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  2. *I leave a plate of chocolate muffins*

  3. Outlawed for talking about waifus, without inviting me.
  4. Sparkle’s Seven is an all-time great, but don’t let it diminish Slice of Life’s status. They’re each objectively good and among the show’s best in their own ways with their own purposes. SoL is a love letter to the fandom for helping achieve its popularity and pop culture status, SS is a love letter to the staff for working on the show for each of the last ten years.

  5. My house would only have one story. I'm happy with it, seeing as houses with multiple stories tend to give me anxiety.
  6. You say that each tail signifies physical, mental, and spiritual 'level-upping', but also that the level-up doubles their lifespan and magical potential. That implies that they can be born effectively mundane and become an immortal mage just by doing bench-presses and pondering the mysteries of the universe, which runs counter to the general premise in the RP that magic is a born ability. Also, Miko suddenly having three tails plus being a graduate of the first-ever classes run in Salem seems like a glaring retcon, given that none of this has been mentioned IC even in terms like 'she hit her head on the doorway' for Mindie's height (Miko's application image only showed one tail, in particular). Not to mention that she hardly even seems like the once-enlightened type, let alone twice enlightened to have earned those tails. Everything not in italics is perfectly reasonable from my perspective, but I'm not on board with what's in italics. Why should certain races have inherent predisposition to get magic? Why would the probability curve of magical ability be shoved to the right for them? How do they get levels of doubled magic just by 'enlightening' themselves? Why foxes of all Pelajae? On that note, neither unicorns or dragons have actually been implied to exist in this universe (they're extreme high fantasy material), so everything being proposed exclusively relates to kitsunes so far. The whole point of the idea of people being randomly born with magic is that magic doesn't discriminate - it gives all races a common factor whereby they can unite in a single University. Different races having unique forms of magic is fine and dandy, but I strongly dislike the idea of certain races getting more magic and I'm flatly against the level-up ability. Elves and Vulcans aren't part of this RP either. Long-lived races are one thing, especially subject to realistic ageing mindsets like what Buck described earlier, but magically near-immortal races are a very different thing when they can spend that immortality on getting even more immortality and magic and enlightenment and derriere appendages. How old are you thinking Miko would be, and how would that actually affect things IC? She's clearly not old at heart, and she doesn't appear to have used her life to learn anything that normal young adults couldn't figure out themselves.
  7. King Sombra "Good news every creature I decided to surrender." Princess Twilight "I will do everything in power to avenge my dear sister in law... Wait, what did you say?" King Sombra "Yeah I've been thinking what kind of idiot would come back to the same exact place where he was defeated. "By the way Grogar is planning an act of terrorism against Princess Twilight Sparkle." Twilight "Uh?" Sombra "Also he forced Chrysalis Tirek , and, uh, Ms Glow to do his dirty work." Luna "Damn it." Sombra "You do know that your prisoners are gone right?" 10 minutes later in the dark cave Grogar "You son of a b***tch" Lord Tirek "Language, we have a child here."
  8. Luna and Spring. I hope that at least you have possibility to enjoy warm temperatures in your place of living, my Luna. I wish you sunny, peaceful day and many occasions to rest and smile. Some pictures to improve your mood my friend:
  9. Well I have lived in many houses throughout my life history. but my current house is one story.
  10. If Equestria was prepared to defend itself through violent means, then they'd win hooves down. They have more resources and magic at their disposal. They're only holding themselves back. For a size comparison, someone was very thorough and posted this image in a reply on Quora. And Equestria was originally based off of North America, so I'll just use that as the second example. So if Equestria is up to the task, they win, losses are a few million with Westeros losing the most. Aftermath would be integrating aspects of both societies, and with the royal sisters, they'd instill a long lasting order on the world and hold the Iron Throne thanks to their seeming immortality. Daenerys's dragons wouldn't be anywhere near as useful if they couldn't fly. Equestria has an edge just with Pegasi existing. Air power changes everything, occupation would be easy. Now if Equestria isn't up to the task, they lose. Equestria sees up to a million deaths but this more as a result of pillaging rather than real conflict Westeros might see a thousand that were more accident based. Aftermath would be harnessing all of Equestria's resources and eventually settling people onto this new land, resulting in a renaissance that would result in Westeros surpassing Valyria's grandeur. There'd be a dip in the economy like Spain saw from importing too many precious metals but this would come to pass. The ponies themselves would see their magic harnessed and abused by some, and destroyed by others. Their species overall would suffer greatly, as they'd be enslaved.
