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  2. As a kid, I would say yes because it would make me laugh. Now that I'm older, I don't like it as much and it's really annoying as well as painful (sometimes).
  3. SONG OF THE DAY - "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick, from "Live at Budokan" (1979)



  4. Heck no, I don't even say anything or speak to myself in the shower or bath. I will yell out of the water is extremely ice cold.
  5. Crystallized zap. 



  6. The boops shall be eternal! @Tacodidra @Twilight Luna @Rikifive @PoisonClaw @Ultraviolet Phosphor @TheTaZe @Lord Valtasar @Berry-Bliss-Sundae @Lex Destrosio @TheRockARooster @Treeglow Flicker @Nightfall Gloam @Twilight and Starlight @BornAgainBrony @R.D.Dash @Lucky Bolt @Cash In @Deae Rising Shine~ @Rising Dusk @PathfinderCS @Randimaxis @Bakugou Is My Man <3 @Dark Horse @Mellow Mane @Partialgeek514 @Fluttershy Friend @lyrabetes3939 @Arc Flash @Valencia @Nightmare Mirage @EpicEnergy @Sondash Studios @The Recherche @Azul Maya @Tropical Melody and @Dynamo Pad
  7. Cinefix's Top 5 Movie Remakes of All Time.
  8. In a cone or in a bowl with this topping that goes hard.
  9. It’s official – Minecraft PS4 does not support a mouse. This is something that really needs to be added because that would be really nice and convenient even if it is meant for a console. 

    1. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Minecraft is really made for pc. I know people play it on consoles, and I don't mean any offense by this, but it's just a better experience with mouse and keyboard.

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      No no I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a nice thought to put it on the consul but you might want to consider making it easier to handle than just using a controller. At least optionally put in a mouse and keyboard for a PS4 as well considering it supports it.  

      The mouse gives you a lot more control over where are you aim the camera which makes it a lot easier to place blocks or destroy them. 

  10. h0BA83820

    1. DivineGuard1000


      @Nightmare Mirage Can please get back to talking about how beautiful these two are? That'd be great. :orly:

    2. DusksuD


      Celly does really make a good point, but LASERS...

  11. Sweetest Queen ever!


  12. There is nothing like hearing an old song with a modern rhythm.:wub:


  13. Think the last thing I really "cooked" might of been a burrito I made for lunch.
  14. Cozy Glow, Were you the one who sent Flim and Flam a copy of Twilight's book?
  15. I was just about to start an Gusty club
  16. I hope Gen V has a crossover with Them's Fightin' Herds, or even better: has the region the game takes place in as a location the main character visit and interact with on a regular basis

    New compiliation album coming out in a few months. Pay attention to these guys. I may be on it :P

  18. Do you want your Oc to be featured in a Animation? Because i am working on one. Its a Know your Mare Episode 1 reboot of sorts, and i am tired of just animating Twilight Sparkles face every time the narrator talks. Do your want your Oc to have a short reaction as a crowd member? Just tell me, i can actually include 2 Ocs in this Animation Project.

    But just Keep in mind, its animated with Paint so it Looks kinda weird. Just look at my current Avatar and you get an Idea of how our Ocs face would look like. Of Course i would put extra effort into it, to make it as less horrible looking as i can.

    Also it will get colored, dont worry, ist only just black and White during the Storyboard Phase.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Lex Destrosio

      Lex Destrosio

      You? Yeah sure, give me a hard time by suggesting me an Oc with wings, that sure wont be difficult to Show/draw. XD

      Nah ist fine, i try^^.

  19. My favorite uncle is coming over today :fluttershy:

    1. TheRockARooster




       I hope you’re feeling better.

