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  2. Background will be hard to do without detracting from the subject; dialogue is implied anyhow; that's definitely a "what the hay?" look from trixiebug, and a "erm, wait, what?" from Thorax
  3. 5/10. Sounds kinda generic; nothing really jumps out at me.
  4. So... I know you do commissions, usually paid, and as such like as not have the time for irreverent ideas of whimsy.


     You want to try an exercise?

     You believe that if one draws while another provides the design down to fine detail, that the creative soul of both shines through? 

     I do.

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  6. "Stop calling those malformed lizards dragons, sure they come from the same bloodline, but wyvern is the name of their kind, and it is different from us dragons." Ruby said rather coldly "And sure their nations never reached our lands, but their tribes did, which isn't that different, as a tribe is the beginning of a nation." "And lastly, I have to agree with the bigger kingdom here, they are closer to being right, even with the fact that they too are disgrace for even having a kingdom"
  7. "Besides more money?"`Mystic said "I guess you could say there is sometimes." "Because though I'm perfectly happy with my life, I can't say my natural instincts to group up aren't there, so I do feel a bit lonely sometimes, but that's always only temporary."
  8. @Blitz Boom Ruby was thoughtful for a moment, she would get more than she originally wanted, and it obviously was a good thing, and the cost wasn't that huge either, since this wasn't the first time she has give pieces of herself in exchange to something she needed, and with her healing speed they never even left a mark, but there was a one thing she wanted to asked before volunteering to anything. "I have no problem with the fee you have asked me to pay, but there is one thing I want to make sure first." "The curse, does it have a negative effects on me?" "Obviously I can't be burned alive, but I know that curses can be huge pains in the tail." "And why exactly does it need to be this exact blade? if you want to tell that is, you potion makers seem to be rather secretive individuals." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nada read the note she found after opening the bag, she was both glad and disappointed when she saw it was from Berry, glad because she didn't seem to be mad at her, but disappointed because she had missed her visit. "It's from Berry, you know, the pony who's head you tried to eat." "She says the hazelnuts in the bag are for you." she then turned the bag over to drop everything inside on the table, since her hooves were too big to get them easily any other way. "She calls you 'the little monster'. " she said chuckling as she sorted the doughnuts into two groups, putting one set back to the bag and taking the other to herself. She put the letter back to the bag too before closing it.
  9. I look forward to Lando, Leia, C-3PO, Chewie and Palpatine. The rest can be packed up in an airtight container and sent into cold storage until competent filmmakers come along who can fix this train wreck and get Star Wars back on track.
  10. No, it's just that I think I'm finished with Spike after Sweet and Smoky, after knowing what he's getting there.
  11. Yeah, some of them could use a tweak here and there. But overall I'm okay with a lot of them. I'm just glad I've remained consistent in most ways and haven't lost the personality of my younger self over time.
  12. I love nice people; the nicer the better. there are always plenty of people who are dark, grim, cynical and mean. Why wouldn't anyone want a nice smiling antidote to all that?
  13. Makeup kit, curling iron, my favorite earrings. What? What's the point roughing it if I can't look fabulous doing it? Honestly, get your priorities straight, people!
  14. @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 Briarstar looked down "Look, how about we just all agree to watch and see what happens with this kitty pet?" she asks, "Who have you got to train her, Robinstar?" she asks him with a slight purr @Scare Effect Willow just took jinx to the prey pile "Come on Jinx, eat up"
  15. I almost drowned once when I was a teenager. I was swimming in the ocean and got caught in an outgoing current and I couldn't swim hard enough to make headway against it. I thought I'd never get to shore until a miraculous wave came in from the side and pushed me out of the current and I was able to swim to safety. But it was a terrifying experience and I had nightmares for years afterward.
  16. Nine hours yesterday, eleven today. I'm mentally preparing myself for tomorrow's thirteen-hour shift. :P

  17. As a cat owner I have came to conclusion that there's always time for snuggles, so yes.
  18. Natural disasters are pretty scary; they're too powerful and there's only so much a puny human can do against that. I'm also really afraid of crime. I don't want to be a victim and I always fear being in a situation that might put me, or someone I care about, in danger.
  19. I've been drawing as long as I can remember. It's always been a fixture of life and I've done it frequently all along.
  20. Actually flies are really hard to whack with a newspaper because they're too danged fast. But if I blast 'em with my hairspray it freezes them right in their tracks. Then I can hit 'em with a dose of the daily news.
  21. I have arachnophobia, spiders and some other insects if that sort makes me feel very uncomfortable, it is not as strong as before but I cant help it but be afraid of them. I am also scared of highs, if I'm standing on something around 2 meters or higher I'm starting to get dizzy and at about 4 meters I feel just terrified even if I am absolutely safe.
  22. I have no memory that far back, which is probably for the best of it was baby food. I would hope it was steak and a baked potato, otherwise I'm going to complain to mom. (Hey, babies chew on all sorts of things. I could have at least gummed it a little!)
  23. I only use outdated slang. That's the only kind I can use that doesn't make me feel like a dweeb.
  24. Nothing in particular; I just wanna add a proper background... and dialogue.
  25. Something like this, but only if I could get it in floral colors. I'm not about to go super unless I can look good doing it! If we're going with multiples I wouldn't mind having the super ability to open pickle jars and Gatorade bottles without having to bring out the pliers. That really would be super.
  26. Same here. I almost never wear it and I can never remember the ones I like when I appropriate a spritz or two from my friends' supplies. My favorite brand for a man to wear though is probably Old Spice. That stuff is really nice!
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