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  2. My apologies for not uploading in a long time(And for the messy bed). But lately, I have acquired three new My Little Pony Toys. The one on the Bottom Right I got at Target. It's the Stranger Things Applejack figure. These things are suppose to be around $20 online. But they were only a measly 9-10 bucks. So I saved a bit of money getting one of these. The other two I got at Comic-Con. For the one on the lower left, I lucked out on the 3rd day and got that along with the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Red and Zeo Gold figures. Later on the final day, those two figures were still available for anyone looking to add them to their collection. Go figure. XP The one at the top was at a smaller booth, but it was a lot easier to acquire one of those exclusives during the 2nd day. Still, I'm surprised that another company did that and the Stranger Things Applejack figure. Even more so, I'm more surprised that Hasbro green Lit these two toys. That being said, I dunno if I want to buy any more toys at Comic-Con next year, Pony or no Pony.
  3. having a manager buy food for me just 'cause i don't take a break is a nice gift <3

    Might take my first one in a few days though.. gonna have a 10 hour shift or so. yikes.

  4. I really like her! One of my favorite details is that the color around her snout is teardrop shape, like her cutie mark! As well as splotches of color on and around the hooves, mimicking socks has always been a favorite of mine. And going by her cutie mark I can assume that her talent has something to do with water? Which is nice with the coat and mane color picked matching that. I suppose you did say that you had been doing art for quite a long time so this should have all been a given, but I still love it!
  5. Episode 16 finished.


    Maybe watching Act 3 helped my mood and changed my perception, but afterwards, I began enjoying A Trivial Pursuit much more. The faces, dialogue, witty (and snide) wisecracks, AJ vs. Dash, Twi getting the deserved short end of the stick, etc. A loose plot joined with a heartfelt lesson of just relaxing and treating a game for fun. This episode’s Twilight at her worst, but like a Rarity in a Sonic Rainboom, she does so without becoming unlikeable.

    Twi cracked under pressure in LZ and then learned to breathe in Games Ponies Play, but in both episodes, her friends are the ones to learn the lesson, and her breathing practice was small in the plot’s scale. She sorely needed to learn this lesson on taking things easy and enjoying life more.

    I don’t know what grade to give yet, but right now, it’s B/B+.


  6. You know what's funny about the casting in episode 19? which strangely enough would have made sense, too, considering the history between them. Now if only they'd sing a duet....
  7. Aloe and Lotus have always been aesthetically pleasing to me. It's probably the contrast that's made when they stand beside each other, along with the fact that I just like the colors they're made of. And I really like this piece of yours as well! Helped by the contrast being kept with their socks and headbands.
  8. Episode 16 spoiler.


    Mudbriar’s burn after Twi got so upset over the “stick and stones” category was sorely needed. Twi needs ice, not a paper bag.


  9. Hello everyone 

  10. As someone who used to be subscribed to NoBS during my "conservative" period, I agree with JAR on this. All of it.

  11. Sparkles = a special and great friend.


  12. If you wanna visit Australia, this'll help.


    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Australia: The Land Where Everything Wants You Dead.

    2. TheRockARooster
  13. where have all the plushies gone?


  14. Mrs. Brisby is back in your avatar rotation. 




    1. Sparklefan1234


      Bubba Duck...:okiedokieloki:

      Darkwing Duck/Gizmo Duck feud... 


  16. Oof, right in the soul

  17. Hmm, looking at my episode list, I think there could be some changes in placement.

    Daring Don’t isn’t a good episode. The concept of Daring Do and her adventures are real lacks conviction. While it never carried significant implications with the lore as dreaded, it raised that thought anyway. The episode doesn’t take itself seriously, yet should. Caballeron is a fool for falling for Daring’s disguise. And if Daring destroyed the ring she carried, then Ahuizotl’s plan to initiate a fatal, Venus-like greenhouse effect in the valley would instantly fail. But there was some really good humor, the story was paced well, and the moral’s quite good.

    And honestly, I think it’s now much better than Bats, which made Fluttershy in the right the whole time. AJ’s justified to rid the vampire fruit bats from her orchard, as they damage crops and ruin the local economy. Sure, if she’s upset of hurting or killing them, okay, I understand. But the Y-rated nature prevents this episode from going that far, and the moral (while working in this context) is so out of place with animal welfare used as a secondary plot device. Not to mention the little, one-off joke of Fluttershy having that vampire tooth raised significant implications —what if she genetically mutated?

    Today, Don’t is graded an F+ and Bats a D. I’m thinking of reversing them, if not making Don’t a D+.

    Breezies sucks. The exposition is sloppy. Seabreeze’s anger is absolutely understandable; he wants to return home to his family, yet is written in the wrong entirely, when the other breezies are complacent and willing to stay in Equestria and leave their spouses and kids(!!) behind! The breeze lore’s super confusing, and most of them are contemptible. Twilight’s spill to transform them all to help them glide away is a massive DEM. It’s the worst D- episode, and it stays a D-, but I may have to juggle between this and Complete Crap Clause. (Mmmystery may go up one spot in the D- list, underneath Ponyville Confidential)

    A Royal Problem is my surprise grade. It is not a good episode, and I won’t give the worst characterization of Celly and Luna since Twilight’s Kingdom any praise. But one moment that helped seal it was me calling out the resolution (Starlight’s mistake as doing the right thing) as whitewashing Starlight’s nightmare. I don’t support that anymore, siding with what the episode gave now. Tonight It’s a D+, but I may bump it a tad to C-; whether I’ll place it above or below Matter of Principals or not remains.

    Changes could come soon, and more may follow.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      After watching "Daring Don't" again recently, I was reminded why I dislike Rainbow Dash as much as I do. :dry:

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  19. In case anyone is interesting, this is what I got for my birthday.


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      Can someone tell me what generation of ponies that is?

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