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  2. I think that Coco Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles are my favorite cereals. I know that sugary cereal isn’t good for you and it gives me hella bad stomach aches but it’s good stuff. I only eat it for breakfast, though, never at any other time of day.
  3. Banned for twisting my boy's words. @Monado_Dash would follow Applejack's example and be honest
  4. I just found a penny on my bedroom floor from 1978. That's old from my perspective.
  5. Sea Pony Dashie 


    1. MistyMuffins


      So nice and cute!

    2. Partialgeek514


      See pony Dashie!


    3. ZethaPonderer


      I wonder what sea ponies tastes like? I assume they taste like salmon or tilapia.

  6. I think I'm mainly known for being one of the big Flutters fans on here. I have a liking towards Dashie too though!
  7. God I'm lonely

  8. You're gonna love this! 


  9. Want to hear about MY bad mane day? Nah...never mind sir!
  10. My name history is funny! No trace of how I became Misty Muffins :LunaMCM:

    Some friends know, so a high hoof for them, and a *hug* to everypony.




    1. Splashee


      *Hugs* Who drew your current avatar?

    2. Tacodidra


      *hugs* ^_^

      I remember seeing your second name too. :maud:

    3. MistyMuffins


      @Splashee Got it from a girl I sadly don't remember the name of. *looking everywhere in computer* to no avail.

      *hugs back* my friends again.

  11. @Splashee Yeah, And Emerald Heart is probably going to be sleeping in later the next day, and will become easily distracted by things like ladybugs and fireflies. Stuff like that.
  12. Banned because I am nowhere near your screen, you can capture it yourself without my help.
  13. ROTFL they’re Pottsylvanians. They always look like that @CypherHoof banned for ruining my screen capture
  14. Banned because that is easily fixed There you go - now Dexter looking cartoon men.
  15. Wingnut

    Who is going?

    I was tempted, especially since it will be the last one ever. But I will not be there. I’ve had too many things go wrong in recent months with a dying refrigerator being the last straw. Even though I have enough Amtrak guest reward points for a free round trip to Baltimore, I can’t afford a convention right now. So please everyone, have lots of fun on my behalf and take plenty of pics so I can live vicariously through y’all!
  16. It doesn't help that he is a male duck. Just to get you an idea what male ducks do all day long: Oh, I think talking about that is against forum rules. They are dumb! Cute but evil and dumb. I only have female pet ducks at home.
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