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  2. Behind the scenes? If they were more in front of the scenes, they'd be standing in the orchestra pit.
  3. *appears through void* Evening Lucky Bolt. ^^ Few questions. Who is your favorite secondary character in mlp? Then, who is your least favorite in mlp? Explanation on both your answers on each question.
  4. ;-; sleeping in my empty, lonely bed with no man beside me

  5. Have you noticed that there are people on the internet who say business people are ruling the world from behind the scenes?
  6. Hi Donald Duck! How did you like your first trip to Atlantis?
  7. Amunet says: Yes but, I've gotten used to them over the centuries.
  8. Great start for monday, stuck on the side of a road because the car stopped working. Luckily isn't my car. 

    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Haven't heard from you in a while. Good luck

    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I have been active on the forums, I just don't post status updates that much anymore. 

      Thanks :) and we got it sorted. 

  9. @Nightmare Season Blue quietly followed Nightmare, keeping her senses sharp for possible threats, but besides scents of different creatures, there didn't seem to be anything interesting. She looked into the water and was positively surprised by the clean water, it made catching the fish lot easier. She observed as Nightmare made his way on a rock and started eating something he clearly didn't enjoy, she gave him a curious blink but left it to that and walked about knee deep into the water and raised her front leg just above it, after which she just stayed like that for a while. After some time of staying perfectly still, she hit the raised leg into the water and pulled out a fish. She ate the fish whole and repeated the process several times.
  10. I'm pretty neutral on Starlight. Like I wouldn't wish her dead or anything bad, but I also don't love her. That said, I do love one thing about her Speaks for itself
  11. Today
  12. l remember when Twilight was one of these xD
  13. @ExplosionMare np. You good:3 And it was Emerald who stole the salad, not Splashee fyi
  14. Side note: I tried a submission without any sort of dialogue today, just to see how it went (also it’s 12:30 AM and I don’t have time for deep dialogue.) Anyways, to avoid exposition in literally every post, here’s a rundown of Granite Rose’s “condition”: Diagnosis: Schizophrenia (mental disorder that alters perception, making it difficult to tell what is real despite the side effects sounding absurd to other people.) Effect 1 (Hallucinations): Granite has a singular hallucination called Thorns who is a grim looking replica of himself. He convinces Granite to bleed out (and eventually to death) and he finds ways to turn new ponies he meets against him. Sometimes this works. Effect 2 (Thought disarray): If he can get confused or disoriented enough, Granite’s thoughts can become nonsensical and distorted. It’s almost like Discord is inhabiting his brain. (There is one more but it’s so rare for the character it probably won’t happen in this RP. Sorry if this ended up long I was just tired of over-explaining my character in the RP.)
  15. Ah I see, and yes I hope so too. It's a pretty compete idea, just need someone to play AI Celestia. I'd do it myself but I don't think I can portray that level of manipulation correctly. If we don't get someone to play her this idea goes nowhere I'm just not good at psychological manipulation
  16. So pretty so beautiful everywhere!♢☆♢☆♢☆
  17. @Lektra Bolt After that, they just sort of defeat whatever big bad that season has in store. I honestly haven’t really been keeping up with it that much either. I also have a character in mind that I can use. Hopefully this gains traction.
  18. Splashee’s sudden act of thievery began to confuse Granite Rose. It was shocking, and unexpected. The confusion nearly sent his thoughts into chaos, yet another symptom he had to deal with alongside Thorns, although it was much less common. Before it could overpower him, he shook it off and focused on the delicious looking salad in front of him. He hadn’t thought to pack his medication, not that he could take it being a turtle, so he had to rely purely on distractions to keep his mind intact. Once the train arrived to Canterlot, he immediately got out to smell the fresh, outdoor air. It wasn’t as good as the air he was used to, but it calming nonetheless. Refocusing on his task, he regrouped with the others so they could all head to the library promptly.
  19. Very much so, through the exceedingly low bar helps.
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