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  2. 469040 Alright thanks, a pleasant Easter day ahead
  3. 469039 Hi @Dawnchaser Very very good I must say, happy and relaxed in my holidays ^^ You?
  4. 469038 Hi @Gabosor, how are you?
  5. It would hold true, if these pegasai had a beak or a hybrid combo of a snout + beak. Plus, they need to have no earlobes sticking out like any other mammal. Birds don’t have earlobes. They have earholes. If an animal has ears sticking out, it’ll give birth to its young. If an animal has no ears sticking put, it’ll lay eggs.
  6. Nah. Might post a pic in the mega thread once I get /fit/ again.
  7. The ultimate redpill.


  8. guys how do i stop the replies my ears will die out
  9. i have a question. should i stop asking people their age in boku no roblox remastered wiki just for the purpose of getting them banned?

  10. Nuggets, and eggs with black pepper.
  11. No. Only like my chin or my hand. and my hair but mostly not my entire face. I don't wanna get kidnapped. Well that's what my mom says.
  12. One of my characters is roaming free and the other is only waiting on Passion, unless Key Sharkz wants to do a post with Snow the fox engaging with them.
  13. I am. Because I am still in school
  14. oh crap my moistake delete this lmao
  15. GTA obviously. Fortnite is what you see in the toilet.
  16. @Illiad Easle I actually love that idea. It fits their cutie marks too, that are black holes just spinning each their own way. They are literally sucking in the magic, so to speak. As for why it wouldn't eat curse magic, but just suppress that... Perhaps their father have some sort of purpose that have no room for dark magic? Honestly, I'll leave that detail to you, if we ever get to that point. I'm sure there will be something psycho there. No matter the reason, it still makes for a strange situation with their family, and does bear the question: Did they get born because he needed to have this done, or did their birth somehow force him to do this? Strange things shall one day happen that may answer this.
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