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  2. @Emerald<3 Sure, does that mean the RP ends at that moment? Or is it 3-4 weeks in the story itself?
  3. If you HAVE a SO, they get first refusal on available cuddles - its an actual rule
  4. I did try it out as a kid once. I borrowed my moms stuff, dressed up, showed off to my family for fun. It was an experience for sure. I don't feel like I need any make-up, as a guy with no interest to be visible.
  5. @Denim&Venom I've added the signature for Wisconsin. Personally I think the flag looks better than some, I think it is better than Illinois for sure. If you have anything in mind for more personalization for yourself with that signature, do let me know.
  6. Electronic video games. :wacko:

  7. Nah. I love being in busy/crowded areas. Same?
  8. I wasn't really asking if you wanted to cuddle your significant other
  9. Oh no, the Destroyer of Friendships!


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    2. R.D.Dash



      Trixie feels insulted.

    3. DivineGuard1000


      @Fasu That Blue Shell is the work of the devil! It crushes all hopes and dreams, and makes you 2nd place, when you were in first for the entire race! :glimmer:

    4. Partialgeek514


      It is the true destroyer of friendship and dreams.

  10. Someone buy me a switch I'll return the favour somehow uwu

  11. @Blitz Boom "It's no problem. I raised a Siren from an egg, have a Unicorn filly that is 90% suger by weight and a husband who is for all intents and purposes a vampony. This mimic will be no problem at all. Let me go get that photo album." Harmony trots off and then returns a minute later with a thick photo album. "Come on" She hops up onto the bed, and opens the book. On the first two pages, are pictures of a mottled green and blue egg, about the size of trash can.
  12. As I said, Spike went through puberty last season. Rarity has been an adult throughout the entire show. He’s always had more of a childlike mentality when compared to the Mane 6. That doesn’t mean I’d put him on the same level as the CMC but he’s definitely too young to be in a relationship with someone like Rarity.
  13. Yeah, I’ve bought the wrong kind of food by mistake a couple times, like gluten-free bread Do you try to always avoid crowds?
  14. Well, people hate Generation 3 because, if you look closer into it, it was all for little girls. I absolutely loved G3 as a kid. Minty was my favorite too. But, the only contents were toys and movies, no storyline, no episodes. a 3.5 Christmas special about a pony wishing for Pink snow, a live action tea party special, it was made fun of for being for little girls. Like the way Caillou became a meme because people think it's annoying. I personally like G3, but some Bronies don't because the haters of the series think that Friendship is Magic follows the same type. Bronies would be afraid that they would have others thinking that they watch a show about technicolor glitter horses and love it. The haters would also think that G1 is also like that, but G3 was just made for little girls. On the other hoof, it might be only because of just two words: Newborn. Cuties. baby scootaloo meeting Scootaloo G4 would be the most amazing crossover just wow. It wouldn't be creepy at all.
  15. Oh okay so he's younger than I thought. He would be the same age as Speed, who is a teenager since it's been 5 years since the incident Tolerates, yeah. I like that plan overall. What if Pinball comes back for a bit as talks of renovation are underway, to make the financial arrangements? The comic is quite old yeah. There was a lot of real life technology in the comics, including the arcade machines. Someone had a megaphone IIRC and also there was a reporter with microphone/camera setup. It was never in the show, unlike the arcades. I agree with you it was pretty lazy, and personally I'd like to consider it all not canon, besides the arcades So yeah let's go with this, and I'll get it rolling a bit later by calling him back?
  16. Happy Birthday! ^^ Sorry I'm a day behind over here. :3

  17. I've never been on a date. How much time passed between your first date with your SO and your first kiss with them?
  18. Nope. Only one person's ever asked me out, and it wasn't very direct. She asked me to "hang out", quite a bit, so I think she must have liked me somewhat. I hung out with her quite a bit for a while, but it never went anywhere. How long ago did you have your first ever date?
  19. This season only Vinland Saga and Dumbbell Nan kilo moteru have been up to my expectations Fire Force, Dr. Stone and Okaasan online didnt really strike me as good as i expected them to be
  20. It's okay and no need to apologize. I'm in a lot of RP's and I sometimes forget to respond to an RP every now and then. Okay and sounds like a plan. I can see Button Mash being the owner of the arcade. I know he's around the same age as the CMC, so maybe he'll be around that age given that 4 years had gone by. Maybe Button tolerates Lektra, but he doesn't like her honest opinion on their system of arcade games? Although, maybe with talks from Pinball, everyone will soon concede and learn to accept the Magitek? I can see that maybe Pinball and Lektra get into a conversation somehow and he gives the okay after being told of the option. Not sure if the comic is that old, but I guess video games are a sign of laziness? There's only been two times that an arcade machine was seen in the show. Once during the episode, "Hearts and Hooves Day," and the other in "Slice of Life." I remember I have the comic of Nightmare Rarity and I think the comics are still being made.
  21. If Mike is short for Michael, then is Spike short for Spichael?

    1. Fasu


      That's how it works. :toldya:

    2. Kyoshi


      That would make Pike short for Pichael. It's like pickle but..not.

    3. lyrabetes3939


      @Kyoshi Oh dear... I've just opened the door to all sorts of terrible puns, haven't I? :mlp_lie:

  22. Absolutely love it - have already for several years (my taste for electronic music is pretty wide). Here's really awesome synthwave-remix, for example.
  23. 88f53e54dae9eb9dc2a93e1bf51db63b.png

    Pinkie Pie is happy to see you :yay:

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm happy to see her too! ^_^

      So lovely... :wub:

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