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  2. Black Sheep - John Anderson
  3. Mane 6, are practically teenagers in pony years and none of them has the training of a soldier, and they are the ones who is doing all the hard work mind you.
  4. Perfectly fine walking around in my town, because my town basically has nothing. We have more churches than we do businesses. So this town is pretty much worthless. You basically have to drive out of town to go anywhere that matters. Considering I cannot drive due to several reasons, it is troubling.
  5. I'm not big fan of candy, but I buy peanut M&Ms from time to time. Used to buy Crisped Rice M&Ms as well, but they are hard to find now.
  6. I'd say this decade. I would say the 90s, but there were some pretty big problems about that era that made it kinda undesirable. I'd say why, but I don't wanna get political.
  7. The 00’s were great. We had the best games, movies and music.
  8. I still think this one of the most underrated songs in the pony fandom. It's sooooo good even after all these years! :fluttershy:


  9. I like the early 1900's. Why? I don't know, I just find it fascinating.
  10. I still think your avatar is adorable! :LunaMCM:

    1. Flutterstep


      Thank you! :kindness:

    2. TheTaZe


      Then again, how can Fluttershy not be adorbz! :squee:

  11. Probably most exotic thing I can think of that I've had was deer pepperoni. Not really too weird but still.
  12. Haha, I agree. Thought I still like the original the best.
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