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  2. New release from Ponies at Dawn. Hit up their new album that releases tomorrow. :LunaMCM:

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Ooh, I'll have to give them a listen later today! :o

  3. Good morning y'all! Have a cute Applejack to start your day!
  4. How is everypony doing?

  5. Some people say she isn't cute. I beg to differ.
  6. Hello Fluttershy Fan Club. Just passing through with a Fluttershy image.
  7. I was wondering if I could ask someone to make me a banner of my OC. Something cute and with sockies
  8. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo and Dew Drop: After learning that the slot was made for a rose, Dew Drop picked up the rose, before handing said rose over to the couple. "A-A very excellent choice. O-One can never g-go wrong with a l-lovely rose. T-That will be three bits, p-please." Dynamo had gotten out the bits as he handed the payment over to the ebony Pegasus. He smiled as he looked over to Sunlight. All the while, giving her a look that said she didn't need to worry about paying for the rose. He held the rose in a levitation spell, before placing the rose on the rose slot for the dress. "The rose looks perfect. A lovely rose for a lovely mare such as yourself, Sunny." Dew Drop smiled, before remembering that Dynamo had wanted to get something. She took a step forward to try and get their attention. "U-Uh, excuse me. Y-You said you also w-wanted to get something from my shop? W-What would you like to get? S-Sunlight? Y-You can talk to Jade if you want." She says, Dynamo nodding as walked to another part of the store. He wanted the gift to be kept secret, but it would be obvious when Sunlight had seen said gift. "That's correct. I wanted to get Sunlight a bouquet of flowers, while keeping another gift inside said flowers." He whispered, so as to not let Sunlight hear him. This caused the ebony mare to hum at the idea, before nodding. "I-I think that's possible. W-What kind of gift d-did you have in mind. N-Not only that, b-but it depends on the f-flowers. D-Do you have any choice i-in flowers?" Dynamo could only shake his head negatively as he wasn't sure. "Sadly, I do not know. I'm not an expert when it comes to flowers. I just wanted to show her that she means a lot to me. To me, she's funny, sweet, kind, caring, loving and understanding. She accepts me for who I am and not what I'm all about. Since I'm a pony, who likes video games and have trouble with magic. Plus, she helped me to realize that she wouldn't go anywhere the other day. I thought I had lost everything in my life, but she reassured me that she wouldn't leave. She's the second individual to help me realize that hope is never truly broken or gone. I wanted to give her a necklace in the shape of a heart. A way of saying that my heart and love will always be with her. No matter how far apart we may be if we have to travel somewhere. The only flower I know to be in there would be sunflowers. Since she is the light that brightens my world for a better future and tomorrow. Would an example like that be okay?" As she listened to the example, Dew blushed at the meaning behind the gifts. Her eyes glistened as her assumption of the two was correct. Her eyes were welling with tears over how sweet everything had sounded. "I-I was right about how romantic and c-close you two are to each other." She spun in a circle a few times to see if her shop had everything needed for the bouquet. "I-I know exactly what to do. Hey, Jade? C-Can you get me a s-small pot to put a bunch of flowers in? I-I need to make myself the b-best bouquet yet." She smiled, flying around the shop to pick the best flowers for the couple. After a couple of minutes, Dew had gathered all of the flowers necessary for the bouquet. She made sure to arrange them, so every flower was dispersed, yet complimented the other flowers.
  9. When I grow up I want to be a balloon herder. :balloon::yeahno::balloon:

  10. Last thing I googled is car rental in vegas. Look what I've found here . Mission accomplished I'd say.
  11. Which one of you is a better flyer?
  12. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, albeit highly minor if so, but the Rainbow Dash section in the emoji selector is missing. Also one of the emoticons just shows ':yay:' rather than the actual image.
  13. Banned because it's a perfect a valid reason, even the rules say so
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    Luna Fan Club

    Seems like a natural enough urge though - even the Storm King had a go at that one
  15. Banned because, while you aren't wrong, things not actually being possible isn't a valid excuse here
  16. Today
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    All are quite funny except this one! Well, dost not take me wrong... it simply bringeth back memories *sniff*
  18. Alexshy

    Ask Luna

    Exactly! It looketh differently from inside Quite busy, mine friend! And... under funny bloopers thou meanest a folio of... errmmm... "bucked-up episodes" added after final titles of the movie, etcetera... then yes!
  19. Banned because there is no such thing as a planned conversation
  20. Banned for not planning your conversations in advance
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