got the there book colletion that come with an gold color dareing do  @Sherbert MGS

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      Ok, I'm going onto the "LEEJIT" ebook download

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  11. Get them to listen to Florida Georgia Line and watch that hate flood away! @Lucky Bolt Wouldn't you agree?
  12. @Lady Moonspell "Why must things be difficult when it involves being a Pie? I've lived in Ponyville longer than Dynamo and some other ponies. What I didn't know was who Pinkie was. I guess she and her friends had missions and other things going on that I didn't get to meet her. Although, there was that whole party introduction to Ponyville. It was only when Dynamo brought treats back to the arcade was how he mentioned to never question the pink, party pony. I asked and all he told me was that there was no logic. Nothing more and nothing less. I almost couldn't sleep for a week because of those words." He says, snapping his fingers as he listened to her remark. "Darn it. Here I was going to have Dynamo become the manager and then I could take off whenever I wanted." "I heard that, Button! I thought you said you would give me some more time off from time to time." Dynamo pouted as he heard Button's statement. "You didn't hear me say that." The purple Pegasus narrowed his eyes, while Dynamo rolled his eyes with a smile. "Whatever you say, boss. Whatever you say." He chuckles, turning back to Broken and smiling at her plans. "Even still, I can imagine Vinyl and any other DJ you've collaborated with will be surprised and glad to see the operation was a success. I also think it would be great to have you work at the arcade with us. That way, one of us can take Dusk with us for him to play games, That, or we can watch Dusky at home in case he's not feeling well, or something along those lines."
  13. Good morning everypony!

    Have a lovely Saturday!:mlp_grin:

  14. Good morning ponyville! After a rough day yesterday with the weather, today is a beautiful day!

    Hope you all are doing well!:D

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      Morning bro sleep well how are you?

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      Im doing well, just enjoying the nice cooler weather:-D
      Hope you are as well!


  15. @Lady Moonspell As Gentle opened the door to her room, she could see Devin, who was still asleep in her bed. She shook her head with a smile as her best friend was still asleep at this hour. After Scarlet had to move away, she understood that Devin had needed the comfort and reassurance that she wasn't alone. Devin would occasionally stay the night and share a room with Gentle. It was also a form of comfort as Gentle had missed her husband, Quick Fix. With a sigh, Gentle turned on the light to her room, walked over to her bed and threw the covers off of Devin. "Rise and shine, Miss Moonspell! Time to wake up and get that sleep out of your eyes!" Dynamo chuckles as Scarlet did a spin and kissed his cheek. "You're welcome sweetheart. It's also true as you are always so cute and adorable." He says, looking to the clock on the entertainment center to see it was still early in the morning. "Okay and that's true. We have plenty of time, so it's no problem to wait for our mother's to see us off. We wouldn't want to make them worry." He says, raising an eyebrow at the female rabbit's question. "Oh, no it's not like that. After you left, Miss Devin felt upset and regret to send you away. My mom let Miss Devin stay over our house from time to time to help give her support. They both shared the same room as they now have a sisterly bond. Besides, my mom said she didn't want to have another relationship. She always told me that nopony could ever replace my dad."
  16. Awwwwww best friends forever your all really nice and i appreciate that.:blush::fluttershy::kindness: 

  17. Before everyone chase me down with there torches and pitchforks at me,I AM NOT , i repeat, NOT asking for anybody to die in the show and I highly, Highly, HIGHLY doubt there would be any main characters deaths in the show (unless if it’s a really evil character) it's just a fun, if morbid, idea...please don't kill me. Celestia and Luna- sacrificing themselves to save Equestria and passing down their magic onto Twilight and Cadence Granny Smith- dying due to old age/natural causes Shining Armor- is overpowered by a powerful threat, out a magic and his horn broken, he shields himself to save his love ones. Older Sister Trio (Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash)-. All three are killed by Team Grogar, before their deaths all 3 manage to transfer their magic to the little sisters, (Applebloom receiving AJ’s strength , Sweetie Bell inheriting Rarity’s fashion and gem-detecting skills, and Scootaloo inheriting RD’s flying abilities and weather manipulation). Queen Chrysalis- slain by either the Mane 6, Celestia and Luna, or Cadence, Shining and Flurry. Mane 6 and the Pillars- both groups are slain by the Team Grogar but not before transferring all the magic to the Student 6 in order for them to vanquish the evil ram once and for all. Twilight Sparkle- 1.Equestria is magic has been drain of its magic by the Tirek, who is then vanquish by Twilight. Twilight casts a spell that restores the land of horses (and other creatures) but at the cost of her lifespan. 2. The planet in on the brink of destruction Twilight teleports everyone to a different dimension and battles Grogar on her own. The ram/goat has been defeated and Twilight teleports away. Twilight manages to find her friends but quickly succumbs to her wounds, she gives one final goodbye and her soul descends to the heavens, eventually reincarnate into a new star.
  18. Here are a few of my favorite: Heavy Iron Studios Valve Bugbear Games EA Blackbox Criterion Games Incognito Entertainment/Eat Sleep Play Rockstar
  19. *Noises of feeling unpleasant.*
    I feel so tired after going to the city on a bike (around 10km to one direction, with too many uphills to both directions (google if you need miles))...

    So, how is everyone else doing?
    Kuvahaun tulos haulle cat riding a bike

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  21. Wow that looks great. Albeit it lets me wonder if that is a weird female sexual pose.
  22. Weird. Is it at all dedicated to the Catholic church in any way? Personally I still think the French government should pay for it, not the rest of the world.
  23. Spaghetti from my Elementary School. I don't remember it that much, as it was a long time ago, but all I remember was that it was disgusting and I promptly threw it in the garbage.
  24. Welcome to these very forums! Enjoy your ride to the fun station and have a good time!
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