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  2. Here's my notebook sketches I've been working on!


     Still have yet to figure out how to attach arms on...

  3. @Will Guide This is a profile field, that has been recently added, based on the feedback users have provided. You can list members you consider as friends there. It works as a simple list of members you like, it doesn't have any specific effect on accounts, at least at the moment. This can be configured in the profile, upon clicking "Edit Profile". If you'd like to discuss that feature or have questions about it, please head to the feedback topic linked above, as it is still open for further discussions. With that being said, I'll lock this thread, as the correct answer has been given. Thank you!
  4. Philosophy is far easier to understand than most people make it out to be. Its objective is to determine which of our intuitions can be relied on, and its motivation is an unceasing vindictive spite for the observation that seemingly all that we call knowledge is founded on intuition. The more sage the philosopher, the more intensely they're passive-aggressively telling the nature of human awareness 'I'm not mad, just disappointed.' :mustache:

    1. Frostgage


      Question everything, especially your questions

  5. Anyone have a link to the episodes that were released in China?

  6. it's ok of course, feel free to add to it or wait for the next one
  7. Davey Jones from Pirates of the Carrabien (Just cuz ur profile pic lolz)
  8. Here's what I would like to see you draw. Is it acceptable? @MidnightFire1222
  9. Made myself a new challenge to do! Everyone who wants to submit has one week to do so, until July 23, 2019! Click the link below for details:


  10. I got a new challenge for myself: I call it The Pokemon Fusion Challenge. I'm bored with no ideas to draw so I'm doing a new challenge to give myself something to draw.. The rules are simple. I'll provide a link to the pokemon fusion site I found. I contains most of the recent generations so you aren't confined to just the original 151. You're allowed to either do a random fusion or choose whatever two pokemon you want to see fused together. Warning: You might get a pop up for beta testing or something for Gen 7 which isn't implemented in the fusion site yet; just X it out; your fusion will still be there. I've tested it several times and it's been fine. A few things to note: - Only one entry per person. - Please send me a screenshot Please include the name of the fusion if possible - Post an entry on this thread or pm me. I'll also be posting it to my twitter, deviantart, and tumblr art blog. You can find links to those in most of my recent pictures and on my 'About me' section of my user page and down below as well. - As of the day I post this, I be going on vacation in a few weeks, so many of them probably won't be done until August, so posting pictures might be slow, and commissions come first before these. I will get them done when I can though. I'll be keeping this free offer open until Tuesday July 23, 2019. You have until then to send me an entry. After that day this offer will close and I won't accent any new entries. Link to Pokemon Fusion site: Pokemon Fusion Generator My Deviantart: My Twitter: My Tumblr (mod/art blog):
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  12. I went over some old sketches, and decided it was about time I spent some ink on this one. ;)

  13. x some muscle guy on the beach. ^^ NINJA!!!!!!!!!
  14. time to drug myself to sleep, goodnight

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