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  3. It is strange to see people I went to school with become successful.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i wouldn't say so, successful ppl go to school too you know

  4. Well shit. I just realized that other dimensions don't exist. Why? Because if they did, then interdimensional travellers would have visited our dimension. I'm sad now. :(

  5. Pretending to be said doggo at a doggo park
  6. It’s now time for the Rooster to leave you all.


    See you all later. ^^

  7. Not Zephyr Breeze, though Breeze is one of my favorite characters.
  8. I seldom sing, but I do tend to just softly talk to myself.
  9. Thank you so much you’ve made some extremely helpful points that I’m excited to improve upon My issue was that this assignment doesn’t actually have context, it can be poetry or prose and has no designated length, all we had was a short film for inspiration but are allowed to stray as far from that as we like. But now that you’ve brought it to light I guess I’m going for a self contained short story, in which case I see your point on not having a mental picture as I haven’t really included much about the setting unless you’ve watched the film. I very much liked the point about breaking from the monotony because now you mention it I feel the story has a droning feel to it but I’m not exactly sure how to go about that and was wondering if you would suggest adding something in the middle or perhaps a change of ending?
  10. Think about this...
    It's not just TwiDash being a good couple, but ponies with Twilight and Dash end up as a couple!
    It's just that magical of chemistery!

  11. And the twist is I have a split personality. I have been stalking myself the whole time.
  12. Today
  13. Hey, I'm the shapeshifting Changeling. If anything, I should be stalking you.
  14. My sleeping pattern is a train wreck lately so I'm up now. Doing what? I have no idea! :D 

  15. Actually yea I did get a rabbit but it died because I gave it a heart attack New phone?
  16. Yes. Practicing to be a pro singer--NOT!
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