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  2. Plum rakija or maybe a dry merlot depending on my mood. Water is fine too. What are you most disappointed about?
  3. No we have not, but going by one of the screenshots they published It will be most likely either garbel or the orange dragon in the corner, because they look kinda similar. And garbel is not sensitive from what was shown at least. However he is the most characterized dragon out of the dragons (not counting spike, smolder and to some extant ember).
  4. I tend to prefer standard water, though a lemon slice certainly doesn't go amiss on occasion. What is your favorite beverage overall?
  5. Maybe it's just my gamer sense but every time some company lapdog starts barking praise to their own work I cannot help but think it's going to be a clown fiesta. P.S: What their VAs always wished to do? Don't tell me AJ and RD are going to marry each other.
  6. Oh I recognize the style. :ooh: Really nice banner @Totally Lyra:mlp_yay: 

    1. Wannabrony


      I agree! This is a pretty great banner! :squee:

  7. Good morning everypony how is everypony on this already hot Friday morning?

    1. Dynamo Pad

      Dynamo Pad

      Good morning, my friend! I'm doing pretty good. I had to turn on my air conditioner because it was really hot in my room. :laugh: 

  8. Happy Birthday. R.D.! :darling: Be sure to have an amazing day today, with pastries and confections abound!

  9. Happy Birthday, Frostgate! :grin: Be sure to have an absolutely breathtaking day today, preferably with an abundance of cake!

  10. But is she a motherly character? What are the traits that make a character motherly? Is Celestia not a motherly character? How about Flutts? Have we seen anything within the dreamscape that is not but a figment of pony thoughts? There is nothing there that warrants Luna's job position, except Luna herself. Luna is Luna's own job, it would seem. How is she an antihero? How exactly does she have a dual nature inside canon? You do realize the antihero types use their burdens as motivation. Luna crumbles at the first sight of very surmountable adversity. Like subjectivity cannot be explained. You've pretty much described a pony version of political populism. People with issues tend to vote for those who promise them the world. And as is often the case with such candidates, each hardcore fan sees what they want to see: their personal Luna OC.
  11. Same answer. Do you prefer plain water or do you have to have something in your water to drink it?
  12. The answer to that seems to change every month. How often do you talk to your partner about things they do that annoy you or you wished they'd stop doing?
  13. Goodnight everypony.

  14. I used to rarely, but not anymore. Internet people don't need to know what I look like.
  15. @Catpone Cerberus Dynamo Pad: "Math is my mortal enemy, but I shall defeat said subject someday." He narrowed his eyes in a joking manner, before chuckling. "I was never a fan of math. I could understand some formulas, but then it always got a little more difficult. Too many numbers, too many equations, too many variables. Just the sight of a math problem can give me a headache. I know I want to also create video games in the future, but I think math equations are a part of the game creation process. It's one of the reasons why math is a mortal enemy to me in the world." As they continued to walk, Dynamo looked over to the building that Sunlight was pointing towards. He nods as he took notice of the flower shop, while a coffee shop was right next to the mentioned shop. It would still take a few minutes to arrive, but he didn't mind as he was enjoying the walk. Dew Drop: "I can s-see why something l-like a relationship can be s-seen as odd." She nods, an look of understanding was present upon her face. "The f-feeling of love that you're describing sounds a-almost foreign. Given f-from what you've told me y-yesterday. It only adds up t-towards the whole experiencing t-this new feeling. I c-can kind of relate to how you're feeling, J-Jade." She says, slightly making circles with her hoof across the ground. "I haven't h-had a special somepony before. S-So, the whole feelings are a m-mystery to me, as well. I-I think it's a crush, but i-it's better to not jump to c-conclusions. I-I even only ever get gifts from my m-mother and father. I k-know that to be familial love, but not t-the love that y-you and I are talking about." She soon ceased making circles upon the ground, before her hoof reached up and twirled her mane. "I-I guess maybe...we should just c-continue as we are? M-Maybe continue going on e-exploring the town? To see h-how things go and/or turn out?" She didn't want to say a date as she didn't know how he would feel upon the idea.
  16. I'm going to have to go with neither, but I'll explain. GTA is too violent for me. I could never play a game like that. Fortnite I tried a little, but it threw me into the middle of nowhere and I had no clue what I was doing. I never tried it again. I'm not too concerned. Staying far away from Free to Play games is for the best.
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