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  2. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo closed his eyes to think about the memory Orange had brought up. "'s been a long time. I think there was a time like that." At the mention of the pun war, Dynamo's eyes opened, before widening in realization. "Oh, now I remember. It was so bad that the puns literally became toilet humor. My mom was so mad and disgusted at my dad, but you and I couldn't stop laughing. Now that's something I could never forget." He chuckled, nodding at the suggestion of where to eat. "An all you can eat place? That sounds good to me. Plus, it'll be perfect since we have a group. Now we just have to find said place." He smiles as he swished his tail. "Well, you were her student, after all. I remember hearing about that in your letters. I'm sorry I had to go away for some time, but I couldn't forget one of my best friends." Sunburst says, frowning somewhat as he looked towards the ground. "I'm really sorry Starlight. It's just...I was having trouble in school and I guess I got caught up in my studies."
  3. If it's so, I think it wasn't a good way to tell the story. Either it would be a cute-crisis story with whimsical or properly dramatic cartoon villains that fits the tone of children's show, or they abandon the idea of making a children's show and put Punisher, Griffith, Micheal Myers in it. They can either go 60's Batman or The Dark Knight and if they aim for the middle ground for being concerned of the show being too heavy, they should make something new that fits somewhere in between, not mix them together. Kids show can be sometimes heavy, adult show can be lighthearted as well. Comic reliefs as like in Shakespeare's work are like what Pinkie Pie does when confronting Discord or Nightmare Moon. Twilight or the main protagonist doesn't do it. The downside of the protagonist being a comic relief is that the drama doesn't seem to take itself seriously enough and it can contradict itself. The whole show can look like a joke in a bad way.
  4. Can't ya just feel sorry for Marble? She's so shy, the only one she's ever crushed on has found somepony else, and all she really has is her sister who orders her around! She has it worse than Spike even! Even though his friends do seem to hold him back (and himself too), at least he has some accomplishments to show for it and friends that don't do that, but not Marble! Marble's all alone in that farm! Perhaps she needs to make a real life outta herself, and be able to meet someone! We should totally have a season 9 episode that covers this! Even if she doesn't move outta the farm, Marble deserves happiness, so she should really find someone! She deserves it!
  5. Dax pondered that a moment. I get it, I do... but that sounds like a kinda lonely definition. The Blackwater stallion lifted an eyebrow... then, after a moment of self-reflection, he presented Illiad with a sympathetic look. "I... get that. It's really hard to trust someone when you've been hurt over and over again; a breach of trust is one of the hardest things to overcome." He then gave Illiad a small grin. "But I hope it hasn't soured you from trying - after all, letting your fears control your actions isn't how you should handle it. Risks are required. Heck, I was scared to death to actually meet you; I only had our correspondence to work with, and you seemed okay... but until I met you muzzle to muzzle, I really hadn't clue as to what this would be like. But I was really trying NOT to let my past experiences keep me from making a friend." "But I get it. Fewer ways to get hurt, yeah..." He then looked at his dear friend. "Just remember; the only limits you'll ever really, truly have are the ones you set upon yourself. Personally, I think everyone could use a friend like you, Illiad." "No, you don't know that." Dax looked serious. "NO ONE knows that. You can't go through Life, worrying about who you'll hurt - THAT could drive you CRAZY. I know you - at least, I feel like I do, well enough - and I think that line of thinking will make you batty, if you keep telling yourself that. All anyone can do is just... try. We try not to hurt each other, but since no o-... uhm, since there aren't many folks in Equestria who can read minds, there's not much of a way to tell if what you do will help or harm someone." "But again, don't let it consume who you are, Illiad - don't get so caught up in protecting the world from big, mean ol' YOU that you forget it likes you, too. I'm not saying 'be foolish'; I'm simply telling you to remember to throw some 'chance' in there will all that 'protection' stuff, okay?" The smile he gave his friend was nothing but pure kindness. Dax's ears lowered a bit, but he kept the smile on his face. "And yet, here you are. The incident may have helped define you... but don't let it consume you. You're Illiad-freaking-Easle! You're a protector! You can practically taste other's emotions! You'd go through Tartarus or high water for a true, true friend! And you're so smart! ALL this stuff is you, Illiad!" He grinned. "Hey... you pulled MY depressive butt out of the fire - my turn now, okay? So, no more sad and stoic, okay?" He pointed at the Observatory, "We're here to see some good friends - up close and personal - and we should BOTH be exited as all get-out over this... well, at least I think I should be! C'mon - no time like the present to try to chipper up, yeah?"
  6. Oh those writers and their hipster non-humor. And I ain't even mad. I just want Snarkle back in G5. So cast the rest of the horned rejects into oblivion and make it so.
  7. Richter is best Belmont

