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  2. On her Twitter, G.M. Berrow confirmed that she is the writer and that it will be her last episode for the show:
  3. Just yesterday I was just looking at some guns I want to buy. Donut shop.
  4. Thats a cute banner.

  5. I’ll have a horn. Seems to be the most versatile, as I could even fly with it
  6. Whenever someone says "slapdash" I think of slapping Rainbow Dash.

  7. There's an upcoming Ducktales episode called Friendship Hates Magic.

    Is the new Ducktales throwing shade at MLP?

  8. I've never had to use them, though it was considered in the past.
  9. @Dynamo Pad Orange looks to him and smiles, thinking on his question "Well..I don't think I do have a curfew, not anymore anyway, but I still don't really want to stay out too late, so maybe, I should be home by 9 or 10 at the latest" she says and then thinks on his other question "As for plans? I was thinking of just helping my mom and dad out at the shop, they could use it, it's always busy during the holidays" she smiles at him. Starlight just rolls her eyes "I like you a lot too Sunburst, and that is all you had to tell me. The truth"
  10. Yes What thing or subject are you most curious about?
  11. I honestly don’t think we should go around making conspiracy theories and saying that every disaster is caused by terrorists. There is more evidence that the Notre Dame fire was caused by mistakes in the reconstruction work than by some extremist group. :/
  12. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet slept soundly for the next hour and felt the train make a stop. She would slowly open her eyes and stretch. "Hmm are we there yet?" she asks Dynamo, and after he nods in confirmation, she sits up. "Alright, lets get packing and then make our way home, also I don't really feel up to anything like a Smash game or the Nuzlocke" she says, nuzzling him "sorry babe, but honestly, all I really feel like doing when we get home, is snuggling up in bed with lots of snacks"
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