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  2. Thanks for the mention in the boop thread, I don't know what I did to deserve it but thank you.

  3. Tell me you love me!


  4. I lick! When it's a cone I lick it, same with like a magnums or something like that, when in a bowl use a spoon and make it avoid my teeth (it hurts too much) when eating
  5. started around 12, voice broke at nearly 14, and now my voice is deep (not sexy deep)
  6. I'm actually feeling pretty good. Haven't felt this happy in a long time.
  7. Twilight: "I wonder if Rainbow wants my foals" MEANWHILE, ON A NEARBY CLOUD Rainbow: "I wonder if Twilight wants my foals... if she could figure a way to make that happen"
  8. A Hamburger Helper thingy. I'm not good at cooking anything else but simple stuff like that.
  9. just watched mortal engines, and i have to say i'm impressed, 10/10

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Glad you liked it. It got wrecked by critics. I haven’t seen it yet.

  10. I know this is a little exaggerated here, but seeing as I read comments similar to this unironically, I wanna comment that this criticism on the whole is misleading. Spike’s attempt to change their minds on the changeling tribe nearly failed. Twilight was the first to step forward, trust Spike’s judgment, and lend her hoof to Thorax. Once that domino fell, the others followed. If she didn’t come forward, no one would. On the opposite end here. She’s very comfortable around both Smolder and Ember, who are both larger than Spike. Last semester, Fluttershy helped rehabilitate a larger dragon (Sludge) so he can fly again. In addition, her admiration for baby dragons calls back to her very first meeting with Spike: Talking to him helped her become more comfortable around Twilight. If she showed dracophobia now, it would retread old ground and show no growth to her character. And her calling out Garble and others for bullying Spike is more than justified. Garble was making Spike feel unwanted. Yelling at them scared them to stop and demonstrated she won’t tolerate any abuse aimed at him, which was backed up further by calling him out (in front of Smolder) for bullying Spike to hide his own insecurities.
  11. So cute! Congrats! And also I've jsut noticed this, you look like Dr Wolf IRL
  12. Random picture of the week:



  13. Yes. There is that too. Speaking of the spa, I'm currently working on the next entry in my fanfiction series on wherein I get a job as a masseur in Ponyville and a certain just might make her own appointment with me there. It's still got a bit of time before I'm ready to get it published on the site, but the first 3 stories are still there if anypony feels like checking them out.
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