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  2. Two days ago where I live...


    People posted photos of their homes being aaaaall filled with water. Sweet Celestia this is insane, I feel really sorry for them. :sunny: If I'd come to my home after work and see... oh I already know I don't want any of this. I cannot even imagine how terrible I'd feel. There was tons of water on my property too, but thankfully it wasn't disastrous.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      what the? did a river overflow?


  3. Not verbatim because my memory is $#!+. "Objects with a massive gravitational pull? Like Einstein's balls?"
  4. Starlight: Hit him with a friendship blast. Twilight: We just hit him with the biggest friendship blast in the history of friendship. It did nothing. Gusty: We just need to hold him off until everyone's on board. Twilight: It won't end there. The longer Grogar's in Equestria, the more powerful he grows. He'll hunt us down. We need to stop him here and now. Starlight: I'm not doing "Get help". (resurrects Unicron at full power) Grogar (after all ponies save Twilight board the spaceship): Whatever game you're playing, it won't work. You can't defeat me! Twilight: I know. But he can! (teleports away onto the spaceship) Unicron: Tremble before me, Equestria! I am your reckoning! (stabs Grogar with a massive sword that also splits the planet in half and blows it up with Grogar in the epicenter)
  5. I'm a gay male and that has not changed in the last month and a half since I last posted it on here.
  6. Just gonna sleep on>_> the floor. 

  7. I believe its that time of the evening once again :bedeyes: A pretty good day for a Wednesday if I do say so myself :P although I didn't get any time with my SO this evening- I believe she probably fell asleep and (hopefully) she'll sleep on through the night til she has to get up at the crack of dawn :blink: I missed hanging out with her, but she gets up so early in the morning for work, I really don't mind that shes gotten some decent sleep once once (I'm insistent that she get more sleep, but that just how things are :muffins:^_^

    time for a bit of reading, then its off to bed with this tired pone :) 

    Thanks for being there lovelies, you've never failed to put a smile on my face and bring warmth  to my heart. I hope your all have a wonderful rest of your evening/start to your day, and sleep well/ be safe during your travels! :mlp_yeehaa: 

    Goodnight my flowers :rarity: <3 

  8. It takes me a while lol. First of all I have to get situated and somehow get myself to put my phone down. Then I lie there looking up at the ceiling for about an hour or two and then finally asleep. Temperature is also an important factor. But luckily, I'm somepony who doesn't need much sleep to function.
  9. I don’t know which episode’s better, Sparkle’s Seven or… (early-episode spoilers)


    The Last Crusade. 


    Both are so tight, smart, close in quality and so amazing in their own rights that it’s so difficult to compare and judge which is better. The one thing that may make me decide is Last Crusade’s sharp tone change, but that was foreshadowed quite nicely by how far away her parents live, the importance of their occupations, and how much they want to live with her.



  10. They've only come to my door one time. I thought they were like government agents or something they were so formal looking in black suits and ties. They asked if I was religious and I just said "no" and there was a slightly awkward goodbye. Nothing to hate really
  11. Midnight... Time for some fluffy Luna to help me feel better!


    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Fluffy Luna will always be there to help you sleep. :LunaMCM:


    2. DivineGuard1000


      @Twilight Luna I need her more than ever right now, trust me...

  12. That’s it. I’m done. If you’re going to keep lying to me, I can’t keep forgiving you. 

  13. Today
  14. Fallout: Equestria. The ruling class will be gone and without any leadership to promote the virtues of harmony, pony society will descend into something pretty awful. I just don't think things would be so extreme, because there are a lot of good natured ponies in Equestria, not to mention some allied kingdoms that would care if something horrific happened to the most powerful (and in many ways most benevolent, though everyone else is becoming more peaceful) nation in the land.
  15. @Dynamo Pad Kitsune could hear Dynamo and could feel the heaviness of his body. She took another look at her watch and it was 11:13, she knew she only had a few minutes to get out of the hotel room and on her way to the meadow. She now had the predicate of trying to wiggle out of the arms of Dynamo without having him notice. She began slowly to push her leg out from under the covers, she slowly turned to lay flat on her back, while trying to maintain the covers that she bunched up to keep his arm in place. She used her legs to pull her body down towards the bottom of the bed. Once she felt she was outside the grip of Dynamo she quickly got all of the way down to the bottom of the bed, and got out from under the covers and quickly made her way to the door. She grabbed her bag as she made her way there and gently turned the handle. She looked back to Dynamo to make sure that he was still sleeping. Then she opened the door just enough for her to slip out and then closed it without making a sound. She made her way down the stairs to the front entrance, she went swiftly and silently, the pads of her feet hardly made a sound as she rushed through the grass. She looked at her watch it was 11:29, she would have to pick up the pace a bit to make sure that she got there before Sasha so she would have the advantage. The knot in her stomach was only getting worse as she felt so guilty for deceiving Dynamo, but she thought this was the only way to peacefully and quietly to handle the situation. She didn't want there to be a huge fight. She continued more focused then before, pacing herself but increasing in speed as she went along.
  16. I'm working full time at a fast food place in town. Not my ideal job in between semesters but it actually pays better than average for something that's normally minimum wage. It's hectic but I'll take it.
  17. Some of the villains there are a lot crazier. Well... so far. We may have them beat soon.
  18. One of the classic G1 ponies adapted to G4, being a brave pony who ended Grogar’s reign of terror by stealing his bell
  19. While this picture might not technically feature Fluttershy in it, I still find it to be relevant enough as well as perfectly capturing my feelings towards Discord after he betrayed all of ponykind in the Season 4 Finale. Nope. Still haven't let that go all these years later.
  20. That's right, I'm hosting another one. This one's going to be a crossover with the game FTL, if you don't know what that is... Then you'd be perfect for this RP I'm looking for players who'll take on the role of those sent by Celestia to investigate something that fell from the sky into the mild west, I have a few character types in mind, but this is not an exclusive list: Any or all of the mane six. The new guard captain who wants to please Celestia. The excited diplomat who's always believed in aliens. The disgruntled lieutenant who was passed up for promotion, and thus wants to undermine the captain. Again, not an exclusive list, but the archetypes above are fairly open, anyone Celestia would reasonably send out is invited. Now the premise: The mane six are in Dodge JCT for whatever reason, it's importance rendered irrelevant by the giant fireball in the night sky which seems to be headed right for the town, soon all the inhabitants are awoken by the roaring sound it makes, those that are not fleeing in every direction stand in mute horror of the thing that falls. However, the course of the fireball shifts, with a great groaning sound it starts to angle to the east, and as the fire dissipates from the glowing metal it becomes more visible, a shape, one with hard straight lines, it cuts through the air like a sword as the ground starts to rumble, passing over the town faster than anything they'd seen before. As quick as it had appeared, it began to shrink into the horizon, a resounding crash their first indication that it had landed, the second being the slowly growing pillar of smoke in the distance. Player start: Twilight rounds up the others to go investigate immediately, setting off into the mild west, unknowingly accompanied by the cmc. Luna alerted Celestia as soon as the craft entered the atmosphere, Celestia then immediately roused the local guard to investigate, and included the rest of the players via urgent message in the middle of the night to travel immediately to investigate. This is still in planning, so any feedback is appreciated. Good luck!
  21. preparing for work, bye

    1. Valencia


      have a good day at work :P

  22. Depression is so fun. :(

    1. Snow


      I cant say I agree with you on that

    2. AveryGamerDude
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