  20. Toasted two breakfast hot packets. Pulled them out 2/3 of the way done, opened them up and crammed a cheddar cheese stick into each before putting them back in. After they were fully baked I reopened them up and added some stone ground mustard to the insides of each. Tastes better than it sounds.
  21. So let's get the questionable stuff out of the way first: So here an example of a story that stretches the thread of suspension of disbelief right out to the breaking point without crossing it: I can force myself to accept that Garble is really sensitive about his poetry underneath that hard exterior because there was always the hope that there's more to his character than what was shown to us, but his portrayal in past episodes defies that logic. To be a poet, there has to be some level of intelligence and philosophical thinking. But everything we've seen of him says the opposite. He's portrayed as dumb and impulsive. In fact, in "Gauntlet of Fire," he wasn't around his friends but he acted the same, anyway. I suppose I can chalk up some of his boorish behavior to the fact that he got kicked out of the house when he started molting, and if he really is sensitive on the inside, that may have triggered his decision to become a bully. I wish the episode had woven that aspect into this story, however. Despite all this, I still welcome seeing this apparent turn in his character. While I feel like it's unlikely we'll see him again (except for maybe a cameo appearance in the finale) he at least can go out like Diamond Tiara - shedding the one-dimensional character classification he's been stuck with for most of his lifetime in the series. Both this episode and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" feature villains that have had entirely off-screen positive traits that were only revealed in their redemption episodes, leaving the audience having to fill in the gaps themselves. The other questionable thing in this episode is the 180 degree turn in how his friends suddenly support his hobby. It's like this: Shining Armor: I'll learn to like changelings after just one song! Fume & Clump: Hold our beer. I guess in this case Ember was the factor that caused his friends to change their minds - after she declared Garble the Hero of the Dragonlands, they were all on board with his poetry. So this may not actually be as questionable as it was for Shining when he decided to accept Thorax. But the ending comes off as corny and kiddified. In fact, this episode left me feeling much like I did about "Common Ground" - the resolution to the problem seems to be written for little kids instead of a wider audience. And like I said a few weeks ago when that episode came out - that's fine. I get we're not the target audience for every episode, and in this case the anti-bullying message conveyed here makes sense and is a good one to highlight. But it just seems like the "bullies are actually insecure" could have been done in a more subtle manner, showing the deeper social complexities involved that creates these types of personalities. Finally, at one point near the end Ember says she's called "all the dragons" to come help heat the eggs. But we only see Garble's friends and a few other medium-sized dragons there. Where's the big dragons from S1? Where's Crackle? I guess the implication is all those dragons are spread out across the world guarding their hoards in some cave or are napping and are unavailable too help out. My other gripes are more of the "things-I-would-have-liked-to-have-seen" variety. Namely: Meeting Smolder's (and now Garble's) parents. I would have liked a little more if Smolder's brother was named Smoky and was a new character. Having another nice dragon around is always welcome. And I would have never thought in a million years Garble had a poet in him. Being given an explanation as to how Spike's egg ended up with Celestia. Even without finding who his biological parents are, this mystery could have been answered in this episode since it revolved around dragon eggs. Hearing an explanation as to how Fluttershy got over her fear of non-baby dragons. Remember - even as far as "28 Pranks Later," she was still scared of dragons the size of Ember and not just the big ones from S1. It will just have to be another one of those things we assume happened off-screen. Everything else about the episode ranged from fine to great, however. Ember was great. Smolder was great. Spike was great, though it's true he took more abuse than usual. I agree with @Dark Qiviut, however, in that this time Spike was trying to be the bigger man and give Garble some room to open up about himself, so the abuse had a purpose in this instance. And it wasn't done for cheap laughs, either. In fact, the world-building involving lava and dragons was pretty interesting in that lava is pretty much like pool water to dragons and that the HTTYD rules don't apply - MLP dragons are as physically tough under their scales as they are on the outside. Fluttershy was the best thing in the episode. Seeing her be all motherly to those dragon eggs yet being assertive against the other dragons was great to see. I do agree seeing some of her shyer side would have made the balance perfect, but it was still a lot of fun to watch this side of her get a chance interact with everyone, especially the babies. It was great to see Smolder not ignore her brother's bullying