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  2. There's a helipad next to my barracks that Black Hawks like to land at, but this morning a Chinook landed there, and it shook the whole building. >.>;

  3. Admittedly I never had many games. My first computer game was Zoo Tycoon 2. I also have a gameboy but I found it in a thrift store, and that was literally last year or the year before I think.
  4. Apparently there are two nintendo ds versions too - tempted to load them up and take a look now
  5. I haven't posted in ages cause I've had a stint of writer's block as well as being super busy, fortunately, I don't think anyone waiting on me.
  6. Does a mini glow key fob count? A vinyl single? (7" rather than a 12" album)
  7. If it came on anything other than a circle of metal-backed plastic, (like a floppy magnetic circle or magnetic tape or punch cards or a wax circle with grooves in it), that's long before I started existing.
  8. I think the first Sim City I bought came on audio tape
  9. Banned for limited imagination; any contiguous group counts as a single object provided the fusion points remain constant.
  10. ... . .the shot kind of reminds of a scene in this movie called "Entrapment" . ..think it might be the lasers.
  11. Why do I get the odd feeling that these series of unfortunate events are interconnected in some way despite how loose these events are at face value? First the New Zealand Mosque Shooting Massacre, then Israel bombing 100 Palestinians after the New Zealand massacre just a day after Then the burning of Notre Dame, and now this? Conspiracy theorists will have a field day on this one. I miss Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory Show. Shouldn’t this topic be on Debate Pit? Regardless, I express my condolences towards this tragedy and the people who died. May The God of Abraham consider them martyrs who were given an unjust death from the hands of these terrorists.
  12. How many Twilighting moments have we seen in this season so far?

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