  8. I use them pretty often in real life, maybe a few times per day. I'm usually not directing those swear words at someone or saying them in with a negative connotation, I try to use them playfully and it just comes out naturally for me. (I blame my best friend for introducing me to YouTube, it was a spiral down the rabbit hole from there. ) Or you know, if I stub my toe or something.
  9. What is your concrete goal? Which ways will lead to it? Find out what you want to do and then ask how you will achieve it.
  10. Goodnight everypony.

  11. Fluttershy is a pushover. Nobody cares, not even her fans. Yes I am. Sauce or it isn't canon. And you do not want to see me go too deep. Eldritch things lurk down in the dark. Harmony is a merciless Outer God and Tree of Harmony is its Red Marker. Would you like to know more cause I can totes justify all my claims better than any Luna fan can justify her job. Luna's whole story is based on her not being able to handle her shit. I do not dislike Luna cause she feels remorse, I dislike her cause she's weak-minded. She cannot carry her own burdens and that's kind of a requisite for a brooding antihero. After all, it is one's moral integrity that prevents them from abusing their power when they feel down. I'm deconstructing these claims in order to get the real picture of the relationship between the Luna OOC and her fans since your adoration is clearly not tied to the Luna we see in the show. We've now found out that being motherly is not a character trait that is all that high on your list of priorities, and can we say that the big talk about Batman is just a front. Being an overpowered bucket of tears inside fanon is pretty far removed from those who keep on fighting even when the public thinks they're the villain. I have reasons to believe that without the sense of persecution and the threat of a tearful catharsis constantly looming over her head, Luna would have far fewer fans. Some Bronies like to imagine themselves as such Luna-like figures. At the end of the day it's all just a meme, brah
  12. I'm a little proud of my post in the Starlight The Hypnotist thread, lol Favourite superpower?
  13. Farts are butt burps.  :derp:

    1. Woohoo


      Burps are mouth farts. :P

    2. Flutterstep


      This inspirational quote will go down in history.

  14. I've never dyed my hair and don't think I would as I don't really want to stand out or draw attention to myself, I'm ok with my hair's natural dark brown colour.
  15. "YAAGH!" There was a quick shuffle of hooves, a thump, and another sharp CLANG! from outside. As she couldn't see, Blossom had no clue what was actually done; she could take an educated guess that Tumble must have fallen over again. "Whozzat! Whozzere!?" Silence for a moment. Two moments. Three mo- "Me? I just got here! They're ALL gone? ALL of 'em?" More silence. "Hey... h-how do I know YOU ain't the one who got 'em?" The stallion sounded nervous. There was the sound of the robot righting itself to its' feet, but otherwise it was quiet as the grave.
  16. I'd flee to another country or try to find any way to avoid it if I could. Given my country seems to have given up on being a democracy and cares nothing for it's citizens I don't see why I should fight for them or show them any kind of loyalty. I would only ever fight to protect my family and friends, I don't care about Queen or country.
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  18. My favorites would be Nintendo, Game Freak, Valve, Capcom and Sega.
  19. I suppose it's the fact that people have differing tastes, though some are much more open about it than others. Me? I'm neutral to it, seeing as I don't outright like it or dislike it.
  20. I'll usually have a cup of tea, followed by a bowl of porridge.
  21. I wouldn't mind living in the woods. I would love to live my life in such a beautiful place and have all the time in the world to see what it has to offer.
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