  11. Honestly I think equestria would win. I mean obviously the westeros forces would be more violent, but MLP isn't just friendship fixes all. If turning them to stone or banishing them to some shadow realm works, it works. Also personal headcanon but, Celestia is basically the mother of equestria and Luna is the strange probably hungover aunt. You cannot convince me that they would stick by friendship if they saw what the people in westeros were capable of.
  12. Beautiful, empathetic, caring, sensitive pony.
  13. Have you consider doing one for the rest, that way you'll all look like Undercover Ponies and Dragon? Just a thought.
  14. I'll leave you all with this as I head to bed. Night. :LunaMCM:

  15. How am I? Well, over a year ago, I was just a lowly and starving orphan trying to survive in some alleyway in Griffonstone that no griffon wanted anything to do with. Now, I'm a student at Twilight's Friendship School, I have wonderful friends whom I care about and we saved Equestria from Crazy Glue together, and best of all, I have an amazing girlfriend who truly loves me for me. So how am I? I feel pretty good. How are you, Silver? I feel the same... Well, minus the whole starving orphan thing. I'm amazed how much we've changed since last year. I know. *yawns* I'm tired. Night, Silver. *kisses her* Night, Gallus.
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  17. Just finished watching Avengers: Endgame!




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      I just saw it too! :squee:

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      I absolutely loved it! :mlp_yeehaa:

  18. I have to agree. I’d say that in five years, FIM will start popping in list of fine examples of animation
  19. *AHEM!* YO, BRONIES! How 'bout an episode review! :D


    Oh, and thanks, @Twilight Sparkle , for brohoofing my review while it was still in production. :laugh:

  20. Two stories. Good thing too. I grew up with my bedroom up stairs. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to be!
  21. Note: Credit to @CloudMistDragon, @Justin_Case001, Kaperon TSB, and Applegeek for this review. Today Sparkle's Seven is Season 9's greatest episode. Everything fell into place and was written so, so well. But writing just this much only really undercuts the mastery of its storytelling and humor. Rather than doing simply a breakdown of the episode in a strength/weakness structure or a long essay, I'll break down specific points, ala my Movie review and Zeppelin analysis. Setting the Tone. Within the first minute, Haber and Dubuc establish the episode's whimsical tone, beginning with this little whammy. Spike's so excited to receive Shining Armor's letter that he burst in Twilight's office, accidentally spooked Starlight enough to cause her to drop a stack of papers on the floor, and unroll his scroll with extreme glee. All punctuated by a very happy trumpet score in the background. Ten seconds in, the audience begins to have a quick impression of what its tone, atmosphere, and overall direction could be: casual, fun, and possibly exciting. The crown may be a toy, but Spike's face and Twilight's subsequently surprised reaction reveal how important it is to them: It establishes a friendly sibling rivalry between her and older bro Shining Armor, which the montage shows they had a huge amount of fun to earn it. That toy crown's nostalgic, a will to be impressive during the week, and improve if you miss it. Being a bro himself, Spike's excited to see SA revive it, even if for one more time. Before the open ends, Sparkle's Seven alerts us of the stakes: Whoever wins the crown this time officially wins Sibling Supreme. Forever. It effectively delivers on the episode's direction and tone without wasting one precious millisecond. Speaking of tone… Twilight: "For…ev…errrr…" What do Best Night Ever, Lesson Zero, Pinkie Pride, Slice of Life, Saddle Row Review, and Break Down each have in common? They're filled to the brim with comedy and among the best episodes in part of or because of it. Sparkle's Seven ups the ante hundredfold. Everywhere it goes, it's ripe with humor. To go over a few early examples: Starlight's last, quizzical line. Celestia's beat after Princess Luna takes a verbal shot at her (along with a small stare at her as SA gloated). This face… Suddenly, I'm hungry for pudding… Princess Luna whinnying like a horse. Recall his fans giving that poor robin having trouble flying near the Royal Sisters's castle? Here's the next scene! Eeyup! Same robin, dazed from crash-landing, walking near the castle