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  2. Well, between Ruby and her mother it would most likely just be insults and a fight.
  3. Oh, sorry. Yes, Autumn Blaze said she is doing well & is planning to go on a singing tour all over Equestria.
  4. I finally got to watch season 9 episodes 1 and 2, they are amazing! :mlp_yeehaa:

    I can't wait to watch the rest of the season!

  5. Forgot to post this last night..:muffins:


  6. granted but instead it's lagging. I wish for a unlimited tickets to the movie.
  7. I had a pretty cool dream last nite.

    I was the head of security for some corporation and was on a nice private ship far away from any land. The CEO and board members were having a meeting inside. Later on, I stepped outside to get some fresh air and looked up. There were so many stars and the winter Milky Way was stretching across the sky. The Orion Nebula even appeared in it's pink color. It was so beautiful! and not a single light dome in sight  :awed:

    Damn, I want that dream to come back

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I keep having this nightmare where Pat Sajak is stalking me everywhere, whispering “Solve the puzzle, bitch” every time we cross paths. It’s terrifying.

  8. Somnus stopped for a moment as if expecting someone to appear. "Nope, no one." He then continued walking. "I'm glad no one is showing up for no reason anymore. It feels as if it were a running joke that eventually got old."
  9. I don't hate or dislike S6, but it's my least favorite season. For the most part, the good episodes aren't that good; only Times was closest. But when it got bad, it was really bad, and there were plenty; Newbie Dash, Cart, PPOV, and 28PL are each among the worst of the series. There were a few instances where Starlight could've been with the RM7, whether in a background or nonspeaking role (such as Dungeons & Discord), but she was relegated to just a few. Between Tail and Every Little Thing, she was tertiary in one and secondary in another. And when she was written, she normally wasn't executed well. To Where is supposed to prove not only that Starlight changed, but how much she progressed. Very difficult to buy the latter when S6 ignores her most of the year. (S7 handles her much better.) AJ and Dash had their worst seasons here. Twilight's outing in No Second Prances is her worst secondary role since Owl's Well, whereas Rarity's growth from Canterlot Boutique is conveniently ignored in Spice Up Your Life.
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