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  2. Thanks for the follow! ^_^

  3. No. I think it depends on the individuals themselves and their relationship. I have a good relationship with both my mother and father, but I wouldn’t call it a powerful bond :/
  4. Boops for all these awesome ponies! @Sondash Studios @Phosphor @KingMorgana @ZophieStar @DivineGuard1000 @ZomBrony @Midnight Solace @TheTaZe @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Totally Lyra @FireworkDash @Fasu @Tacodidra @lyrabetes3939 @Mellow Mane @TheRockARooster
  5. Sounds like a pile of horse shit. It depends who you have kept closest and done most things together with throughout your life.
  6. If the movie does well hopefully Dora the Explorer gets renewed for a season 9.
  7. I made it home a couple hours ago. I wanted to show y’all what those pink fluffle dice look like in my truck. Lookin pretty snazzy :orly:


  8. I see, might as well have been though if they had a few more explosions lmao
  9. That was actually being falsely reported by the press when it was first announced. No idea where they got it from.
  10. Someone just called me EASY smh... I'm not easy, I'm the tutorial :proud:

  11. Probably meant for a separate topic but I see no romantic relationship going on with either Rarity or Gabby with Spike. Never have; rather, Spike just had a crush on Rarity, to which she used to monopolize him. Nothing else compelling that would allude to romance.
  12. Wherever I go, Celestia always follows! 


  13. @Emerald<3 Splashee had reached an empty train car. He was standing with his back up close against the wall just next to the doorway he came from. He was waiting for whomever was following him. This was not the friendly pony Splashee anymore. This was a focused assassin, waiting for his pray! He knew he was followed. He could feel it. His heart was beating faster, time slowed down. He could hear light steps coming closer and closer! The door opened! He turned his head towards the intruder, pounced with his deadly duck wings, bumped straight into Emerald, rolled over her while realizing who it was and ended up with a quite weird hug with the confused cat. "How's it going Miss Emerald?", he mumbled, blushing. mumbled
  14. When I keep getting a new follower before losing a follower. :maud:

  15. Yunno, it would be REALLY COOL if Sunset just made a short cameo in the series finale! Like just popping out, helping out against Grogar, then disappearing!

    I know it sounds unlikely, but knowing how this season is full of surprises, there's a slight chance!

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