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  2. It's a joke referencing Spike nearly dropping cut-up glass from the rose window and getting spooked by the goose guarding the crown (triggering the alarm). I don't think it's a flaw, either. Just attempting to be funny.
  3. Hello there, gorgeous Now that's a centurion I would feel safe with
  4. We're never gonna hear the origin of Cutie Marks nor their function, how they appear, or their purpose, are we? Speaking of adult, I have a NSFW theory about Cutie Marks that foes makes sense, if you wanna hear it.
  5. 469237 Night Deae and Happy Easter!
  6. Night

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Goodnight bro sleep tight best wishes to you.

  7. Chibi Pinka, yaaaAAay O. Oh! Oh. OOOH! OOH, THAT'S TOO MUCH PINK!
  8. Only one more hour till Easter’s dinners ready so excited in the meantime here are some Easter theme pictures to entertain all you guys. 









  9. 957! Have you boys tried going outdoors? It's lovely!
  10. Yeah, I lost my job the other week. Still looking for a new one.
  11. Before the place we know as Disneyland, it was once a rancid festering swamp that would make Shrek ecstatic. So, to turn that swamp into the seemingly happiest place ever is quite the accomplishment I’ll admit. Though I can’t say if Disneyland is the happiest place ever.
  12. Depends on how sick I feel tbh. Like usually I eat really light foods like crackers and the like and work up from there.
  13. Well, now this is sort of going into semantics. You're saying its obvious to you but others would call it fanon. Same goes for what I and others plainly see but you call fanon. So really then, we're arguing over differences in perception. Ultimately though, an explanation for how Nightmare Moon happened isn't necessary because it wasn't integral to Luna's redemption. It would be nice to see, but it would take up a lot of time, and would also probably be extremely depressing. One of those "obvious things" that some are seeing is that the story of Nightmare Moon as presented in the 'book' in Episode 1, isn't the full story - not by a longshot, which is also one of the reasons there was a distrust of Celestia early on. The comics went deeper into it though, and you would probably find that story very interesting. The trauma of hurting Anna was a big limiter on that and it happened at a good age to have that kind of effect. Imagine if she hadn't grown up being fearful of her power. Yeah, I've wondered the same thing about Cadence. If you don't trust the Tree over similar reasons, well Cadence's cutie mark represents a talent that overrides free will, unless there's something more nuanced about it (like how hyponosis can't make someone do anything they're not OK with doing)
  14. I love them but I can fully understand why people wouldn’t like them. They can be overly energetic a handful to take care o and incredibly loud sometimes along with having to deal with ones who tear your stuff apart so you gotta dog proof some stuff and keep other stuff high up from their reach. And sometimes really mean.
  15. I don’t really have any Rarity pictures. But here are the ones I do have.
  16. Me sadly. I want a job but I’m not good at talking to people sometimes. And doing something one on one like an interview would cause my anxiety to hit hard and I go silent or just fumble with my words.
  17. Hey, I know that I’m a little on the tardy side with this one, but regardless, happy Easter everypony!:mlp_grin:

    1. Tacodidra


      It's alright – better late than never, they say! :mlp_yay: Happy Easter, my friend! :D

  18. Pretty much nothing. I wake up around 10am, play around on my computer while I wait for the next episode of MLP to air, eat lunch, write or play videogames, eat dinner, write or play videogames again, then go to bed around midnight and be asleep by 1 if I'm lucky.
  19. Just like with Starlight I have tons of pinkie pie pictures.
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