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  2. @ExplosionMare @Lord Valtasar @Emerald<3 "Hi again Granite Rose, nice to meet you Solemn Lullaby" Splashee quacked. "The train between Ponyville and Canterlot is free to ride, as Hasbros-Trainsystem® is being generous, but any other places cost". Splashee then looked at Emerald. "I hate to admit it Miss, but your cat form comes in handy when sneaking into the library. I have detailed information on a location inside the public library that may have the information we need" He knew that the royal guard isn't as difficult to deal with (they are kinda idiots), but getting up on the shelf to Celestia's and Luna's books, which is located rather high up requires a good climber, like a cat. Also, the use of magic in Canterlot is much more prominent, and he did not want to show any signs of weakness, not in front of Granite after that look he got from him yesterday.
  3. Wake up, cry

  4. Yeah but maybe i wouldnt get misgendered as much if I had at least SOMETHING visible
  5. Because they don't have apple stores there either - they are so far out in the sticks they ship internet there by pack mule....
  6. How do you know I’m not just using an Apple computer in the store or something?
  7. Steamed hams but they keep interrupting each other.
  8. Go to the nearest McDonald's and order as many $1 sandwiches as you can eat
  9. I can go pretty darn fast in short bursts.
  10. I’m bisexual with a preference for guys. I’m always posting in here to keep up lol.
  11. Today
  12. I got out of bed. I say that’s a huge accomplishment.
  13. Banned because that's harder than it sounds unless you can spend months there - and besides, I got French, German and Italian too
  14. Banned because you could do that by going to Spain, instead
  15. Oliver smirked and gently pat Jenna on the head. "I'll be sure to teach you some human-only things as we go on then." He grinned at her. "Teach me some dragon-only things as well, I'm really interested."
  16. I’m feeling very very very hungry
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