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  2. Boops the awesome pony @Partialgeek514
  3. I'm gonna go with the Beardo Weirdo. Can't really relate to the clown hate.
  4. I think I went at least 24 hours with out sleep on my way back from Babscon last April. I needed to get back in time for school, so after having fun all day at the con, I left for the airport at 2 Sunday morning, and didn't get back to my apartment until Sunday afternoon. I probably slept a bit on the plane and bus, but not much.
  5. I don’t like my voice honestly. I sound like a 12 year old boy.
  6. @Illiad Easle Void had expected to see something bad when she got on to the other side of the door. Null being grasped by some sort of darkness, perhaps some pictures here and there of things that haunted her, but this landscape of misery, it just...She couldn't have expected it to be this bad. Walking through the air and not even taking notice of how she weren't physically touching anything, she would wander on with a feeling like something had just gut punched her several times over, soaking in the misery and torment that laid around her, whilst Selena gave her analysis of what were going on in a les than cheerful tone. Honestly she were not doing a great job of acting supportive or cheer up the sister who were currently watching her elder sisters misery first hoof. Selena might want to work on her bedside manners at some point in the future. Getting close, Void touched the mannequin that would show off the sight of the diamond dog, and Null weeping over his corpse, whilst the feeling of guilt flowed over her. She would retract from it quickly, like she had been hit by a jolt of lightning. "She told me h-he made it..." Her voice were little more than a whisper as she nearly choked on her words. The diamond dog in question had called himself Ralphie the rock sculptor, who had found the sisters after Null had fallen ill from a stomach virus, and taken them back to his hut, where he had given them a small space to stay in and helped getting a few things to get Null better again. Void had done what she could to keep him happy then, including cooking for him and cleaning up what she could, and they had considered him to be pretty much the closest thing to a friend they had ever had, even if he were gruff and were a bit too obsessed with his sculptures. He had started to tell them how some of the local diamond dogs had started to go missing, and that though he normally didn't get involved since he liked the peace, he had promised to help out when a few of his friends had asked. Since Null had gotten better at that point and wanted to help, she had sprung along once he had started mumbling something about a strange magical smell coming from the area many had last been seen, and soon enough, the three of them had been on their way. Void weren't sure what had gone on in there, as she had been cut off from them by a minor cave in, but she knew that once all were said and done, Null had come out with that collar, told her that it had taken the life of all that had worn it, and that Ralphie had asked them to take it with them away from their home, before it hurt anyone else. She hadn't thought much on why Null's face had seemed kinda puffed up at that point, and were more just saddened that Ralphie had chosen not to come out and say anything to her himself, yet she had trusted what Null had said and they had been on their way after picking up their items. Seeing this in context however... Null had lied to protect her feelings about how Ralphie had apparently taken on the collar too, and paid the price for it. Something which would have hurt Void a good deal, as she liked the gruff canine, but Null seeing him die in front of her, and feeling guilty about it, whilst not sharing any of that pain? This had barely been two and a half years after their parents had seemingly gotten killed, and a lot of other bad stuff had happened subsequently. Null had been hurting already at that point, and tackling this alone would just be salt in the wound. One of many wounds that she kept to herself, seeing how many places were here, with likely all of them carrying painful memories of their own. "...She shielded me f-from all of this." If she could cry in this form, she currently would be shown to do so, as she gazed upon this inner sanctum of misery. "We a-always got into t-tough spots, but whenever s-something bad happened, big s-sis would comfort me. Help me t-through it. She never s-shared her own pain, just k-kept a tough face on and m-moved on. I knew she d-did this to shield me from t-things, and that it l-looked bad, but this is... It's my f-fault. If she didn't h-have to take care of m-me, or I d-didn't just always r-relied on her like I d-did mom, she w-wouldn't... This w-wouldn't have h-happened." Void weren't in a perfect state internally. She were filled with nervousness and paranoia after a lifetime of not being able to trust others, but she were more or less able to keep it together, barring a few special encounters. Mainly this were because Null had always been there to take care of her, and make sure that she never completely lost hope, up until the brief episode she had in the facility. Null ont he other hoof, had just been breaking more and more apart, and tried to fix it not by addressing it, but by distancing herself as much from it as she could, and pretend she were doing okay. Unbeknownst to Void, it were a double edged sword that were in play here, as in a way, she were indeed the cause of her sisters misery, as Null were certain she had to be tough to make sure her little sister could have a chance. Yet at the same time, Void and her potential future, had been the hope that Null had been able to cling to in the darkest hours, and it helped her to push on. It were only when she had lost any sort of hope that there were one left for Void, as the world were broken apart and Troy were one of the only places to seek shelter, that she had finally felt the entire thing collapse on top of her, and she had ended up falling down into her own selfmade Tartarus. As for where the biggest part of her still remained, Selena would find that the largest cluster of platforms seemed to gather further down, in a nearly spherical manner. Somewhere in the middle of that, they might be able to find the core of Null. It were about the same time that Void bit notice in some sort of shadowy entity moving around the platforms and seemingly attempt to interact with them in some manner, though at the same time move closer to them, a little by little. She didn't feel afraid over this though, her eyes simply went wide, and her spectral heart skipped a beat. "Is that h-her? Selena, is that a p-part of my big s-sis? Is she l-looking for us?"
  7. My personal record of 16 hours with no sleep was broken about a week ago. 21 hours now, is the longest I’ve been without sleep.
  8. Do you mind doing a sig for Alberta, Canada? If not, I'm fine with Idaho too, since I'm going to school here.
  9. Thanks for the follow! ^_^

  10. No. I think it depends on the individuals themselves and their relationship. I have a good relationship with both my mother and father, but I wouldn’t call it a powerful bond with either of them.
  11. Boops for all these awesome ponies! @Sondash Studios @Phosphor @KingMorgana @ZophieStar @DivineGuard1000 @ZomBrony @Midnight Solace @TheTaZe @Lucky Bolt @Twilight Luna @Totally Lyra @FireworkDash @Fasu @Tacodidra @lyrabetes3939 @Mellow Mane @TheRockARooster
  12. Sounds like a pile of horse shit. It depends who you have kept closest and done most things together with throughout your life.
  13. If the movie does well hopefully Dora the Explorer gets renewed for a season 9.
  14. I made it home a couple hours ago. I wanted to show y’all what those pink fluffle dice look like in my truck. Lookin pretty snazzy :orly:


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      Lucky dice for @Lucky Bolt! How fitting!

    2. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      #Pimp "I'll have yer money tonight, daddy." :laugh:

  15. I see, might as well have been though if they had a few more explosions lmao
  16. That was actually being falsely reported by the press when it was first announced. No idea where they got it from.
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