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  2. thanks for the nice words I already use references, which surprisingly helps me out a lot but I understand why some artists think its wrong to do so, when I draw from a reference, I don't feel like its "my drawing" I feel like I am just copying from someone else, its kinda weird, ya know?
  3. JOJO NO KIMYOU NA BOUKEN Probably gonna start working on my backlog actually. I must've put like a hundred anime off over the past 5 or so years.
  4. I’m disappointed that King Sombra never truly fought for his throne accept during the Sombraverse. Of course he’s done stuff like fear tactics and infinity stairs but you never see him do anything that makes him have an actual desire and reason to rule. All the other villains make plans and usually act on them before they say they’ve claimed the throne. I just feel like Sombra could’ve done more, just to be a little more interesting like he was in the Sombraverse.
  5. I learned a lot about it in high school, don't remember much though. I remember that the Mycenaeans were the first Greeks to settle on the peninsula, and that a big chunk of Greece (and other modern day Balkan countries) used to be Macedonia, and that there were a bunch of city-states like Athens and Corinth, and that they were part of a thing called the Hellenic league. That's about it.
  6. *Sits in the winner’s spot surrounded by highly trained guards of all races and sizes to protect me*
  7. Tbh there was only one episode for me where this was super apparent and that's the season 3 finale. It felt like everything happened at once because they tried to cram so much nonsense in to such an important episode. Ordinarily I'd write an episode with bad pacing down as a bad episode and forget about it, but that one stuck with me.
  8. 477.888 yay! friendship help! <3
  9. 477.882 oh please no, someone in another forum did posted that everytime -.-
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