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  2. Took it, joined the USN, currently recovering from an injury. I can answer all questions from the Test (Not including answers.) To recruitment, to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) to Basic Training for the Navy. I got a 97, only meet one guy who had higher than me. Dude had a 99. Score doesn't matter too much for enlisting, you only need like a 30 for the Army and if you can breath you can get a 30 easy. As for schools calling you, most high-schools give your names to local recruitment offices. I got a ton of calls from the National Guard after I enlisted with the Navy, it was hilarious to hear their reactions.
  3. My main goal here is to make lots of new friends and just have a fun time here overall.
  4. Shapeshifting like a Changeling is a must for me.
  5. True, but you must also remember: Character Development was needed when it was. I mean, Goofy realizing he needed a college degree, being told off by his son Max, and going through a study montage to finally get that diploma, as well as bond with his newfound love interest was fitting for what it's worth. My only complaint was Pete was being Pete, a boorish individual who inspires Goof through horseshoe throwing and missing the mark. It was the reminder for Goofy to remember that College is about "staying focused on your goals!"
  6. I took it. I scored high and entered the Navy ROTC. But, I never actually signed up to enter the Armed Forces.
  7. Goal: find good people to befriend. And with @Monado Dash @Aurora Wolf @Loyal Defender, @Emperor Blu Traincrown, @Maple Bat, @Mesme Rize, and several others behind me, I'd say that goal's clear. Also, I found a few artists like @Kyoshi and @PoisonClaw, who made some of my art visions a reality. Thank you, too.
  8. Never get on Fluttershys bad side unless you wanna die. 


  9. My My Hero Academia Funko Pop figures arrived! I have all of the available characters aside from Iida. His figure was discontinued and is vaulted. Prices range from $100-$600 for his figure. I’ll have to do some research and find the best deal possible for one.

  10. @Blitz Boom Pringle hearing that he could be twice the size of an alicorn decided to grow to that size. If any normal pony would go here, they would run, but of course no one did because no normal pony would ever go to such a disgusting restaurant. "Pringle says he would eat you if he thought I wouldn't take away his TV privileges." "I think it's because you have ladybug wings and he thinks you are food." "So when is he going to burn down the tree?" "We had a tree, but she left after I, Lucid Nightlight single hoofedly defeated the sphinx with my handsomeness!" "I have a feeling that isn't completely accurate." "You weren't even there, what do you know?" A Fluttertree joke? Got anything original?
  11. You could just take your shirt off when you want to fly, and keep them furled when you're wearing a shirt. That's how they do it in every Angel x Human romance novel I've read. Actually, in almost every novel with winged humanoids
  12. I have not, and don't plan to honestly. Sounds interesting though.
  13. The only thing that would be keeping me up later than usual at night, would be either 1. @Cyclone, 2. My best friend, 3. MLP forums or 4. All 3 of those.
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