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  2. There may be a few but I’ll withhold judgement until the conclusion of the show.
  3. Neither of them really creep me out at all, but the clown does more.
  4. I think Battle Brothers would fit well, thematically speaking: Claymores and blue face paint would fit right in. Not so kilts because no-one exists below the chest, apparently. Looking through my games library, the idea of a Tropico game in which you are the dictator of, say, the Shetland Islands, would be hysterical. Oh, and I suppose on this topic, honourable mention should go to the game that didn't have Scotland in it, but definitely should have:
  5. Its nice to see that Fluttershys finally getting love now.
  6. Listening to hard bass while drinking copious amounts of Captain Morgan
  7. I have to disagree, in fact, there are several season eight episodes that I wish had been switched with episodes from season nine, since the s8 episodes were just plain better, and would have served as better end points for the characters. The Parent Map, The Washouts, Hearthswarming Club, Horse Play, Breakup Breakdown... all of these were fantastic episodes that would have been great end points for the characters involved, but instead we’ve been getting a lot of mediocre episodes that just leave things unsatisfied.
  8. *hugs @Shiki, @Emerald<3, @Lucky Bolt, @~Dusky~, @Xeltor, @Treeglow Flicker, aaaaand @Cyclone1066*
  9. This is the only time I do this *hug* @Splashee @Lucky Bolt @TheRockARooster @Shiki @Renegade the Unicorn because you’re fun @Ninetales
  10. Welcome to the jungle We take it day by day If you want it you're gonna bleed But it's the price you pay And you're a very sexy girl That's very hard to please You can taste the bright lights But you won't get them for free In the jungle Welcome to the jungle Feel my, my, my, my serpentine I, I wanna hear you scream
  11. Awesome banner, My Friend! :D

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      thanks, it's actually a cover from a comic, it had a nice banner-y vibe to it so i decided to edit it into one

  12. I'm a scottish person, and I am wondering if there are any games anyone would want to make if given the chance scottified. For me it would be GTA V, because it would be perfect based in local "ned" culture
  13. Bas

    I'm New! :)

    Welcome to these very forums! "New user? Who is a big boy? Who is a big boy? You are!" "Yay....!" I can't help but to feel old when seeing that avatar. Turning 30 on friday doesn't help either.
  14. I feel like a good amount of episodes have been trying to wrap things up and provide some measure of closure to various things, they've just been doing so in the context of Slice of Life episodes.
  15. Welcome to these very forums! You will surely fabulously fit in!
  16. I swear I’ve seen this one on the forums before and I think a friend of mine here mentioned you, but I’m not entirely sure.
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  18. . Yeah, it’d be nice to have a trade option or something to make it to where one can be able to get characters one doesn’t have. This whole getting dup’s in large successions is getting old…
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