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  1. Ever since the times of old, we shippers have been a proud race. Passing our ancestral knowledge from generation to generation, we have stood strong against any threat, no matter how strong or powerful it was. From the holy capital of Canterlot, we have protected both the forums and the ships, and we have never relented from that. That said, I have been alone for far too long. But there is one person, one person that has proven to me that has the capabilities to be a shipper, and after putting him through many trials, he has proven to be the person I wanted to make my acolyte. But why am I making you wait? @Totally Lyra, present yourself! He makes me so proud ;') Totally Lyra will be our newest addition to the staff team. He has shown to be what Canterlot needed for so long, and now he will have the difficult yet rewarding position of being a sectional staff member. I'm pretty sure that you have interacted with Lyra before, as he has shown to be a friendly, active and helpful member of our community, and he will for sure continue to be so and give us a forum that everyone can be proud to be part of.
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    This is a drawing for someone on Tumblr. I think she has an account on here, but I don't remember her username. I enjoyed making Minty's hair swirly and candy-like (though the lineart was a force to reckon with), and couldn't help but to add in some extra effects! I'm in the experimentation phase the "FiM-like" pony art style, and have enjoyed it thus far. ^^ Since my art posting is pretty sporadic, I'll just stick to occasional art dumps from now on.
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    Jessica Rice ~ Just Jessi February 26, 1977 - January 21, 2017 "I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when the day is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways of happier times and laughing days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave behind when day is done Preface I want to be upfront about something, and that is the purpose of this blog entry. This is not solely to eulogize my wife. I did that already at her memorial and on my Facebook page, and from what people have told me ... I did her proud. This isn't that exactly, though I suspect that there will be passages that will invoke her memory in a way that will feel like a eulogy. In truth, this is more about my personal observations and thoughts over the last few months, and some thanks. Musings about the randomness of life and death, its inherent unfairness will abound. This blog's emotional theme, if I were to suggest it has one, would be sanguine ... with a heart shaped cherry on top. The Story Ends Two months ago today, my wife Jessica passed away. Her journey ended in peace as she took her last breath at out home, surrounded by her family, cradled in my arms. She had the faintest hint of a smile, but perhaps that is just in my head. I'm not completely sure what the rules are, but I think I am allowed a little leeway to believe that was the case. This all happened as the the window she lay next to highlighted a gorgeous beginning of a sunset. All day there had been a gentle breeze, a perfect temperature, and blue clear skies. I say this, because it seemed poetic. A little sentimental, I know, but it was something that many of us pointed out later as something we noticed. It sounds absurd to me when I say it, but her last moments were ... well ... beautiful. It was as radiant as the life she led. My wife and I met in the early 90's. Started off as practical adversaries with common friends, and eventually grew to be friends, and later in college ... much more. I touch on our beginnings here and here. Before we started college we were best friends. She saw me through the sickness and death of my father, the realization that I would need to take my kid sister across the finish line of adulthood, and the ensuing fallout. We grew even closer after I transferred to a university in Orlando, one that she attended. I would come to find out that she harbored a desire for a relationship since high school, but never acted on it. Eventually she got tired of waiting for me to come to the same conclusion, so she took the initiative during what I thought was going to be us simply decompressing before finals. This was one of the few times I can say that Jess truly came across as nervous, but there was this endearing and adorable quality to it. I said yes, obviously. Looking back a few years later as we were married, started careers, had kids ... it all felt like destiny. There was a fairy tale element to how we met, became besties, dated, and fell in love. Some of the moments we experienced seemed that magical. If you were to ask me today, I would say our story has a definite Nicholas Sparks quality to it. We were living a romance novel bathed in a dream. The odd thing about that is that even through the fairy tale nature of it all, it seemed natural somehow. I often remarked in those first few years that we must have started our relationship on easy mode, because we were so much in tune and synced to each other. It never felt hard. When arguments came, they were rarely dramatic. In fashion, the holy grail of clothing is finding that perfect fit for your body. That was us. We just ... fit. She was my 'perfect'. I was her 'perfect'. 23 years, 7 months, 8 days, 22 hours, 16 minutes. I had to pull out an old box with things I saved to confirm this, and even had to go to the library to look at theater showtimes to be certain, but from the moment of our first interaction at the movie theater to her poetic last breath, we had known each other for 23 over years. I look at that figure, and even though the clock stopped the love doesn't, I find myself reassured by a simple inescapable thought ... I would rather a limited slice of magic, than a lifetime of mediocrity. What we had was ... well ... a living dream of the heart, soul, and mind.Jess was my guide, my partner, my lover, my collaborator, my greatest friend, my staunchest ally, and one half of the strong parental powerhouse that was Jess and Joe. I was blessed to have her by my side, and honored that she picked me for this unbelievable ride. I have to laugh, as I type this, I can almost hear her voice in my head, refusing to accept these accolades with a simple redirection, "You weren't a passenger in our relationship Joe, just remember that." When, several years ago, we found out that she was sick, we were told it would be manageable and that it would not be a real issue until she was in her 50's. We went forward with our lives, made long term plans, and ... expected the best. In the midst of this, I rediscovered MLP, joined this forum, talked to what seemed to be an endless supply of diverse and interesting people, grew close with a goodish amount of them, and even found the opportunity to pitch in as a member of the staff. As the months wore on we came to find that her liver was anything but manageable. In April 2015 she was in decline and was eventually hospitalized, but recovered. It was a preview of what was to come. 2016 proved to be a nightmare. It started with my wife receiving a procedure and shunt to prevent a build up of ammonia (hepatic encephalopathy). That failed by May and it caused her brain to swell. She recovered mostly and found herself