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  2. Washington? Wat? One of the biggest pony cons is in Washington.
  3. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo smiled as he was about to reply, but stopped as he had realized something. "Now that you mention it. We do have two suitcases and a plushie to carry. That's if I carry you back to the house." He noted, closing his eyes to think of a solution. He opened his eyes and snapped his fingers as an idea had formed in his mind. Without saying a word, he used a levitation spell on the suitcases. Allowing them to move along as he held the luggage in his magical grasp. He then placed the Litten plush on his back as if he gave the plush a piggy back ride. Finally, he picked up the female wolf as he carried her bridal style. "There we go. Now I'll be able to carry you back to the house, while I can help carry the luggage and the plush. It's a win/win for you and I, in the end." He chuckled, before continuing. "Just hold on tight and don't let go, my love." He smiled softly as he placed a kiss upon her forehead. After making sure that nothing and nobody would fall. He soon began to walk off towards the destination of his house. Since they were near the train station, it would only take a couple of minutes.
  4. I love this because it’s so true.


  5. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo smiled as he heard Cupcake calling out to him, while the young filly had looked up to Dynamo and Scarlet. "So, my name means yes? Well, I guess that's okay. Given that my name is her first word, after all." He chuckled, before reaching out to Cupcake and holding the filly in his arms. The gaming unicorn smiled softly as he felt Scarlet resting her head upon his shoulder, while hugging Cupcake close to both him and the female rabbit. "It's so great to see our favorite little niece again. Did you enjoy the TV marathon last night?" He asks, noticing fast blurs around the shop. He soon realized that Cheese and Pinkie were working together to make the treats for the couple's trip to Manehattan.
  6. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet looked at him "Well, if you think you can carry me, along with our luggage and the trip to our home isn't going to be too far for you to carry me, then I'd love for you to carry me" she says with a smile and wags her tail.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Cupcake who had heard Dynamo and Scarlet's voices, raised her head sleepily and reached up for them "D-Dynamo" she says sleepily and smiles sweetly at him. Scarlet smiles, resting her head on his shoulder "I'd say that is a yes from our little niece" she says with a smile, watching as Pinkie and Cheese went about getting their snacks for their trip. Scarlet gently stroked Cucpake's headfur, ears and mane.
  8. Hi there Lucky! :)

    So anyway, I really like how your OC looks. Do you mind if I borrow her for my practice drawing? (I'll show you when I'm done of course) :mlp_please:

  9. I will venture a guess and say either Montana or Wyoming.
  10. @Lady Moonspell Dynamo nods as he took her paw into his hand, before the couple had started to make their exit off of the train. "Okay and you're right. After our nap, we can figure out where to go from there. Plus, you'll want to know where you'll be meeting Rarity to learn from the fashionista." He says, nodding as they made their way away from the train station, while taking note of her detour suggestion. "You've got a deal, my dear. Would you like me to carry you, or would you like to have a piggy back ride?" He asks, knowing that Scarlet was still tired from the train ride.
  11. RIP Humble Monthly



    Come on, this is on STEAM too



    Who's idea is this to give the key for noplay? :mlp_maud:

    This is when #pcmasterrace slowly starts to die. Create 9999 accounts all over the place and download these 9999 platforms to your PC. That's the future... :bea:

    Not a fan of Assassin's Creed anyway ~ actually I never played any, BUT I was considering giving it a try now, but well.. Good work with encouraging me to give it a try. Maybe in the distant future I'll consider downloading another trash software just to play a game I'm initially not interested in... :mlp_toldya:

    I feel bad for purchasing that monthly though--- It's like supporting that trash store I'd prefer to disappear. :yeahno:

    So yeah, gg, well played, can I get my money back?

  12. As he spun past Canteen, the gaming unicorn was confused and concerned as he missed the strike to his opponent. Everything had been quiet. A little too quiet for Dynamo's comfort. As he was spinning towards the next piece of rubble from the ring, Dynamo was caught off guard as he was kicked into the air. He felt like he got launched from a slingshot, but he managed to correct his spin and trajectory from the kick. The spin had come to a stop as he was surrounded in a magic aura to help him fly. "I guess the pinball machine has a few things that need to be fixed, but I think everything will work out in time. For now, I have a certain someone that I need to take down." He says, watching as Canteen tilted his head to crack his neck. 'Easier said than done. He's much faster after breathing that mist. Along with the added power behind his hooves, then he's a force to be reckoned with. There's got to be a way to take him on and win.' He thought, glancing to his pocket as he remembered the gem Melio had given him. 'No. I can't use that. I don't even know what the effects of the gem will be. Plus, is it even a good idea?' He glanced back at Canteen. His mind running into overdrive to figure a way out of this situation. 'I just have to try and land a decisive blow and that will be the end. Canteen has to be getting desperate if he's going to go full power at this point.' He knew that Canteen had take a good amount of damage throughout the fight. If Canteen took just a little more damage, then Dynamo knew he could win for the team. "Okay, then. Let's see if I can try and keep up against your abilities." His unicorn horn glowed with magic as he launched a laser at Canteen. If the beam connected, then he would score an effective hit. If Canteen dodged, then Dynamo would launch a couple of more beams. At the same time, he would try to keep a track on Canteen's energy to try and perform a counterattack.
  13. It's Apple Chord. At least that's what my ears heard. It was Tirek in last season's finale who kept forgetting about Spike while they were all trapped together in Tartarus. And he kept saying 6 with Spike correcting him to 7. So it did happen, just not with Chrysalis. I thought that moment was hilarious. I'll bet if Starswirl had been present, he'd gently scold her for being un-princess-like.
  14. Well, that didnt take long :O :o Yesterday, I got my laptop back ^^ :laugh: They replaced the hard-drive and now, I got even more storage space :3 Not only that, I got a Kylo Ren figurine and a First Order Storm Trooper figurine :catface: :ticking: 





  15. I saw Princess Diana when I was little during the grand opening of the Royal Victoria Place back in 1992. I won a contest at school that allowed me to attend the grand opening. Never actually got to talk to her. Just had the privilege of standing there and watching her walk by.
  16. Somepony get this freakin' birb away from me!


  17. I also don't see French Horn, Oboe, Bassoon, Trombone... There's probably others.
  18. I came back to post my song of the day.



    1. A.V.


      Speaking of "day," here's mine:


  19. Rikifive


    Hello, hi and welcome to the herd!
  20. Sherem: we will see about that...I'm just not too convinced about him as much as the rest of that hive... Serenity: *moves around while she sleeps* Sharp: *looks at what she is writing and tilts his head not getting what she is doing*
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