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  2. Think I'm pretty much just straight. I'm supportive of other sexualities though.
  3. Such heavenly soundscape. <3

  4. Though Pinkie's voice actress will always be my favorite:)


  5. People who take part in debate only to carry out their own viewpoint and try and find a way to crush opponents opinion. I've met these people too much - fortunately not at this forum.
  6. I've been watching the Japanese Dub of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    And their cover of "This Day Aria is truly fantastic.


  7. "New pony in town? Let's show them what we are capable of!" "I just love you new recruits...."
  8. @Emerald<3 Thank you for following me, awesome friend!

    *hugs for my new friend*


    1. Emerald<3


      *hugs back*

      *Insert Flutteryay here*

    2. DivineGuard1000
  9. I'm being such a perfectionist with my artwork right now, I'm trying to make everything clean and stuff. Hopefully it turns out good:3

  10. "Have you ever discussed getting married?"
  11. Bas

    Fluttershy Fan Club

  12. Sure thanks, but I think in general it is better to put above the spoiler box.
  13. *Makes more bombs and makes them all explode*
  14. Jesus Christ, without a doubt. Words he said and speeches he kept get never too old - not to mention his deeds. They inspire me nowadays still.
  15. Hey. I was just trying to remain unbiased here. Anypony can say that Fluttershy should be with them, but a true friend would let her choose which one she wants to be with rather than forcing her to pick them instead.
  16. I loveloveloveloveLOOOOOOOOVE the new banner!  Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!  *giddy dancing in place*

  17. I'm mostly gay for other guys. Still, if a female friend needs assistance, I'll be open to it.
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