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  2. Think about this...
    It's not just TwiDash being a good couple, but ponies with Twilight and Dash end up as a couple!
    It's just that magical of chemistery!

  3. And the twist is I have a split personality. I have been stalking myself the whole time.
  4. Hey, I'm the shapeshifting Changeling. If anything, I should be stalking you.
  5. My sleeping pattern is a train wreck lately so I'm up now. Doing what? I have no idea! :D 

  6. Actually yea I did get a rabbit but it died because I gave it a heart attack New phone?
  7. Yes. Practicing to be a pro singer--NOT!
  8. Yes i am sleep typing right now my consciousness doesn’t know I’m doing this right now would you eat a human leg for survival?
  9. Unfortunately I arrived how about @The Historian
  10. I have done it, albeit very rarely. My voice doesn't go well with certain songs, making the experience a lot more awkward than I would like it to be.
  11. The only thing I don't like about Windows 10 is the update nagging. It's worse than OSX. That and when updates break, they break hard. I can't update this build past 1703 because... fuck if I know! I've tried to fix it no less than fifteen times and I can't figure it out. Probably time to run my AIO fixer again. x__x
  12. Ny-ny-ny-ny-ny-Nyx-Nyx-Nyx...Nyxkelodeon! :laugh:

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra


      Nyx may make a return tomorrow. :pout:

    2. Sparklefan1234
  13. Sometimes yes. Especially if I have a song stuck in my head.
  14. Yes, but they usually end up as a filthy pony dream. I don't... uh... know why. o__o
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