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  2. I have respect for such, but I am usually not. However for religious reasons I cut out meat on Fridays, and during Lent and Advent except Sundays, as long as I am getting food just for myself, I am vegetarian, and try to be vegan (except fish are okay for some reason). It's actually pretty healthy. And it's more representative of our ancestors;' diet. We eat a lot of meat these days, and we eat it often. But that's a modern privilege. It's good to recognize this.
  3. Hoping for Spike's crush on Rarity to not take over his role in here too! That got really old in BGE! Luckily, they'll only be doing stuff they haven't done yet, so we got that going!
  4. Trivium continues to impress me. This song absolutely slams and it reminds me why I adore this band. :wub:


  5. Luna wishes you all a good and happy evening. 2092444483_vector__399___princess_luna__11_by_dashiesparkle-d9qetik(1).thumb.png.6ef6f3abe99da57cabd3424222d86831.png

  6. I doubt many people share the same first name as me, so that would be a no.
  7. I would need to research which side I like best, then I would go fight for them.
  8. You and me both. I don't speak up very often but when I do and someone interrupts me, it annoys me to no end.
  9. Body contact gets on my nerves, in both senses of the phrase. This didn't used to be a real issue for me, but I've recently developed a strong reflex against being touched. Don't get me wrong, I've never really liked being touched on specific ways like being tickled, for example, I am deathly afraid of that. If you know me even a little in real life, you know that I am one of the most ticklish people. But lately, my dislike of being touched turned into fear, and I'm constantly dodging people's touches, even in public on the streets when not a single person that passes by has any reason to tap me on the shoulder. I get really spooked when someone would tap me on the arm or leg to tell me something, and even have a virtual "radius" around my body only I can see, and if I sense that something is in the area within that "radius" in my peripheral vision, my body reacts according with a big jump and it usually really freaks people out. I'm not really sure what caused this, but I've just been acting very uncomfortable in front of everyone in real life lately...
  10. Do you want it put back or something? Why call attention to it? If for some reason you actually do, it's been a while but I think I still have editing permissions. Disclaimer: It wasn't me and I've never touched the ED article on MLP Forums.
  11. Why are you following me?

    Who sent you!? 

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  12. Happy birthday! :mlp_yay: :balloon:

    I hope your birthday will be awesome! :mlp_wink: :mlp_yeehaa:

  13. Happy birthday Dash! :mlp_yay: :balloon:

    Have a nice day! :mlp_yeehaa:

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      Thank you very much!:P

    2. Rikifive


      I hope you'll get tons of awesome presents! :mlp_yay: :balloon:
      Don't forget to show us these, so that I can be jelly! :D 

  14. My first name is Casey. So in the past I've been associated with Casey Jones. Both the train driver and the character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'll be changing my name someday though.
  15. Haaapy birthday!! :mlp_yay: :balloon:

    1. Frostgage


      Thank youuu <3

  16. It's a decent episode overall but only if I forget this is the final season. I like the student 6, but I think they shouldn't belong to this ep. This is an episode just like Castle Sweet Castle, an episode that make a tribute for something important that has been gone (like Twilight's Library) and you tell me the mane 6, Pillars, Royal Sisters who had long history with the Elements give zero buck about it? The student 6's faces when they heard about the news look more genuine than Mane 6 when they saw the tree destroyed before their eyes, it looks like Student 6 have more emotional investment because they treat the Tree as a sentinel being, unlike Mane 6, who just lost their best tool and now they have their internal friendship power so the tool can just belong to museum now. The Tree spirit actually didn't die, that's good to hear, but it just make the premiere less impactful because nothing is really lost anyway. I teared up a bit during Castle Sweet Castle because it made me feel for the something that was LOST FOREVER and the ending is just so emotional, but Uprooted is just... empty because nothing is lost and the ponies I expected to care about it, didn't care. Season 5 is still the best season about feels afterall, it made me care about character Loss and Achievement. This is the final season, I realized that I have no luxury time left to invest too much for the new characters, I just want to spend more time with the established characters like the Mane 8, Royal Sisters, CMC, Reformed 4, and old characters that should be explored like Diamond Tiara, Babs etc Next episode is about Twilight, good, good, I missed Twilight episodes. Bonus: When the last time Pinkie got her best episodes and RD&AJ duo episodes can be good for ONCE this time!????? Give me some miracle!
  17. The only issue honestly is the paid online which is actually a worse service than the Wii U. No dedicated voice chat, peer to peer, and a poor replacement for the VC.
  18. Happy Birthday bro :balloon:

  19. It's one of the first things I do at the start of the day. I sleep a lot better in a made bed.
  20. I'd love to but probably not for decades down the line when I know they've secured regular safe passage. Crimea
  21. I have moved my diet to more vegetable heavy recently but I still do eat meat from time to time. I do find it hard to ethically justify meat consumption with current farming standards. Especially when other options are possible and generally healthier sorta. So while I do not judge others I am moving to less meat then I used to and I truly hope cloned meat is a reality in the next five or so years.
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