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  2. I will eventually. When my hair is longer and straightened out. I'll dye it a dark purple.
  3. "Maybe. That is very possible. Heres one thing though, numbers mean nothing when you are disorganized. I must also add the fact that your kind probably would have no idea how to fight an organized army with a whole lot of experience." "Could your kind get organized? Maybe, but that doesn't over night. They would attack before the opposing side could organize and build up an army. The lone wolf mentality that you say is strong becomes the greatest weakness in a war."
  4. Motherly, well as a defender, Luna is much more subjective. Most of what we've seen with Celestia is pretty regal. I have nothing against her, but as has already been said before, her personal side is seldom seen. The first time we do was the end of Horseplay, which... dagnabbit, that was adorable. The Nightmare fighter has been known since very near the beginning of the show. That's something a lot of people can easily connect with. Whoever checked under the bed and inside the closet every night before we went to sleep as children. Luna calls up those kinds of feelings. And then the idea of her leaping from one dream to the next, looking for monsters to slay, that's synonymous with the classic depiction of most Superheroes. In other words, she's also Batman. What Demons and Monsters? It was implied early on and then became blatantly obvious with the Tantabus. Ignoring the true nature of dreams in our world, which who knows if we'll ever get to the bottom of, dreams in MLP are a legit tangible place, therefore the beings that dwell there pose an actual threat. This is Nightmare on Elm Street, if every single critter that lurks in a bad dream was just as real as Freddy. I don't think it's about the dual nature, but the symbolic irony. Maybe think of it like a ex drug dealer who now goes to schools around the country talking to kids about how dangerous it is. And I know you're mostly looking for a psycho-analysis, but I have a complex connection to Luna that is much more subjective (FYI though, she isn't my waifu), and random things that have happened over the past year are far more suitable for an episode of the Twilight Zone than for any objective discussion about what makes Luna fans tick.
  5. Banned because I wouldn't be able to tell what time zone his is.
  6. I had a famous name in the early 1900s. I was named after Buffalo Bill Cody.
  7. Pretty goddamn easy to be confused. It is not that black and white and never has been. Boiling it down to that shows a complete lack of understanding of the human psyche and what people experience. While I didn't catch any flak for it, I turned out to be bisexual after a long time of thinking I only liked girls. Then I started liking men a lot more and that was an odd revelation and extremely confusing for a long time. So yes, it's easy to be confused about your sexuality. On the topic at hand, this primarily boils down to societal pressure and actual toxic masculinity. Society says men aren't supposed to like each other too much or they're just total fags. It's a severe problem that honestly handicaps men from really having greater friendships, at least in the US. Not sure about everywhere else but in the US, men aren't supposed to show affection to other men and must not take their feelings seriously. Major hindrance for men everywhere. Honestly, it's really sad. I had to break away from some of those chains before I started transition since I fell into that trap a bit myself. I don't have to worry as much about it now, thank Celestia.
  8. Exactly! You can't have the same exact interests as your partner. I mean, a good relationship is a lot of push from both sides but a little bit of pull is needed too. That being said though, a girl that shared my obsession with Taco Bell would be amazing.
  9. Banned because he might be living in a different time zone.
  10. Banned for having to go to work at 11 PM. You must be sleepy.
  11. Have I mentioned I have two My Hero Academia OCs?

     Despite the fact I know nothing of the show or its world in order to base them in it!

    Go ahead! Ask!

  12. "Well, I can respect that you're sure about yourself." "How is your life when you're not doing things like taking things? What is your normal daily like?"
  13. I dont think they should have interacted in this episode, it wasnt neccessary but I hope they will interact again soon. Maybe even bring thoraxs brother.
  14. I don't see the point. I've used hair paint before when I went to a school basketball game.
  15. I HATE the hot weather. Especially the humid stuff. Which sucks cause that's where my girlfriend lives so most times when I go down there the weather puts me in a grumpy mood.
  16. Writing apparently. I don't think I'm good at anything but I've been told I'm good at writing.
  17. My girlfriend. She is learning so much about mechanical stuff without any help as far as I know and I just wish I could be there to see it. And she's so close to graduating high school and she's just matured SO much since I met her and I'm not sure if she's even noticed but I'm just so proud of her.
  18. A nice slice of life episode, with a lot world building. It was a history lesson for us odience, and I really liked the story itself. In hindsight, I am shocked that the windigos didn't return in one of the episodes. The interactions between the characters was great and overall an enjoyable episode. 8/10
  19. Red Pandas, Leopards, and horses.
  20. I think that, from the synopsis of frenemies and from the premier, she will befriend chrysalis and tirek which will lead them to betray grogar eventually and turn good. Right now I believe she tries to befriend them so she could be "the empress of friendship" when they take over equestria but will truly understand friendship by the finale.
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