instead! Going a little dark there, eh, story?! Pinkie cutting off Rarity and Dash's film noir scene (a very clever callback to Rarity Investigates!) and breaking the fourth wall during the cartoony space scene. Her small whine sells it quite well. Spike imagining himself as a spy teaming up with Fluttershy to steal his crown. From the start, Sparkle's Seven doesn't let up on any comedic opportunities. If they find a spot, they were going for it, be they succeed or fail. Varying the humor — rather than relying on one type — by equally including sound effects, the score, little Easter Eggs caught on repeated rewatches, different camera/animation techniques, and dialogue catches the audience by surprise, a crucial ingredient to good-quality comedy, and increases its replayability. The cartoony medium also helped accentuate their faces, going extreme without becoming uncanny. One will be covered in more detail right now. The Many Faces of Equestria! Despite the boatload of comedic variety, their faces drive most of it. Haber, Dubuc, and the animators successfully take advantage of the animation medium and exaggerate them without becoming gross, uncanny, or out of place. The only question: When's the right time? Thanks to its absurd tone, whenever they surprise us. Act 1's full of them, but some of my favorites occur during the second. Here are just a few. Earlier, AJ claimed to possess an alter ego named Apple Chord and would use it to distract the Canterlot guards while the others snooped inside. But after telling her story, Dash realized she wasn't telling the truth, leading to this awkward mouth. Does a face like THAT tell you she wants to be Apple Chord? Nope! Onstage, one uncomfy dudette forces herself to live a lie long enough for her friends to get inside. This one is sequential: Twilight and Shining Armor's exchange outside the castle. Suspected she was up to something, he questioned her. How did she respond? By sniffing a nearby flower with a cunning grin. Shining scooted away, peeking as she innocently waved to him. What makes this so interesting? Because it adds to the friendly yet passionate rivalry between them. Silly, yet serious in showing a tight, competitive relationship. Twilight realizing Rarity's scheme fell apart. If that doesn't accurately describe her sinking loss of hope… Poor Twilie. Yeah way! Uh huh! But my favorite moment, until the end, is the Dash and Rarity scene. Realizing in shock that the café was closed during the afternoon catalyzed their moment to spy on the episode's first truly suspicious event: Luna replacing two Canterlot guards with Zephyr Breeze. At first, one might wonder why she'd hire someone like him to take part, but then you become reminded of SA's words from earlier: ponies guard every door, so it makes sense for ponies to replace them while they're out to lunch. That said, it's Zephyr we're talking about here…! But we'll talk about that later. The true gift of this scene is how they react to him. Including, well, how shall I say it? Uh…eeyep? Oh, eeyup! When I first watched Sparkle's Seven, I laughed. The second time around, I nearly fell to the floor from laughing so hard. Sneaky sneaky, DHX! XD Ironically, they also made Zephyr, one of the worst characters of the series, actually pleasant to watch. Sure, he's still a diva, but he's much more self-confident now (clever subtlety). His ego's no longer patronizing; only Dash finds him annoying. Why does the way they present him matter here? Ashleigh Ball wanted Rainbow Dash to interact more with Ryan Beil (Zeph's VA). They showed great chemistry in FB, and Dash helped get his life back on track. SS's the first Pony ep we see him in since then, so the question is will his development stay or not? Sparkle's Seven answers that question with nuance. Oh, and do I need to post a couple of more faces? I'm the Youngest One(s) Like past episodes such as HW Club, Best Night Ever, Lost Mark, and TT123, the third act really elevates it. The first pivotal moment occurs just following the commercial break, when Spike tells Fluttershy he sometimes feels forgotten and uses their rivalry to back up his point. Immediately, two innocent moments from the cold open impact the story: baby Spike drawing gold stars below their chart and his wish to take part in it right after Twi's flashback. But there's more than that, as well. For most of the series, Spike's family presence with Twilight's more like an afterthought. In Season 1, Spike's primary occupation was assisting her in her studies. At one point, Twi wanted to wake Spike up from his sleep and