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  2. I sometimes feel I’m the only one who sucks at jokes, hyperbole, metaphor, etc. I do enjoy them usually, but sometimes they fly right over my head; or I make them, and they fly over others' heads.
  3. I tend to be rather open-minded with music, but Alternative Rock and any form of Jazz are among my absolute favorites. Emotional sincerity for the former, and a classy and sophisticated sound for the latter.
  4. Main... Goal... on MLP Forums??? IDK what my main goal is. I made my post back in 2017 confessing my anti-brony ways and redeeming myself in some way in MLP Forums to get a move on with my life, but nowadays, I'm not entirely sure why I'm still here. Maybe I find some topics in this forum and the members associated in this forum to be interesting to me. Interesting in a sense that this forums is quite unique and surprisingly wholesome IMO.
  5. Saw an old black guy with a full ginger beard earlier today.

    Everything I've ever known was a lie.

    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Love knows no skin color or nationality, so such a man was an inevitability, I suppose. :grin:

  6. Episode sounds amazing on paper, but I guess no one bothered to remind her. Not even Spike or that infamous library.
  7. 469363 The Deae has left the building...
  8. *the letter ended with: "I hope I can see you soon"* Sherem: don't worry about that, and since you want it simple it will be only the family there and no big parties, unless you want to bring more ponies and others Sharp: *keeps looking at his mother Ember and confused as well and flies around her head*
  9. I don't really have any goals here on MLPF, pretty much just to chill out, meet new friends and have fun
  10. I'm not really sure. I think I originally wanted to make some friends, but now I just kind of post every once in a while. The forums are a nice place to be in, and I guess that's enough for me to stay..
  11. I did not have any goals, just come here to meet some new bronies and have new friends. But since I am a failure, I failed it...
  12. 6/10 Taxi Driver
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