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  2. I should be studying Japanese. I'm learning it pretty well so far but I have to stay with it or I'll start forgetting too much.
  3. That is a hamburger BUN. A roll is something sweet, and a bap...well, I've never heard of a bap, but I like the sound of it so I might have to start calling buns baps from now on.
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    Your opinion, Dreamy?

  5. 1. Do you know how to use a rotary phone and have you ever dialed one? If so, how long ago? I’ve used them many times. Not recently but when I was younger, probably in the ‘90s. It doesn’t seem like it should be so far back. 2. Did you have an early part in your life without Internet access? Parents disallowing it because you were too young doesn't count. I don’t think I had internet until I was around six years old. It may have been around but we didn’t have it at my house for a while and didn’t need it. 3. What is the earliest national or world crisis you have a first hand memory of? Most of you will probably say September 11. I guess probably 9/11. I don’t watch the news or world events, especially the bad stuff so there may have been other things but 9/11 is the one that stands out from an early age. 4. Can you recall if your family had an old-fashioned TV with dials on it? Yes we did. I even had one of my own when I was little. Mine was a 14” b&w set with vhf and uhf dials, an on/off button and a retractable antenna. The family TV was similar except that it was color and 25” (one of those big box-like things that looks like faux wood furniture). 5. Can you tell me what it's like to read about Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton, the reunification of Germany, 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in history textbooks? I don’t read about them in textbooks. I hear about that stuff mostly from AHC and other history-based channels. I’d rather watch inaccurate TV shows than read inaccurate textbooks. 6. Do you or does anybody in your family refuse to carry a cell phone? Again, parents disallowing it because you were too young doesn't count. I refuse to carry one unless it’s absolutely necessary, like if I’m going to be traveling someplace far away or in a bad area. I never use them for socializing and I don’t like talking on a phone in any case. 7. Do you remember old school 5 1/4 inch floppy disks for computers? Maybe you're so young you don't even remember the 3.5 inch disks that were discontinued just a few years ago? My first computer used them. It was a crappy old Compaq and I put a whole book on them; one chapter per floppy disk, and still have them wrapped in a rubber band collecting dust in my desk. 8. When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages to look up a phone number? Whenever I need a business number I use the Yellow Pages. Trying to find a phone number online is a pain, especially if you use one of those so-called ‘free’ phone directories. 9. What was the first cartoon you fell in love with? Don't say MLP:FiM. You're all supposed to be at least 13 so I know you have a well-liked cartoon from before that. Tiny Toon Adventures. And it’s still my favorite. 10. Do cartoons from the 1980s look and sound as dated to you as cartoons from the '60s appear to me? I’d call them stylistically different rather than dated. They just don’t seem all that old because a lot of them are timeless. Consider the Looney tunes and Merrie Melodies. They were made from the ‘30s through the ‘70s and they don’t seem dated to me at all.
  6. I prefer order, as it would be much more comforting to know that things would be kept in check, as opposed to running amok as they usually do. Freedom does have its benefits, but order is something that I feel would have a larger positive impact overall.
  7. Cool because early morning, but looks like it is shaping up to be another hot day today.
  8. Banned for not making an Avatar OF drink (or at least of Dionysus) Banned for not googling it first
  9. Committing to something isn’t hard for me. I’m committed to writing, art and learning a new language. Finding the time to put that commitment into practice is another matter. Granted, I do procrastinate and get too tired to do certain things even when the opportunities do arise, but I usually try to catch up at one point or another. Romantic commitment is the easy part; committing to that is the natural thing to do.
  10. I can sort of bake sometimes. I’ve successfully managed to bake cookies a few times (I more often burn them). My mom can bake like no one I’ve ever seen. Too bad I didn’t pick up more from her.
  11. My escape is travel, driving at night or creating art. If I’m really in bad shape and need something that will rescue me from the depths of hopeless despair, I turn to ballet. It has the ability to change life into something pure and perfect.
  12. I've done it plenty of times, as I'm not a fan of just leaving it in my mouth to melt, so I would rather eat it as soon as I can.
  13. Favorite: 27 Least favorite(s): 6, 18 Lucky number: I dunno, maybe 3 or 7.
  14. I like having my hair brushed in the wrong direction, good caustic sarcastic humor, girl talk (like 8 year old girl talk, right on my intellectual level), staring out the window of an airplane for hours at a time, watching a dvd in the altogether, and writing insanely complex comedy stories until I have a splitting headache.
  15. My maiden name means ‘cleric’ or ‘learned person,’ and my married name means ‘keen, active, quick and smart.’ I’m good with all of the above.
  16. Least favorite letter is probably P or maybe U. There’s no special reason for this choice; I’m just not crazy about the look or sound of them.
  17. Snow

    BronyCon 2019 - RSVP IF YOU ARE GOING


    I might be going, but I need to organise accommodation and stuff quickly, any advice?
  18. God I'm touch starved

    1. Snow


      Whasat mean?

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  20. Nikita blinked and tried to help him up "S-Sherem, what happened?!? Why would he do that!? Was it because of me!?" she exclaims in an almost running sentence, "C-come on, we need to get you to the Principal's office"
  21. Easy depending on environment, For instance, it was really easy to start talking to people who were doing the same university course as me. Did you remember to buy milk this morning?
  22. Woohoo! I just completed Spider-Man PS4 100%! All the trophies and DLC and everything else done in the game!

    I absolutely love this game and it's probably my game of the year for me in 2018!

  23. That sounds like a question for Life Advice Do you find it easy or hard to talk to people? Why?
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