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  1. Been doing a ton of thinking lately about myself, how I want to change things up. With that thinking, I have now officially started that! I present to you...Kyoshi Remastered. Looking a bit different eh? More fabulous hair, older, but still cherishing that which I love. And what's that? A Cutie Mark? Yeah, went with something gaming related for that since I have no true talent. Finally something for the rump though. What you all think? I am personally pretty happy with it. There are some bits and pieces I can spruce up but this is the first real vector I have done in a while so, there is that.
  2. While there is a 'Give a Compliment to the person above you' Forum Games thread, I thought it'd be nice if there was also a place where you can freely compliment any member- including members that haven't posted on this thread- and even ask for compliments if you need a bit of encouragement Any kind of compliment is welcome, though of course the more thought-out they are, the better. Happy complimenting!
  3. Here is my trying to give our beloved ponies a more realistic feel to them! I hope you like them!
  4. There was a lone unicorn by the name of Frozen wandering the winter landscape while a blizzard blasted. When he came across a group of ponies that appeared to be lost, he knew that he had to help. Knowing the area like the back of his hoof, he led them to safety and shelter from the brutal storm! The group of wandering ponies then took him in and train him to be one of their own... Enter Frozen the unicorn! MLP Forums welcomes @Frozen The Unicorn to the Beyond Equestria section as its new sectional. Frozen has exhibited much confidence and desire to learn with his training and we feel that he is ready to start. Welcome aboard!
  5. Good evening, everypony! Well, it has been far too long since we last had a Q&A, and in a bid to rectify that, we're trying to get the Q&As started up once more, starting with a Staff Q&A with none other than MLP Forums Moderator, Lady Kiriness!!! Lady Kiriness has been a member of MLP Forums since 2015, and a delightful presence since she joined. With her friendly personality, it was no surprise that she quickly joined staff, and today she is one of our most active and outgoing moderators. She's always happy to connect with new members and friends on the forums, so if you'd like a chance to do just that, join us on MLP Forums on Saturday, June 3 at 1 PM EST. For 2-3 hours, Lady Kiriness will be available to take and answer your questions, and we hope as many of you will be available to join us as possible. These Q&As have always been fun community events and gatherings, so please, come with your questions and ready to get to know Lady Kiriness a bit more! If you'd like to learn a little more about Lady Kiriness prior to the Q&A, you can visit her forum profile here and check out her art on her Tumblr page here. That's all for tonight, have a wonderful evening everypony!!!
  6. Just like I what did to Rarity,I also redrew twilight! xD Old Version: And New Version x3
  7. This is a digital picture I made in the program GIMP of Pinkie Pie looking delightfully at a pink delicious cupcake with hearts on it, illuminated by a spotlight. I hope you enjoy and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
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    Let a mother in your life know that she's appreciated.
  9. Just some random drawing,showing Moony giving a homeless filly a room to stay in her palace >~> is her home now forever! OwO
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    My daughter killed it on stage today singing House of Gold a capella ... Proudness!
  11. A while back I created a Luna emblem for Battlefield 1. I decided to paint it, work in progress.
  12. So here's the old one x3 And here's the improved one! ^D^
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    May The Horse be with you.
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    The week starts anew! Hope you all have a great one, and good luck to those of you who are taking your exams and completing final projects!
  15. spoiler

    Except people do this all the time, even those who dearly love each other. It comes from people not talking and communicating. The feel slighted and ignored, and as such they become petty towards each other and say a lot of things they don't really mean as a way to "get back at someone". I have seen it plenty of times from people much closer than it is implied about Celestia and Luna. They could have solved that problem by communicating more but, then again... I am sure being royalty (and as such probably pretty stubborn) that never occurred to them, and each only saw them self as the one being mistreated and disrespected. They could have solved the same issue with a counselor, but the map sent Starlight instead.
  16. spoiler

    I just hope that no matter how this episode goes, even if it's the worst episode in the series, please guys stay civilized. We all want to be friends and give nice hugs.
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    Twilight wins cutest pony pic I've seen today! Thanks @Batbrony
  18. This is a digital picture I drew in the program GIMP of Applejack posing and grinning right by a wagon of apples in the field. This was mostly done back in the 4th of September, 2016, though I never got the chance to complete and post it until just today. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give your thoughts on it if you'd like.
  19. fluttershy

    drawing MLP characters is alot harder than it should be... so I drew Fluttershy, my second fave, because she´s good at staying in one place. anyway, enjoy the drawing I did. was making 3-4 different backgrounds, but they all sucked, so I let it be transparent. and I know the pose is weird, just go with it -:P
  20. Hey guys So, I drew this yesterday and thought I'd post it here for anyone who likes Rarijack Hope you guys like it! xx
  21. spoiler

