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  2. This will probably go down as one of the funniest episodes in the entire series.
  3. @Lady Moonspell (Oof, another name change uwu) Hmmm, the pillows in front of the fireplace sound a little warmer~ *she hears something as well and turns her head towards the noise, her ears flicking* Hmm?
  4. Very funny and adorable! I loved how everyone played a role in the story, and even showed new sides of the Mane 6' personalities from their own ideas to break through the castle. Shining got some much needed development, it's honestly nice to see more of him and to know that Twi and Shining never always got along (no cadence is seen either actually). Same deal with Luna and Celestia, we get to see them both argue like sisters again, and it is so hilarious. And the plan between Luna and Spike is great too. And little tidbits like baby Spike, baby Apple Bloom, Maud, Zephyr, etc.. All of it is unexpected, and it's what makes it so fun. This was a great 200th episode
  5. Like I said, she looked like a James Bond Villain like that
  6. I have 16 MLP plushies lying in my bed
  7. Holy crap, that was right! I'm dumbfounded they gave it to Spike. I thought Twilight would win. Also Spike is now confirmed little brother and not adopted son. That's going to make for some interesting discussions between the son vs brother camps, though both can be true in that Twilight raised a little brother. That segment with him and Fluttershy in the pit was interesting, some new stuff to think about how Spike views his position among ponies.
  8. First of all, it was a brilliant move to have the voice actors pitch ideas for this episode. I loved much of the episode, and twilight twilighting like she always does. It was overall a great episode for the 200th episode, and at the same time very funny. I loved every second of it. My grade: A+
  9. Well how am I suppose to see the beginning when there are no links available to the episode
  10. New headcanon, Spike pretends to be a naive, harmless baby dragon to hide his true self, an evil genius.
  11. The country music they play nowadays is just bad pop. For those who dismiss country music as “hick trash” and have zero respect for it, I pity you because you clearly know nothing about country music’s history. It moulded many of the sounds you know today.
  12. Besides that problem this episode replaces the premiere of my favorite of the season. My favorites are Finally seeing Zephyr breeze again Spoke actually being called the brother this actually confirms that spike is the mane 7th member the fact that it wasn’t just a Twilight episode like the synopsis said. Fluttershy and spike being spies Score: 9/10 awesome episode
  13. Mother of god... this was one of the funniest MLP episodes I've ever seen. Everything was so silly and weird, but oh my, this episode was so goddamn enjoyable! And I was laughing way a lot with the final plot twist This season has started really really good for me :3
  14. Dude, you need to rewatch the episode. I told you she was in the beginning cold open (the part before the theme) and she spoke. That is why she is credited. She wasn't helping because 22 minutes and they packed in a LOT. Plus she has a school to learn how to take over
  15. Just saw it at Babscon, today. One of the best episodes ever!
  16. That was all weeks worth waiting for. I thought it was a Nightmare Night episode. And hey Babscon!
  17. Someone needs to make Luna stroking the bird, at the end, a meme.
  18. First Impressions on Twilight's Seven:

    Not particularly funny, but enjoyable enough for what it is (7/10)

    1. SolarFlare13


      it was an interesting episode, to say the least :) 

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