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  2. Technically, you're right, but if you spent one year in the state of Illinois (where I am from) you'd see just how many 'seasons' that we have. We, quite literally, sometimes have all 4 seasons in the span of one day.
  3. Good morning everypony how is everypony on this Beautiful Thursday morning?

  4. The USA has every climate zone in their country. Polar climate in the north of Alaska, temperated climate in the most northern parts of the USA (like Illinois, Maine or Washington), subtropics in the southern parts like California (except the mountain ranges) or Louisiana and tropical climate in southern Florida and Hawaii. Four seasons are only typical for the temperated climates. The polar climate have two seasons, a short cool summer and a long cold winter. The subtropics also have two seasons with different temperatures (usually a hot summer and a mild winter with at the most only a few short onsets of winter) and only short interim periods but who are not really called autumn or spring. And the tropics have only one when you look on temperatures. But they usually have a dry and a wet periode with almost similar temperatures. And than, you also have to look in which region you live in the temperated climate zones. When you live on the western side of a country, you have a oceanic climate (like me in western germany). That means that both snow in winter and also hot dry summer periods in summer are more a rarity. The differents between the four seasons are not that big as in the more continental regions, but bigger than in the subtropics. States in the USA with a oceanic climate are washington or Oregon. When you look under such criterias, than these are almost the states in northern east (like the new england states or the states around the great lakes).
  5. California doesn't really get all 4. neither does Hawaii or Florida. However, there are rare instances of snowstorms occurring as far south as the panhandle of Florida and reports of snow as far south as Orlando.
  6. Living int the middle of a corn field, everything is basically together here. But, it's still easier to drive because downtown can get messy at times.
  7. The time approaches to polish my resume and look for a new job. Tingling with excitement tbh.

  8. I had duck about a month ago now. I want to try gater. I've also tried dragonfruit (it's really good).
  9. Last time I used Internet Explorer regularly was mid 2012.
  10. Probably senior year of high school. That was when I had the most friends and I was happiest.
  11. Popular music no. High school choral and band concert, yes. Chocolate or vanilla?
  12. *boops every-pony* :sealed: o3o :catface:



    *is awaiting your boops* o3o



    1. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      *Boops back* 
      *Takes the cat and kitten who boop you too* 

  13. Good afternoon everypony, I hope that you’re all having a beautiful day!:mlp_grin:

    Still feeling pretty rough, my teeth especially are really aggravated right now. Oh well. I just hope that I make a recovery before we have to go back to school.

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      Good afternoon!

      I hope your teeth feel better. As someone who's had a lot of issues with their dental care, I know how unpleasant it can be :sunny:.

  14. I shall grant your wish but your foes will go against you with melee as same as level as you!
  15. Oliver blushed pink from Jenna's question. He was expecting her to say something nice about him, but it was still strange to hear. He still needed to get used to it. He grinned at her. "I could ask you the same thing."
  16. Today's ear worm - I miss that town, I miss their faces You can't erase, You can't replace it I miss it now, I can't believe it So hard to stay, Too hard to leave it
  17. Oliver nodded and kept driving. He kept an eye out for the gas station as he drove, making sure he went carefully due to the darkness. "Just let me know when we get to the place you're talking about," he said.
  18. Probably not since middle school. I switched to Firefox when I got my own computer, then I switched to Edge a few months ago. It's actually pretty decent, and the set aside tabs function is really useful.
  19. "It better be a good raft if you are really planning to do something like that." Ruby responded "I hate swimming in this form, and that's what is going to happen if the raft is even little poorly made."
  20. Always! What is everyone's beef with it? Everyone I ask to give me a reason they hate it can't. It's now called Microsoft Edge but I still love it.
  21. "I don't see how talking about cats and yellow ponies help with that but..." Mystic said and the shrugged, that's was the whole sentence. She got up and moved to the kitchen, starting to heat up water for tea.
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