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  2. 469913 Ja Bonduelle ist das famose Zartgemüse aus der Dose Stupid advertisement Why do I even know this?! --- Found it
  3. @Duality Because he has experience and had to train himself. For his powers are dangerous to others and to himself. The military helped.
  4. Why would they be trapped? Why are they so much more important then others? I would've hate it if they return...
  5. Well, I hope he will be back in the future. He is an awesome villain to use. Maybe let him be less of a snob in the final cause he realized he isn't as strong as he thought.
  6. For me, what Mary Sue means is when instead of a character being conditioned by the environment, but the environment is being conditioned by the character. It doesn't mean that anyone with great powers or strong influences are Mary Sues. When a world bends and breaks their own logic and it's pre-established rules for the sake of the character, that character is a Mary Sue. And all Mary Sues are bad characters and no good stories are written with bad characters. And that's where all the commotion comes from. If it's good writing, nobody would be bothered. But there are no such thing as a good story with an actual Mary Sue in it. Writing is the writer's journey and they should enjoy and be immersed in their own work in a certain degree. But as soon as it gets published and someone reads it, if it sucks for the reader, then it sucks for the reader. Being right or being powerful feels great. But that satisfactory fantasy should be handled properly with good writing skills and good stories. People can make immersive satisfying stories with them feeling powerful and great and all. But writing good stories are really hard, and Mary Sue is both a symptom and and a cause of a bad story. A self-projected ego creation is mostly not good for art. That the Mary Sues are not a character but it's the writers themselves is the exact reason why they are detested. People would also not hate it that much only if the writers were not being so obvious about it. That there is a term called 'Mary Sue' means it is an identifiable common feature among literature. People write those characters thinking they are the most special thing ever, but for the reader, it's laughable how they are all so similar. The term itself is a mockery.
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    Day 5 of slowmotion internet, more to come

  8. Indiana gets four seasons but only one of them is mostly consistent, dreaded summer which is usually pretty warm and even worse, humid. Every other season kinda starts and ends randomly. Sometimes we get longer winters and shorter falls, or vice versa. Sometimes the cold of winter stays longer into the spring months and sometimes spring weather tries to kick in as early as late February. Nothing makes seeeeeeeense in the Hoosier land.
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  10. If there would be nothing wrong about, it would be called just "thinking" instead of "overthinking". But sometimes people also label it wrong. Thinking about extra things about the show is good for your nerdy part of the brain and your (or others') interest of the show. Thinking is not a crime. There are just crappy ideas and good ideas.
  11. I have no hate for people I don't know and will never meet. Why would I hate them anyway? I think the show is going fine as it is, and am not freaking because it's the final season. If there is infighting on the staff, that has nothing to do with me. Much as I love the show, it's just a television program.
  12. @Denim&Venom@Buck Testa@Duality Do you know why Ghalan is as strong as he is Denim, buck, and duality? This is a reference to the current discussion.
  13. My quote for the night. "I'm unseekable in my Foxhole cloaking module" - Dr. Fox
  14. Oh so what? That we nonetheless accept mediocrity not for the sake of its quality, but rather that we fear the reciprocations of hurting others' feelings? Why don't you let Mr. Incredible enlighten you on this instead of me? "They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity." If hurting others' feelings helps bring a point about maintaining the status quo that only high quality should be allowed to exist to dictate the world, then it should be that way. Whether they try or not, whether they do make the cut, they should not be allowed to exist. If children in a room were asked to make the best possible drawing about something, of course you have to spurn everyone else who don't create something like the few or one who is the next da Vinci. Is it my fault that they are crying right now and that they will beat themselves up for the rest of their lives? No, because only the weak and inept have to be eradicated. They need to learn the very hard and unforgiving way that only that no matter how much hard work you put in, only one deserves recognition for being able to achieve perfection. Nobody should feel pity or bad about those who work hard and yet achieve little to nothing. Those who delude themselves into thinking that following a motto like "anyone can cook" is only for their personal satisfaction and not for proving quality to the world is already a great mortal sin. And how about accusations from others that these people are actually conmen and charlatans who somehow cheated their way into where they are now from the harsh disciplines of writing or art school, or that they arrived there because they're just lucky? Have you ever considered that possibility?
  15. Ah yes, the Mary Sue. Ever powerful, ever perfect, ever obnoxious. But what makes a Mary Sue? The power? The perfection? The lack of perfection? Why are there so many? Why are they so bad? Hi, I'm Kat and I can say with relative confidence that I am have made my fair share of Mary Sues, even if I don't consider them that.. My self inserts stand on wobbling towers of head canons and are surrounded by main characters. They've always got a hidden destiny, a secret, something leading to them save the day with power no one else can match. So with my bias out of the way, here's what I think of Mary Sues and how we treat them. Mary Sues are important. End of story. If you look, a lot of them are from younger people and that not some immaturity thing. A lot of kids, especially young girls, can feel like they have no power. I know I've definitely felt like a background character in my own life at some point. Goodness sake, I felt it last week. That's where they come from, they're a way to cope, to escape or express. Every 'bad' Mary Sue I've seen to this day, can be explained if you just think about why they made them. A powerful MS that's pretty and perfect and rich and omg everybody just loves her? Well, I'll bet her creator feels a least a little bit ugly, a bit like a failure, maybe doesn't have the best financial situation, could feel unloved. The bad MSs you see? They're projections, all of them. The emo MS who hates everything and is super mean but it's justified? I'd say her maker is probably bullied to some extent. Neglect is also possible. Heck maybe they just really want to have a cool unique character that's beautiful and has the power to change the world. I know I do. There are gonna be exceptions, there will always be exceptions, but a MSs can say more about a person than anything else. That's why we need to stop demonizing them, stop making fun of them, stop telling people to throw them out because whether you mean it or not when you tell someone to throw out a Mary Sue you are telling them to throw out themselves. It's why their makers always get so defensive when they're critiqued, because it's not critiquing a character. Mary Sues aren't characters, they're people, dreams, projections, there is not disconnecting, no breaking that link. So what do we do? I mean, even i'll admit a Mary Sue in a role play SUCKS, but how are we supposed to handle this? Be kind, understanding. Show them how to change a Mary Sue, into a power OC. Not a normal oc, not a roleplay oc. A Power OC. A functional character with growth, and flaws, but still fulfills they're needs. A Perfect Mary Sue? Show them how to take a flawed character and build an arc where she becomes that 'perfection'. Fantasy shouldn't have to be realistic, it shouldn't have to fit canon. In fact, powerful OCs can have some of the most creative backstories. There's a lot I haven't said here. But I think this is a good start. We need to rethink what a Mary Sue is, and realize why they exist, because they don't come from nowhere, and with a few tweaks, the worst Mary Sue can become a source of joy, relief or even inspiration. So what do you guys think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know, I came here for a discussion, after all! Note: Be civil, and actually read before responding. If something wasn't clear, ask for clarification.
  16. How can I make laptop faster what do i buy? A sdd? Ram? Memory?

    1. Duality


      What does the Task Manager for it look like? Usually the Task Manager has four columns - one for RAM, one for CPU, one for disc, and one for the network. Whichever totals are maxing out most often (usually shown in red) are probably the ones holding up your laptop.

    2. Arid_Blitz


      Will check tomorrow It needs a charge. But usually just sluggish will look

      I even redid the os so it would just wipe all issues away XD

    3. Kyoshi


      Recently upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB in my laptop and it is insane how much more stable it is now and I got the laptop back in 2012. I am no expert but that seems to help a lot.

  17. I still think that she should do it more often, it's kind of her thing.
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