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  2. It’s simple: since the show is ending, why don’t we make a memorial for MLP FIM? I think it’s a great way to say goodbye to it, and I have a feeling the episode wanted to reflect that . I think I’ll settle in looking for a skilled glass blower and make a replica of the new tree of harmony, with Twi apparition and everything .... I’m gonna need serious dowg for that tho
  3. Is this 200th episode? I don't feel it like with 100th. Feel let down but that just me.
  4. Yeah, I know. I guess I'm still not used to the "new Zephyr Breeze" yet.
  5. @Totally Lyra I just noticed that the ponies are looking for Easter eggs in the banner.

    Awesome detail! :o

  6. @Scare Effect @Lady Moonspell "She seemed really happy to give it to him, too." Robinstar smiled. "Her kindness and generosity will be very useful to our clan." He nodded.
  7. Spider-Man but without spiders.


    1. TheTaZe


      He's a man alright

    2. Sparklefan1234
    3. Kyoshi


      How about Spiderman but without man?

  8. So, Rainbow Dash likes romance novels.  :squee:


    1. Jedishy


      She does strike me as the type. Correct me if you think  I am wrong but, she strikes me as the type that would be tough and sporty in public but still wants to be treated like a girly girly behind closed doors. Her love of " egg head " stuff behind closed doors and her secret hooficures are what gave me that idea. 

    2. R.D.Dash


      Hugs and the City :wub:

    3. Phosphor


      @Jedishy, I tend to agree with that

      Also, that Rainbow Dash facial expression!  :squee:

      Rainbow Dash adorable.png

  9. Nah. I stay away from that stuff until I'm old enough to handle them lol. A pair of comfy leggings? :3
  10. @Lady Moonspell Winter was filling the kettle and ended up sloshing water in the sink as Tranquils voice caused him to jump. He snorted a bit laughing at his jump scare. He filled the kettle and put it on the stove. " Good morning. Thank you for taking care of me when I was dreaming. I am not sure how that could leave me ice cold though.... wonder what that was all about? " He grabbed some oats, brown sugar and honey from the cabinets. With that, he set about making a hearty breakfast of sweetened oatmeal, eggs, and a couple of mugs of tea. " " What would you like in your oats? I tend to add brown sugar, honey, and some chocolate shavings. Oh, and what type of tea would you like? I start the day with tea and have a cold coffee around mid-morning "
  11. Consider me addicted.


  12. Hehe, Twilight how could you?

  13. A part of me will never truly get over the two biggest bs moments in mk9 and the single moment in x. Though tbh one of those mk9 moments is one a lot of the fandom got pissed off over and rightfully so. The others just one that some got angry over. There better not be more bs in 11. Or I’ll just flat out leave the fandom for a while. Idgaf if it’s childish. 

    1. Easter Dash

      Easter Dash

      To be honest it’s not childish at all.

    2. OdellaLark


      @Easter DashTrue , yet some people would probably consider it childish to leave because they did something in the games story mode I didn’t like as opposed to ‘actually a good idea because too much anger can cause someone mental stress and leaving will enable them to clear their mind and relax’. Like it won’t be permanent leave just like a month or so. Even then I’ll probably still check the series tag on tumblr and maybe at some point play the game. 

  14. still? when did i started? jk when i was a kid used to have a bunny withe and gray with red eyes full of angery. or at least is what his fluff at the upper side of his eyes make them look like xd lived like a month, then my sister took it from me ;-;
  15. Pastel-coloured ponies are the cutest!
  16. No one's on Minecraft or Discord....well, people I wanna be with. I'm loneleyyyyyyy

  17. For me, it's English. Never really that strong in it and don't enjoy it.
  18. I always cuddle up with my Coloratura plushie in bed. Also have another 20 or so on my bed, which takes up like half of the space (yeah, I have a small bed ).
  19. Here, have some hard rock in your life. :ph3ar:



  20. What's the biggest flaw? Spike's Flash puppet unexpectedly disappearing mid-scene while Twilight is in front of her chalkboards making plans. XD I didn't notice this until it was pointed out, and apparently none of the animators at DHX noticed this, either.
  21. Well... That's complicated. The gears are moving from some really important and great stuff in my life right now, but then there's stuff that isn't going well... My foot problems have put me in a not-so-great position right now with working and money. I haven't been allowed to work in over two and a half months. I'm running out of money. Even if I get to return to my job, it's at 4 AM in the morning, which makes me very unhappy. I wish there was some way to get me back working with my condition and not have to get up that early. I really need the stars to align right now. Prospects of returning to grad school any time soon are... Mm. My French II class for this semester got canceled due to low enrollment and now I can't even afford to enroll in the summer class. So this is a major set back. One entire semester went down the drain, and another one might, too. It's quite depressing compared to my last post in here, when I had just returned to college. It's really awesome that I returned to college and then graduated, but... Then I returned to essentially my old job I had before going back to college. And now medical issues prevent me from even being able to do that... As I said, there are some really good things going on that I never really thought would get to happen in my life. So there is good. Plus my living situation is pretty nice. I love my parents, and my dogs.
  22. Me! Though I'll probably get a job once I finish year 12.
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