    I keep going back and forth on how to say what I feel about this episode. I have popped in here about six times now. I was watching this episode with the kids. I was enjoying the hell out of Scootaloo's interactions with RD's parents. Dad made the door joke. My oldest kid said, "That's so you dad." I chuckled. A few minutes later, I hear my youngest say, "Oh wow." I glanced at her, already aware what had happened. She had tears in her eyes. I saw it too. There were shades of her mother in Windy Whistles. Then the parents started supporting Scootaloo. It was at this point that how I look at the episode changed on a dime. I can't objectively rate it. I've tried. The kids and I saw many echoes of our own family dynamic, albeit over the top versions. Including the fact my late wife and I have been the supportive parental figures for my daughter's best friend since her parents ... well ... suck hard. This was a highly personal episode for each of us. I expected to look at this episode through my own filter, but not like this. As it stands it is my favorite one of the season. It may be in my top five overall. It definitely had the strongest emotional reaction. GG Pony Show.
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  23. One of my faves...I like the perspective given, seeing above and below the water. Amazing detail.(there's also a Lyra Seahorse) Seems she's enjoying herself....quiet day on the river bank. Reminds me of my aunt's cottage.
  24. Fly, fly, Fluttershy! Fly, fly, Fluttershy!
  25. Old style artwork with everybody knows who:)
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    Happy Weekend! Hope ya get some time to kick back and relax. To all statesiders, have a great Memorial Weekend. Thank you to those who served. ^^ I'll be on a short trip, so don't expect much from me for the next few days. Take care!
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    When things like this happen I think of friends and family. I think of victims. I think of the fear that comes afterward. To my friends of Manchester, and the entire UK, my heart is with you.
  28. Hi!

    Hey there. I'm typically sporadic in my activity on forums, so I may be here a bunch and then ghost or lurk for a while (depends on what I'm up to!) I'm excited to see where the future seasons of FiM journey to, really liking S7 so far. Anyway, nice to meet everyone!
  29. The minimum character limit text/box covers part of the text area. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is hard to see in that area, and can cause typing mistakes. The only way around it is to make a new line, but all of this can be avoided by moving the character limit box up.
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    Your breakfast for the next few days... #EatItUp
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  32. Thank you so much, Prospie. Your kind words are very appreciated, especially today. I think you have a great head on your shoulders and a very positive attitude. You also make me laugh out loud at some of the funny things you post on Twitter. There are several users who I believe deserve way more recognition. @SIII, even though we have been friends for less than a year, it seems as if it's been far longer. Your selflessness and compassion towards others is beyond admirable. The fact that you have spent your time and talents to draw so many users' ponies speaks to your generosity. You are incredibly gifted with your artwork (seriously, guys, take a look at his gallery on his profile). @TigerGeekGuy, your natural curiosity about life is the mark of an intellectual. Many people would benefit from your philosophical ponderings. You add a unique perspective to conversations, which is quite refreshing. I must also add that you have great taste in dubstep. Keep staying curious, keep researching the answers to your questions, and you will go far. I bet that someday, you'll contribute something profound to the world. @Wooly Wolf and @Wingnut, I have never met anyone more devoted to cats than you two. It is nice catching up from time to time! @Dreambiscuit, you are very easy to talk to and I can tell that you are someone that others come to seek advice from. It has been great getting to know you, and I hope you will have a lovely birthday tomorrow. ~ Keep making amazing artwork! @Frostgage and @Stormfury, keep being dank! Thank you for your friendship. It's always nice to toss around memes from time to time. I can't believe it's been over a year since we all met over in Forum Games. I hope to continue seeing you guys there! @Lunarpalette, the first thing that caught my attention was your OC's hair. I'm not even kidding. XD I love how you have styled it several different ways and your OC's heterochromia is a nice touch. It was fun talking with you about cute animals! Keep drawing, you're doing a great job. I'll be sure to return later on with more. ^^ MLPForums is truly an amazing community. Everyone, keep being awesome! You are the reason why so many new members feel right at home within their first few days here.
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    Ahh, sweet Friday. Have fun, stay safe, and get some nice rest this weekend!
  34. I am interesting what She keeps in Her hooves.
  35. spoiler

    DHX did a concept that could've gone so wrong in such a hurry, but not only did they do the concept well. It far exceeded my expectations. Best episode of the season so far!
  36. I simply leave it here:
  37. spoiler

    For those that want it to be, it most certainly will be.
  38. @KirbyFluttershy This is a great Fluttershy wallpaper
  39. scootaloo

    ive done a new picture on deviantart and made it with shadows The shado version is not Public but will Post it here too just that you can See it too The one without shades and Wings existing on Deviantart And Here is the One what is not Public with all Shades and wings (Original sketch by Ambris)
  40. Giving Starlight a chance to hang out with Maud(and to a lesser extent, Pinkie), this is actually something I think they should have done more in S6
  41. Fluttershy Dayby harwicks-art
  42. I want to take part too, so have many dancing Fluttershys :3
  43. Cute pony shirt Fluttershy
  44. Is just a funny random drawing for her! X'D cause is mother's day today! x3
  45. What do you guys think of it? <3
  46. My guess would be - our hearts!
  47. Like an angel....
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    May you have a great week! Hue
  49. spoiler

    Inb4 "Starlight still hasn't learned anything" comments surface. If this if true, I am going to be a happy Jeric. The moral behind walking in another's shoes is one the show hasn't directly addressed (though it has made a few glancing blows at times). I've actually pulled the same thing on my kids about two years ago with switching their chores because they both thought the other had it too easy. Spoiler alert, they changed their view. Legit
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    I recently came across an old backpack from high school with homework, a headband, notes, and doodles still in it. What a nostalgia trip! I got a bit emotional looking at some of it.