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  2. PiratePony

    Moving out...

    Good luck! I hope that it goes well for you.
  3. I wish I knew what MLP: FiM would look like if it had a 90s anime look. :P

  4. I have the AKG K553's for over ear headphones and a pair of iBasso it01's for mobile IEMs
  5. "Oh yes! Everything was going swimmingly for you until this! Yes yes, this is the thing that will ruin your reputation. Not your years of grotesque appearance or awkward social graces, or that Felix Unger-ish way you clear your sinuses, no no no, it's THIS. Do you hear yourself talk? I might kill you tonight."
  6. A legendary character; where, only there - when, only then (do it again); a hero or a hooligan, well, that part's never clear... (I'll tell The Man you didn't kill anyone...)
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  8. So what unusual foods have you tried and what do you want to try? I've had alligator(didn't taste like much), bison(like beef but more gamey, not as good), goat(was good and cooked spicy but a ton of bone), recently tried duck for the first time(not terribly different from chicken). I also once tried toasted ants. They didn't even taste bad, kind of nutty, but not especially good and you get little legs stuck in your teeth. And it pretty much ended my interest in eating bugs. You're basically just chewing on exoskeleton with a little bit of guts inside. At least with crab and lobster you take the shell off. I'd like to try lots of stuff but especially goose, kangaroo, and lamprey.
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