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  2. Not without a diving gear, a large oxygen tank and something that can withstand the pressure and can move fluidly at a very deep depth... Otherwise, sure The Alps?
  3. Good morning everypony.

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Good morning bro sleep well how are you?

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      Rarity the Supreme

      Good morning, my friend!:mlp_grin:

      Happy Easter!

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      La la la laaaa, lo lo lo looooo.

  5. "I wouldn't expect you to admit it." Placidus had nothing better to do and decided to go with her. Besides, she didn't seem that bad.
  6. I had one of those, if people ask what computer language did you learn? The answer would be TI-84++

  7. All hail the finest pancake! I hope she doesn't hit anything on her way What is she growing there? #ThatPonySureDoesLoveBooks I am practically as tired as this Twilie here.
  8. The mare slowly moved the closest fetlock, and a pure red iris swam in a sea of emerald green as it focused on the stallion addressing her. "Hwild Pegashush, hov coursh," she slurred. She sat herself upright with a stretch and a smacking of her lips. This done, she turned to face him directly. She shook her head a bit, then lifted a hoof and pointed at a space about two steps to the right of him. Slowly, as she concentrated, her hoof s-l-o-w-l-y slid over until it pointed at him directly. "Hokay... now that dersh only wunnaya now, I can ash dish question... I ash hyoo... ASH you... if you fink I look like leeeedur mahteri-L? Hi mean... do I look like the one who's ready ta be in chargea anyfin'?" Her breath was boozy, her movements swaying, and her posture unsteady... however, her eyes were locked on Diego. "Am I a leeeeedur to youuuuuu?" she drawled, holding her forelegs wide open.
  9. "We could win by doing a war of attrition. If we make the war really long and painful, they will eventually decide it isn't worth it. It is very effective." "If I was out in charge of fighting such a war, I'd use hit and run tactics. It's how a weaker army win wars against stronger armies." ------------------------------------------------------------ "Not that I can recall. I'm not too good at remembering faces. I sure hope that aiprship has a giftshop. I promised someone that I will buy them a cactus."
  10. @Illiad Easle "Take it! Take everything, just leave us alone... Leave us alone..." Void's voice kept getting lower and lower as she said this, and she flailed a hoof to push the gem towards the consul. Sure she wished to help Silver, and would likely regret this later on, if they got away and she had the chance to reminisce over things like this, but right now she just wanted for the consul to go away, and would panicky flail everything at him in a desperate attempt to make it happen. She would've given him the darn coin too if she could, and she asked for it, which were something she had done what she could to keep away from others. A distraction where all that Null had wanted. Just one chance for the tyrant and his traitorous lackeys to look elsewhere, so that she could get a shot at taking down this symbol of everything bad that had ever happened to herself and Void. And as if her prayers were hears, the facility then started to collapse, and most of their focuses were directed towards It. A perfect opportunity for her to just lunge forward, taking hold of that nice, sharp rock that laid on the ground, and use it to stab the alicorn. Alicorns were so reliant on their magic and wards to keep themselves protected through out their seemingly endless life. Yet they just immortal, not invincible, and if their magic failed them, they could be taken care of just like any other being. That was the theory anyway. Only one she had stabbed before were the mad alicorn they'd met once, and Null didn't get to see if it had much of an effect before he staggered back and fell headfirst into a well. They had no idea if he made it after that, since they didn't linger, but since they hadn't heard anything about him in the three more days they lived in the area before they had to run, they had just assumed the worst and moved on with their lives. The consul here would perhaps not go down as easily, but here were hoping that it'd work. At least, that was the plan. As it turned out instead, Void had felt the earth crumble beneath her, and looked up with the look in her eyes resembling that of a rabbit being chased. And much like one of though, she instinctively took the chance as the rest weren't looking, and staggered to her hooves before making a run for it. She'd get Null with her, though it wouldn't be a happy thing for the pegasus, considering she were being held in Void's teeth like a kitten, and since she weren't a cat, but a pony, this actually hurt. Quite a bit so, though her focus were mainly on wriggling around to try and get loose so she could go back to try and get her hooves on the alicorn that needed to be punished. To no avail though, as Void were by far the stronger off them, and when she were in her *Fight or flight* mode, you either got kicked severely, or you were made to follow or be pushed aside as she tried to run at a surprising speed for somepony with a false leg. Considering everything though, unless the sands blew around quite a bit, she should be leaving some pretty easy to follow tracks as she ran aimlessly throughout the desert, until about eleven minutes in when she'd stumble over what were either a weird looking helmet or a large skull, and stumbled down the dunes with Null and her landing about a half meter from one another. The pegasus would be the first to get her bearings, and would take her hooves to her neck to press down against the painful bite mark she now had in her hide. She weren't thin skinned, but dang it, this sorta thing hurt, and given the chance, she'd beat on anything that resembled something else than her sister or just sand as far as the eyes could see. Void in the meantime were giving off some strange noises as the drop had made her go quite dizzy and considering she hit her head, potentially caused a shakeup of her brain.
  11. It's a joke referencing Spike nearly dropping cut-up glass from the rose window and getting spooked by the goose guarding the crown (triggering the alarm). I don't think it's a flaw, either. Just attempting to be funny.
  12. Hello there, gorgeous Now that's a centurion I would feel safe with
  13. We're never gonna hear the origin of Cutie Marks nor their function, how they appear, or their purpose, are we? Speaking of adult, I have a NSFW theory about Cutie Marks that foes makes sense, if you wanna hear it.
  14. 469237 Night Deae and Happy Easter!
  15. Night

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      Goodnight bro sleep tight best wishes to you.

  16. Chibi Pinka, yaaaAAay O. Oh! Oh. OOOH! OOH, THAT'S TOO MUCH PINK!
  17. Only one more hour till Easter’s dinners ready so excited in the meantime here are some Easter theme pictures to entertain all you guys. 









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