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    Fluttershy Fan Club

    FB "We love Fluttershy" So it turns out Fluttershy is INDEED a doormat. ARGH I hate it when I miss post auto merge by 2 mins.
  3. For committing mass genocide and destruction upon the people of Erebor and Dale.
  4. From the We Love Twilight Sparkle FB group What she might be wondering about?
  5. 7a263f4b840b4ba75ba46a568d9df9d0.jpg

    :o I am trying to describe Starlight, she looks awesome. ^_^

  6. Then it will be like "A Canterlot Wedding" where the ceremony gets interrupted and then goes off without a hitch the second time around. That's what I believe will happen here.
  7. Random thought, what if Grogar attacks during the coronation? What does his Bell do? Part of me thinks it corrupts ponies .. which would be ironic for Twilight (think the Midnight Sparkle effect from EG)
  8. Bas

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    From a FB MLP community. We surely think so!
  9. I really hope that Twilight's elaborate coronation ceremony as ruler of Equestria (like Magical Mystery Cure) is shown after the impending final battle against Grogar. Trust me, I would like to see everypony dressed up in formal attire before the show ends.
  10. @Lektra Bolt But the information in the Character Database for both Wills is horribly outdated. My Google Doc is the most updated.
  11. Alrighty that's fine. Please do post the profile though so I can link to it in the first post? Interesting, a bat pony and she's blind. If you would like, she can ask and Celestia will give her sight while in the game. It would be an interesting experience for her, and also a reason to not want to leave And we have a dragon! Awesome! I'd like to discuss how she ends up with the other characters, since it's unclear where she lives at the present time, and why she would be invited to a video game beta test -*- There is a new character database BTW if you guys want to transfer these over from the archive. The old ones can't be edited any more, unfortunately
  12. I don't think I played with you since Cupid Comes Too Ponyville, isn't that right?
  13. It's shit. I don't care.
  14. [The name of Tim Pool's new channel] but with ponies You, The Hero, are leading a rebellion against the puritanical god Hasberion, its glorious minions, fedora-tipping white knights, and Sudoku-obsessed fanboys that are attempting to purge all fun from the whimsical realms in the name of Friendship, Harmony, and thinking of the children.
  15. @DripMoondrop High quality, super well thought through design OC with a nice choice of colors. Cute! Work of a perfectionist!
  16. Welcome to the herd! I'm sure you'll love it here!
  17. I’m feeling kinda off. I hope Im not catching this weird virus that’s been passing around
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