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  2. As Sueno removed the tendril from Canteen's mouth, Dynamo winced as he could hear Canteen's scream of pain. "Oh, now that had to hurt." He trembled slightly as he could feel the pain from his friend's injury. As Sueno and the others began to walk away, Dynamo had begun to walk alongside them to the infirmary. His eyes widened slightly as the assistant answered what he was thinking. 'Is she able to read my mind? Now I'm even more curious as to what's going on. Hopefully, I can get some answers when we are all in the infirmary. It's better to have a private chat instead of others listening in on the conversation.' The blue unicorn gave a deadpanned expression as he listened to Sueno's remark. "I'm not the captain of my team, but I can tell that some of the teammates are a bit of a loose cannon. They seem to fly off the handle whenever something doesn't sit quite right. That, or it's just in their nature. It was always like that for Copper as he always worried about me and others. He's been my oldest friend when I was younger and even now, he hasn't changed a bit. I know Rose had to leave, but she had to take care of things on her own terms. I admit that I would go and follow the others, but it would be foolish of me. I know I can be reckless at times, but I've learned now that I have to think before I act. I'm out of magic and exhausted from my fight. So, I'll more likely be a liability, instead of an asset." As they reached the infirmary, Dynamo had stepped through the open door to see the other members of Team Crimos. The gaming unicorn was surprised as he saw Viridi had bowed to him. "A captain of the guard for Crimos? No wonder you were so powerful in your fight. Also, there's no need to bow to me. I know we were enemies and rivals, but I hope we can be friends after all of this. By the way, my name is Dynamo Pad. It's an honor to meet you too, Viridi." He bowed briefly, before looking up and giving Viridi a friendly smile. He held back a chuckle as he saw the antics of the team. Even though they were strong, there seemed to never be a dull moment. He then turned to Canteen and chuckled sheepishly. "Either you have a great resistance to pain, or the gems you have can dull the pain." He shrugged his shoulders as he still didn't know much about his new friends.
  3. @Unicorncob @dragon4111 He could HAVE been able to dodge the bubble, but he didn't expect it at all, so indeed he was trapped inside. It made him stop spinning and look at Draco for a moment before gazing at Jade. Seeing she made it out of the cave, he turned his attention back to Rokata. @Literally Snails "Hey Roky boy," he stated, devoid of any humor or pity. "What gives you a right to attack our trainer? She didn't do jack squat to you. You do understand that evil will never prevail, right? You've seen the cartoon shows about heroes triumphing over evil, have you? Don't you have some legacy or some crap that your father wanted you to continue? I bet your daddy's PISSED at you right now. Anyone with half a brain would."
  4. @Dynamo Pad Sunlight: "Every place have those, they are required options." Sunlight informed "Other than that, there's plenty of options most likely, this is expensive hotel so they want to satisfy the need of their customers'." Lunar then spoke "There indeed is lot of options, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and surprisingly enough, they are pretty cheap too" Jade: Jade smiled softly and let out a short chuckle "You're so cute." he then said, and though his expression was as calm as ever, there was a bit of blush and he sounded a bit awkward. He gave another short laugh "It's funny, after yesterday's ending one would assume a bit of complimenting would be nothing, yet here we are both being awkward and embarrassed." now that Jade had came to the conclusion that it has to be that he liked Dew more than just as a friend, it was easier to keep his mind in control, even though it was still far from clear.
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  6. Finished yet another Lucky Bolt. Giving the infamous bedroom eyes. *Base credit*
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  8. 473801 *pops in* *drops off a smiling Lyra* *leaves again*
  9. Fluttershy: Running a business must be hard work. Rarity: That’s quite the understatement. Do tell me, darling. What do you do for money? AJ: I’d like to know that too. Fluttershy: Um... *runs away, slams door, starts engine and drives off*
  10. "It's only creepy because you have been taught to think that way." Ruby stated "Hay, I collect bones as trophies and there's nothing creepy about that, it's just how we roll." "And really, how is making weapons out of them any different from making wooden weapons, trees are plants thus they are alive too before you cut them down." "And maybe if instead of complaining about it, you would attempt to figure out how to make them yourself?" "Sure it'll take time, maybe several millennia, but if you never start it, it will never happen."
  11. German Comedian Otto Waalkes (German)
  12. Good morning everypony! Happy Friday! :pinkie: I hope all of you have or are already having a fantastic day. :D Enjoy the sunshine, warmth, and freedom, but let's not forget Luna's night too eh? Musn't be making her jealous again. ;)


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  13. I took apart and cleaned my computer, keyboard and mouse last night. This resulted in an issue with a computer fan which is somewhat resolved now, however my keyboard can't type numbers up to 5, numbers before that just don't work whatsoever, this means I can't use this site without copy and pasting numbers into my password, I will need to get a new keyboard and mouse.

  14. "That doesn't mean it can't happen." Mystic simply replied, she wasn't worried about not being able to swim, after all, in worst case scenario she could save herself with her shadows, but she was wary because she still didn't fully trust that Placidus wasn't trying to do something. She walked into the water, fighting the urge to open her wings and started swimming.
  15. *I leave a plate of muffins*

    Enjoy everypony. :squee:

  16. Good morning everyone and how are you all doing?

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      good morning to you too!

      just fine:yay: and u

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      I am doing okay

  17. 5. And... the wedding cake? Shouldn't that be Pinkie Pie and/or the CMCs' job? 6. Also Rainbow Dash's final episode as well. 7. Not recommended. He usually only has roles in two episodes of some seasons. 8. I do want Pinkie Pie to interact with either one of them as well. Rarity did with Yona, and Fluttershy and Spike with Smolder, and Starlight with Silverstream. 9. That can happen in Rarity's final episode, with Suri Polomare returning as well.
  18. Hey there, @Dawn-Sunlight and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make many amazing friend!
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