Spike. Once she found out, she put her foot down and put a stop to it. The inference we can make from this is apparently Spike never talked to her about Garble for the entire first year of Twilight's school, even though they did bond last season. There's also a nice environmental message that's much more subtle but just as effective. Namely, haphazardly changing the landscape and hogging natural resources can lead to dire consequences as it almost did for an entire generation of dragons. Seeing the eggs shivering like that was kind of scary if you've ever cared for baby animals, as that kind of condition usually leads to certain death if the situation isn't rectified immediately. Other miscellaneous DYNs: I guess Spike and Ember are no longer the only two dragons with official titles attached to there names. It's going to take some time adjusting to thinking of Gar-gar as a "hero", though. XD My thinking is these eggs are the result of the dragon migration back in S2. That event implied the dragons were off to do their generational spawning, so it stands to reason that the stretched timespan dragons exist in would mean the time for gestation in a womb, the egg-laying, continued gestation in the egg, and finally the hatching could take the 4+ years that have gone by since "Dragon Quest." But the episode throws a wrench into this theory in that Smolder calls this "egg-hatching season," implying dragons lay eggs once per year and not once "in a pony's lifetime" as would be surmised by Twilight's comments in "Dragon Quest" regarding the migration. So I'm not sure how to resolve this discrepancy. I wonder how the parents find their eggs since they apparently leave to let other dragons care for them before they hatch? My guess is they can identity them by smell, but it seems like a system where mistakes could be made. Also, did those babies imprint on Fluttershy? Maybe she'll get to take those three babies home even if their actual parents show up? I have to admit I'd love to see Fluttershy caring for three newborn dragons in the background for the rest of the season, since it would be ironic to say the least. The eggs being separated from their parents made me think for a moment that dragons are simply assigned parents after they are born, which would explain why Smolder and Garble don't really look alike. But "Father Knows Beast" shoots that idea down since Sludge's story implies dragon parents are very attached to the eggs they lay. Spike's mention of "The Smile Song" and the changeling's "Sharing Circle" brought a laugh and were nice callbacks. But the best joke was Fluttershy innocently asking whether all the eggs were laid by Ember. Fluttershy probably thought dragons were like changelings in that the leader (or wife of the leader) lays all the eggs like a queen bug. But she inadvertently implied Ember sleeps around with many, many male dragons. Ember's response and blush was priceless and the high point of the episode. XD Spike was in the embroidery zone again. Rarity's influence goes on unabated. XD I have to agree with others this wasn't the much-dreamed-of Spike-Fluttershy pairing episode we've been dying for since Fluttershy spends most of the time with Ember and the eggs. But it was nice to have her along, and she did come in handy against the other dragons. (Go figure!) Spike did get to show off his wings! Garble's reaction was expected, but I'm glad Spike made a point that he's his equal in physical ability, now. Some speculated the orange dragon in the promotional shot who was part of Garble's posse was Smolder's brother. It wasn't, and that dragon in fact is female and is named Fume. One of the other dragons Garble hangs with in this episode also gets an official name at last: Clump. I guess if Spike ever decides to date Smolder, he'll also have to consider the cost involved of getting Garble's blessing? "For a pony without a horn, she sure has a point." Smolder, the punster. XD For a moment, Garble looks hurt that all the other dragons are laughing at his poetry, even though he must have intended for that to happen since he realized that could hatch the eggs. I... gasp... actually felt sorry for Garble for a moment. o_o I would barely call this a Spike episode. My criteria for a Spike episode is when Spike is the one undergoing the character development and the focus. Here, he did grow in that he kept his temper in check to help a foe and he was also the one who diagnosed the problem with the eggs. But really, I kind of feel like Sparkle's 7 was more of a Spike episode since the consequences of how things played out had more of an impact on him there. This episode, OTOH, was actually a.... Garble episode. <_<
  22. I miss the old South Park fanbase...

  23. Today
  24. Actually, on second thought, I just might be able to make an epic coaster on Minecraft PS4. I just found out that I can use a keyboard and mouse on PS4. So if I can hook up my PS4 to a keyboard and a mouse via USB, I might be able to make it a lot easier to play Minecraft on it. That will make the job of making my coaster interesting a lot easier. 

    1. Nightmare Mirage

      Nightmare Mirage

      Yep - I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    2. Loyal Defender

      Loyal Defender

      Now I just need to figure out how to get a USB mouse and keyboard to work on a PS4

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