request him to retrieve her quill, implicating he's a slave. Thanks to the ending, Princess Spike sent misandric messages in a pro-feminist show. Have we come a long way since then? Yes. But his arc felt incomplete, and episodes like Zeppelin (Iron Will believed Spike wasn't family enough to reward him a ticket!) and Father Knows Beast only created more Q's than A's. Long-time continuity backs up his doubts. FS, recalling her strained sibling relationship with Zephyr, understands his feelings. Twilight — so determined to win the Hard-Won Helm — accidentally ignores Spike's "little brothers" line minutes later. Thanks for proving his point, everypony. Fortunately, this scene was an extra cog to one of two big reveals in the climax: Under everyone's noses, Spike stole the crown, shocking everyone. But he wasn't alone. AIN'T THAT TWIST SO…GLOOO—RIOUS?! So how does this make any sense? Recall the first bit of foreshadowing mentioned a few paragraphs ago. Celestia and Luna share very strong differences of opinions of Shining Armor's security. Celly really liked it, but Luna was unsure and, as stated in Act 1, wanted to test it with her, but she chose to summon Twilight instead. Everyone was so caught up that they overlooked its fatal flaw: They're so focused on outside threats they overlook inside ones. Spike quickly realized it, and observing how Luna and Celly couldn't stop nonverbal arguments with each other, he concocted an inside plan with Luna to prove it to everyone. And boy, did they take serious advantage! Knowing his vanity would distract him from doing his job, Luna replaced two experienced guards with Zephyr for the afternoon shift. Spike tore Pinkie's hot-air balloon with his claws, not only further sabotaging Rarity's plan, but also providing enough of a distraction for AJ to steal a Royal Guard medal (which Rarity later used). Luna keeping Celestia and SA out of the Throne Room long enough for Spike and Fluttershy to explore the catacombs, escape, and invade. At one point, they got lost, and Dash pulled down every wall sconce to try to escape, so he mapped out the catacombs and noted all the traps and secret passageways. Spike's wits are essential to his character. Sparkle's Seven explores 'em in a completely new way: strong forethought. He not only rightfully predicted Rarity's plan will fail, but also Twilight's and SA's. All they needed to do was play it out, let SA catch Twi off-guard, and then *snaps fingers* capitalize. He won the Hard-Won Helm of the Sibling Supreme fair and square. Kudos to both SA and Twilight for acknowledging them as their little bro all along. But give credit to Luna, too. From a storytelling perspective, her little disagreement with Celestia fueled the spy parody that Tabitha St. Germain suggested. Her tiny shots and glares at her sister foreshadowed the climax and smoothly tied into both Twilight's rivalry and Spike's plight. Celestia's decision to ignore her justified her reasons to behave sourly made sense and gave her a solid alibi to help corrupt their flawed security system. By one-upping her older sister, she won well-earned bragging rights herself. The Miscellaneous Typically great episodes offer more than simply the story. Little details, smaller jokes, and intentional subtexts increase layers and replay value, giving viewers a reason to rewatch it either now or in the future. Beyond the dazed bird example… This whole episode is a parody of spy film, mostly inspired Ocean's 11, a classic film remade twice. According to Applegeek, Kaperon TSB, and @Justin_Case001, there are several references to not only Ocean's 11, but other spy and action films at large. Rarity's "unexpected" speech parodies George Clooney's "The house always wins" speech from the 2001 remake. Credit to Justin Case for finding this. DHX recreated this classic Ocean's 11 poster. After Shining tells his sis of all the security measure, Twilight uses mathematics to figure out how to break through, parodying a moment from the blackjack scene during The Hangover. Credit to Kaperon for discovering that. Luna stroking the goose satires the Bond-villain-strokes-the-cat cliché, and like Applegeek himself, I have a good hunch the goose (with his pink, skin-toned feathers) is supposed to resemble Dr. Evil's sphinx from Austin Powers (another Bond parody). This episode is also one subtle, yet gigantic, parody of itself, a great catch by @CloudMistDragon. FIM doesn't shy away from admitting how predictable their stories are sometimes. Whether your enjoyment of the product is determined by that is up to you. (Nowadays I rarely ding it for this, as the journey factors more.) Shining Armor accurately predicts her whole plan, is prepared for any other unpredictable folly by them, expects them to put their plan into action, and lures them into the Throne Room until the last minute. This self-deprecation is easily the smartest showcase of Shining's experience with security and wits. Simultaneously, it winks at those in the fandom who use the "predictability" card through Rarity's and Twilight's plans without being condescending. Was her plan unpredictable, yet in character of everyone? 