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  2. Looks like I'm 3 Brohoofs ahead of the 1000 milestone huh? A little late but... Yay :yay:

  3. Hey, folks. As you know, I'm an aspiring musician who wants to get his career off the ground; specifically I want to do music in the psychobilly and rock n' roll genres. I've actually found a mutual interest in 50s/early-mid 60s rock and pop with @C. Thunder Dash, and we have discussed collaborating in the past, which ultimately gave me the idea for a band. I'm looking for other musicians who can do long-distance collaboration and are also interested in just doing good old-fashioned rock and roll (mixed with punk and heavy metal, of course). My primary influences: -Elvis Presley -Chuck Berry -Johnny Cash -Nirvana -The Cramps -The Beach Boys -The Beatles (specifically the early pop rock era of the group) -The Knack -The Who (also specifically the 1965-1968 era of the group) -The Reverend Horton Heat -Social Distortion -Dead Kennedys -Green Day -The Misfits -My Chemical Romance -Iron Maiden -Motorhead What I'm looking for: -A guitarist and bassist -A pianist (particularly one especially versed in blues music) -A drummer Thematically, what am I wanting to go for with this music?: Heavy, yet melodic 2-4 minute pop tunes about cars, women, sci-fi and horror films, love, and most likely even ponies...or some combination of all five. Thank you for your time, See ya later.
  4. So, what are the odds of Endor appearing in Episode 9? Or any planet from the original trilogy, for that matter.
  5. day 6, they still don't suspect anything

  6. I better wake up to 100 compliments, 50 love letters, and 25 monetary donations for being so incredible :proud:

  7. Look who's cheating this turn:
  8. When you angst so much even another major villain is like like "dude chill"


  9. You're just saying that because she's the most naked princess aren't you
  10. *pies @Gone Airbourne*
  11. 9eMHEol.png

    1. Shiki


      smh she needs to understand a real man needs multiple outlets >_>

    2. Maya-san


      Makes sense to me. 

  12. LE GASP BETRAYAL -pies in retaliation- WAR @Maya-san
  13. Today
  14. You might be surprised to learn that im an INFJ as well and i've also already researched about different personality types
  15. one sassy smug binch and i love it
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