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  2. "I wouldn't know, I am not really into those types of stories." And being productive? "Sounds boring. Being productive is good, but it will get boring if it's the only thing you do."
  3. I have deer skin work gloves. So its kinda like petting a deer every time I build something.
  4. Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow American ponies! Hope y’all had an awesome holiday weekend, and don’t forget the true reason for this holiday. Honor those who have fallen fighting for our freedom. Here’s to the ones who didn’t make it back home. Thank you for your service. 


  5. Goodnight everypony

  6. The older wyvern went over to Ruby and got her some painkillers. "These should help you with your pain. Both of you should get ready, we will be taking over a town at the border. After that, we will take over some more towns on the way to their capital." "They plan to conquer the bigger kingdom and make it a part of theirs. After that, they plan on becoming a democracy."
  7. Ether, What's that? Is it sorta like Limbo?
  8. It does, I was just mistaken since I’ve finished watching the leaked remaining first half of the season, and there was nothing horse else to look forward to
  9. No, but I’ve fed one, and that was cute She didn’t let me pet her :c

    First, only 25 white nationalists showed up at the second Unite the Right rally, then only 9 KKK members showed up at a KKK rally in Ohio...a state that is growing increasingly more conservative.

    Wake. Up. People. :maud:   

  11. @Blitz Boom Pain had always been a good teacher, but right now it served another important purpose. Feeling pain right now was good as it meant he was out of danger from the poison of the power pill killing him. The side effects from the antidote counteracting the red pill were, for the most part, gone. Now only having to deal with the bump that would form latter from his encounter with the floor. It was also nice to have use of all six of his senses again. Sounds weren't muffled like he was at the bottom of a well anymore, his vision was clear and everything wasn't saturated in light. With everything else up and running, focus wasn't as put heavily on his extra sense and he didn't need to observe the world through only magic. Rising Dusk's meeting with the floor though was to be short lived as a pair of hoofs were quick to scoop him up and shuffle him back into the bed. He blinked and took in his surroundings, having not gotten the chance with all his senses upon his entrance to the village, and hovel over all. It was small and simple, something he'd expect in a land under the iron hoof of Twisted Gears. So much taken from them that it was difficult to really advance one's village. The detective wasn't alone in this room though, evident by the helping back into bed, and the voice in greeting. Turning his attention to the mare unicorn dressed in what he's identified as rather common attire in this land with those he's met so far. Not that he was one to comment on fashion, but he was pretty sure his sister would have a thing or two to say. Something about earth tones being out in mainstream fashion these days. Safe was yet to he a term he'd consider attached to a place like Harrowmark thus far, but even when no longer in a state of dying, he was still pretty weak. So he'd have to trust the stranger for now. At least he had to the energy to sit up in the bed and not need to be tucked in like a foal. Moving his gaze to the aforementioned food, which in his current condition wouldn't be a bad idea to help regain some strength. The water in of itself was rather desirable. Nodding his head, accepting her kindness of food. Getting an extra treat in watching the magic she used to heat up his soup. New spells were always interesting to see. A fiery weave that marked a beautifully crafted pyrotelekinesis spell that warmed his soup. A very useful skill for any unicorn wishing to be a cook. She'd get along with Flare Blitz quite well. With the cooking down, he gladly accepted the food. Igniting his own horn to collect the items he needed to feed himself. "Thank you," he told the stranger with a tired smile. Sampling some berries and the soup. Nothing one would get from Manehatten, but being in a different country was a whole other story. It was pleasant though, and warm, and gave him energy so he wasn't going to complain. "I'm Detective Rising Dusk," he introduced himself after swallowing some of her soup.
  12. Today
  13. @Unicorncob That made Copper stop, dropping Draco on the ground. Now he was absolutely FURIOUS. He slowly turned around to face Jade, a silver aura engulfing him. His eyes turned a crimson red as he spoke softly, but in a commanding tone. "It may not be for me to decide, but I know when to step aside for fate to do its' thing." His voice grew louder now. "Let me ask you two questions, Jade. Would you rather be at full strength, as you are right now, enacting your revenge on Rokata? Or, would you rather defend Tricis, knowing full well that you are weaker than you should be, only to be fully taken advantage of, and possibly killed, therefore THROWING AWAY THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY WE HAVE, IN DEFEATING ROKATA?!" The last three words were in a scream that echoed in the area. He resumed a more talking voice, but still kept it threatening, as he continued. "You are our leader, Jade Lotus. You must not be killed. I can tell how much magic power you have right now, and it may be enough to defeat this one. So let me ask you again, would you rather live to defeat Rokata, or run the risk of dying right here by his hooves? And by the way... you sound almost exactly like him." He HAD to throw that in for good measure.
  14. Peter has his own gravity ...
  15. "How about I lend you five dollars? It's at the bottom of this jar filled with barbed wire and salt." - "Aaow! Ow! Oooow! Why do you keep these things together?"
  16. I'm in the ether. Not a very interesting place, if you ask me.
  17. Oliver nodded, listening to Jenna's advice. "Yeah, I just think swords are pretty cool." He grinned. He looked down at his hands. "I'm used to using my fangs and claws, though I haven't really needed to use them often.
  18. Oliver frowned at Jenna's pessimism. It didn't fill him with confidence, but he wasn't one to give up that easily. "It only feels hopeless because of how powerful they look," he pointed out. "Everyone has a weakness. We just need to find theirs."
  19. Jade couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. She always figured Rokata would have a bounty on his head, but she didn't care about that. She wanted the world to be safer without a lunatic hunting down innocent creatures. She turned her attention to Tricis, her heart aching at the sight of her mangled body. Somehow she was still alive, but she seemed... peaceful. Like she wanted this to end. Jade didn't know what to do. A warm tear trickled down her cheek to meet Tricis's hoof. "I can't just let you die..." But Tricis was correct. She had spent so much time and energy worrying about honour, on a stallion who such efforts were wasted. A dishonourable murderer. Something inside her changed. She felt different. Like a withered lock had finally broken. She looked up at Rokata to answer, her teary eyes suddenly sporting slit, reptilian-like pupils. "How about I kill you instead?" she asked, her tone suddenly dark and cold. "Would that suffice?" Jade's pupils returned to normal as she felt herself being lifted off the ground. Copper's words went through to her, and a flurry of thoughts and emotions shot through her mind. No. No. No. Not like this. No. I won't let her die. It won't end this way. She kicked herself off his shoulders. Rage. How dare he. She glared at Copper, reptilian eyes returning and her mouth contorted into a snarl. Anyone who could see auras would notice hers was burning, almost out of control, and into what seemed to be the shape of a dragon. "Do not forget your place," she growled, in a voice that didn't sound like her own. "Her fate is not yours to decide."
  20. Banned because Luna is Best Princess.
  21. I'm going for the St. Louis Blues, Just for the sake of my philosophy of wanting to see every NHL franchise become Stanley Cup Champions at least once.
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