100%. But Plan B had many major problems, notably inexperience and lack of cooperation. OTOH, Twilight's plan, while predictable, was well thought-out and highly tailored to their talents, cleverly commentating how a well-crafted, predictable story is more valuable than an unpredictable one. Ironically, this allegory subtly foreshadowed the unpredictable plot twist. Nice swerve, DHX. Very clever use of time is shown through the flashback. Back then, the family's Hard-Won Helm was shiny and new. Today, it's cracked, dented, and busted. Listen very carefully when Spike dons it; there's a small ruffling sound to further indicate its worn-out condition. Methinks SA enjoyed it a little too much, eh? During her heated argument with RD, Rarity stopped briefly to say "hi" to Spike and continued her diatribe, stopping after completely realizing who's there. (BTW, I haven't watched any of the Ocean's 11 films, Hangover series, or Mission: Impossible series. So I had to get the references from elsewhere. Nevertheless, ain't that tantamount to its high quality: not fully getting the references, yet finding it all funny, nonetheless?) Conclusion. So much describes this new classic. The characters are perfectly in character, including Zephyr (who's actually funny). Every joke lands perfectly, and is sometimes funnier on rewatches, with my favorite being Dash begrudgingly dressing in style. It got serious at times, rounding its story without becoming melodramatic and maintaining its lightheartedness. Several stories are simultaneously intertwined flawlessly, including its satire of spy films, itself, and allegory. On top of it all, its moral on listening to your loved ones and making sure they don't feel left out is executed so well. How awesome it really is to see Spike treated with so much dignity once again. Regardless of all of Season 6's well-earned criticism, Spike's writing was top-notch. Thank Haber for partially why. Whenever he's the editor or writer, this small dragon gets the respect he deserves. Thanks to Weseluck, Sparkle's Seven addresses a series-long concern related to his family and provides a solid alibi to craft a devious deed to win the game. If it doesn't prove how far he's come since Princess Spike, I don't know what will. He gets Spike, period. But don't leave Dubuc hanging, either. She co-wrote the ingenious Shadow Play with him. Sparkle's Seven continues to show how well they work as a team, and the former's inspirations clue us all. Its top-notch dialogue, successfully multi-layered stories, and brilliant executions from top on down are all found here. And finally, thank you to all the voice actors who stayed with this show for so long. You all dedicated so much of your time to building FIM's success, and your voices are iconic to the very same characters. It's so fitting to have the 200th episode dedicated to you, and watching it was a huge honor. Thank you, all, for contributing to this all-time great and show that commenced western animation's renaissance.
  22. I have a giant gummy bear that weighs two pounds in my room, does that count? What's something you think no one really find valuable but you?
  23. A biological trait that doubles your magical potential with each tail grown comes to mind. Now if the tails were a way to indicate age that could be interesting. Maybe as they get older they grow additional tails like a tree grows rings as it ages. It would be purely cosmetic and an interesting conversation/ rp starter. I'm not even opposed to using the tails as your magic focus like someone else would use hands. However in terms of magical abilities, if they are for your character specifically I'm for it. If it's for your ENTIRE RACE I'm not. Otherwise well run into the Dragonball issue where it wouldn't make sense to be anyone but Saiyans. Personal powerset yay Racial magical abilities nay. Not for humans, not for any type of Pelijae. At least IMO. Ultimately DMs decision.
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