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  2. SONG OF THE DAY: "In the Street" by Big Star, from "#1 Record" (1972)



  3. Not including fish, I have only had 2 cats that I would consider as "mine".
  4. Man, the WCW World Championship lost all of its prestige by the time WWE bought WCW.
  5. Twilight you went to far! Also it should be apple*pear*strawberry jam.

  6. No, I don't think I ever have. I barely have any dreams as it is, at least any that I can remember...
  7. I love cheese myself, but poor Twilight is rather put off by the dairy goodness! Welcome to the forum!
  8. @Dynamo Pad @Arid_Blitz Ill be replying to everyone in three hours. Hold off on the replies till then
  9. They should bring back Coco and make her interact with Rarity. Babs Seed is pretty much gone, and the writers don't know what to do with the good Diamond Tiara after she stopped harassing CMC. CMC hardly exist anymore since Mane 6 and School 6 are stealing the show now with Starlight and Trixie doing their own thing in the background.
  10. You probably dont... I'm building an incremental game...?
  11. As Sueno began to go into detail about her explanation, Dynamo began to wonder about how she placed a bet on his team. 'She knew that we would win this round? She must have some serious confidence about our team if we were able to win against Canteen and the others.' He thought, nodding as she allowed him to follow the rest of her team to the infirmary. "Thank you and I appreciate the help. I just didn't want to go off on my own, or just follow along and expect for the others to be okay with it. Besides, I think it's better to be there for your friends." He says, looking over and nodding towards Canteen and Melio. He was surprised as he saw Canteen listening to Sueno's words. He had gotten to know Canteen a little bit from the previous day, but he didn't think he would just stay there in place, or anything like that. He had a feeling that they would want to use that sort of magic. Seeing how Team Crimos would be using different magic for the weapons they used to fight. As she asked him to follow her and the team, Dynamo nodded, before almost stopping at what Sueno had told him. He didn't stand still for long as he walked over to team Crimos and walked alongside them. "I'll be back in a little while, Shining Armor. If you see the others, then just tell them I'm at the infirmary." He called out to his team owner, while his thoughts continued to bombard his mind with questions. 'This just doesn't make any sense. She just saw my team head off towards the forest to check on and save Jade and Tricis. Not only that, but Mason said that Rokata was with Jade and the coach. Maybe I can ask her how she knows all of this when we get to the infirmary.' He thought, trying to figure out what exactly was going on with the assistant.
  12. She likes it cheesy, that's the type of food that you grow up with when your parents are gone 95% of the time.
  13. @Dynamo Pad -The following morning- Kitsune's alarm on her phone went off at 5:45, she had forgotten to shut it off from when she has it set when she is at home. She quickly shot out of bed and ran to her bag to shut it off before it woke up Dynamo. She got it shut off and glanced back at Dynamo to see if it woke him up. She wanted to go back to sleep, she was still really tired, but she decided against it, she quickly changed and decided to go for a run. She needed to clear her mind, her phone still had about 50% battery, she took it with her to listen to music and just zone out while she ran. She went on a 3 mile run while listening to her music, she started to feel better with each mile. She made sure to keep it pretty short, she was able to get back to the hotel after about 45 minutes, she didn't want to run as fast as she did last night, she took it at a slower pace. She got back to the hotel room and quietly made her way back into the room, she knew that she mentioned that she would go for a swim today too, but she was thinking that maybe a nice long hot bath sounded even better. She made her way into the bathroom and started to fill the bathtub, it was a very large whirlpool bathtub which was amazing. She turned the water on to as hot as it could go and waited for it to fill up. She started to undress and got in while it was still filling up so her body could be used to the water.
  14. Merry Birthiversary! 

  15. Merry Birthiversary! 

  16. Merry Birthiversary! 

  17. Merry Birthiversary! 

  18. Merry Birthiversary! 

  19. @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad Sueno stood there as Mason taunted her with the losing part and just smiled "You assume we came here to win? If that were the case I myself would of entered as no. See I knew we would make it to the semi-finals. Face against Team Lotus and lose." she pushed her glasses up on her face again as she shut her eyes "Why do you think I left before the match began? I place a bet on Lotus to win, the amount we earned from it is more then enough to help Crimos with war relief efforts." she reopened her eyes as she was now examining Mason...looking into his eyes before nodding "Now then Dynamo I do not mind assisting you to the Infirmary, the others will be fine and you were right not to go. Your magic is depleted and you are injured." Turning around she set Canteen off near Melio and simply said "Behave." before looking over her shoulder at Mason "I hope you do not mind but." she pointed with a hoof at the darkness still on Canteen's mouth "I'm taking this I find it quite fascinating." she reached into her saddle bag and removed a small vial looking at Canteen she used her magic on the tendril hoping to remove it and store it for later in her vial "Anyways Come Dynamo the others are waiting, well at least my worries on your team they will survive Mason is just attempting to get under your skin."
  20. So as most of us are well-aware, Cheese Sandwich is coming back later in the season, and I have a guess on how the episode might be! It's gonna be Cheese going to the Pie family farm to help Pinkie's sisters cheer up, and maybe get to the bottom on why Limestone is always angry, and why Marble's always sad and shy, and maybe Cheese could help the two of them out in letting loose! Since this could be Pinkie's final episode, I can think of no better thing for her than having Cheese Sandwich return, as well as the Pie family! Cause I think the only thing that hasn't been resolved in Pinkie's arc is finally getting an episode for Limestone and Marble. Maybe we'll get another Goof Off while we're at it! But other than that, what do you think Cheese's episode is gonna be like?
  21. I needed braces (and still do) but unfortunately my parents could never afford them. I'm kind of glad I never got braces cause from what I've heard they can be a pain in the butt. But also having teeth that are not quite straight in different places isn't fun either. :|
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