listed for a liver transplant. It was short lived as they found malignant carcinoma on her liver and had to remove her from the transplant list. It was at this time that her team re-managed our expectations. They prepared us for the possibility that she would not be a candidate again, and if that happened they gave her through the end of the year and even though they rarely hang their hat on prognosis ratios ... they estimated 20% odds of her beating cancer and getting a transplant. We reset our expectations, but that woman refused to give up. Following the aggressive cancer treatment the tumors shrunk allowing her to be relisted. We finally received the call that they had a liver and she underwent liver transplant surgery which was successful. Her recovery was grueling, but still going amazingly well. She nailed every single benchmark, and her prognosis was very good. Months went by and everything was coming up Jessica. At this time we started allowing ourselves to make plans again. She was even looking at the possibility of a loan for a clinic and preparing to get back to work. She beat every major obstacle, and was going to live. For the few people who were in a Skype and later Discord group with me during this time ... my optimism and joy was palpable. It was short lived. She caught an infection, likely during a routine outpatient procedure. She was on immunosuppressive drugs... required to ensure her body doesn't reject the new liver. If they fought the infection, they lose the liver. If they don't she could die anyway. The medical staff worked for days trying to fight the infection without impacting the liver. The infection became dangerous and required an aggressive approach. Left with little choice they stopped her liver meds and fought the infection with a vengeance. It worked ... it worked too well. The treatment fought the infection and her liver started to enter acute failure. It was being rejected. They tried to restore function, but at this time her other systems started to fail. It became a matter of stabilizing her. We spent Christmas in the hospital, and as the New Year approached, we were made aware that there were no more options. No emergency status liver transplant as her body was now too weak to survive the operation. No miracles. Instead of speaking and game-planing with her medical team, I was now making arrangements with home hospice. Jessica was dying ... and decided to do so in grace and within the place she most loved ... our home. In her last weeks, Jessica seemingly had boundless optimism and surprising energy. She went to work immediately recording messages, writing letters for family to read after she was gone, talking to old friends, putting affairs in order, and spending as much personal time with family. There were countless personal moments and touches. Conversations over simple activities like building a puzzle, or constructing famous buildings out of Play Doh were typical fare. Looking back at these conversations, I found validation in the truth that the world was soon to lose an irreplaceable person. She dedicated her life to helping people cope with trauma, tragedy, and pain. It seemed every waking moment in the last weeks and days followed that philosophy of hers. She was helping us prepare mentally and emotionally. She even made arrangements for upcoming birthday gifts, and little touches that would serve as reminders of our shared love. She tried to tie up as many loose ends as possible, even making certain that she could talk with people she recently found a kinship with, like a particularly generous Texan and her husband. The vividness of her last waking day is remarkable. I will save most of that for myself. Some moments are so blessedly personal and perfect. I will share this though - after we finished a long and poignant conversation she called the kids over for a hug goodnight, whispering something in each of their ears. Tearful goodnight's followed. She commented that she was tired and asked me to sit next to her for a few minutes. I leaned over her in my chair to kiss her goodnight, something I had done countless times before. As I did this she pulled her signature move - her palm placed flat upon my chest over my heart - the origin of that slight gesture made this instance far more emotional for description. After our embrace, she looked at me tears in her eyes, smiled, and mustered one last exchange. "You know when your life was worth it, that the people in your life were worth it, when you realize you have said everything that needs to be said." "Kitten, you never had to tell me anything. I just needed to see your face to know how much we all meant." She welled up, and nodded. Her palm was still over my heart. "I love you. Thank you, Smiley." She gracefully lowered her hand, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. She would not wake up. A Family Says Goodbye The memorial was a small personal affair. We tried to keep it down to 100 people, but at last count some 250 found their way to the house and paid their respects. It was more of a celebration than a sad affair, though tears weren't uncommon. There were a lot of planned moments that Jessica secretly set up for other family members and friends. Two moments showcase the type of person she was - a sentimental and a clever troll. I linked that above in this overlong document, but it's important enough to do it again, besides you would have to scroll up. That is my sister-in-law on that recording. Jessica asked her sister to sing this during the gathering at an appropriate time. It was one of our songs, and contains a extremely personal line that invokes how we felt about each other, and the fact that we started out as ... well ... rivals of sorts. She asked her sister for another reason though. You see, Jessica and her youngest sister sound identical. I can't tell you how many times that they have screwed with family using that uncanny vocal likeness over the phone. This time, it seems that Jess and her sister used their powers for good. As her sister started to sing during a outdoor balloon release, you couldn't help imagining Jessica singing it herself. If I closed my eyes, it isn't just the message that felt personal. It was Jessica's way of telling me and the kids ... she is still with us. I think it took me 30 minutes to stop feeling goosebumps. It was one of many such moments. Then there came an impromptu musical moment or a different sort. About 60 minutes into the party (I can call it that, because it certainly felt more like a party than not), a familiar song came on .... the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Many of her friends, myself, and my kids rushed into place ... we knew what this was about. I don't know who was responsible for this little gem, but for the next few minutes all of her high school and college friends started to do the Time Warp. The look on the older crowd (what Jessica and I would amusingly call 'the adults') was priceless. Here we were, in the middle of a memorial party, gyrating and stepping and having a blast. Gg Jess. Gg. I've been to post funeral gatherings, and rarely did they feel as festive and emotionally healing as this. People will be talking about it for a while, that's for sure. The whole affair seemed fitting, and it was as perfect a sendoff as you can have. On Grief and Grieving So I intend to answer the question that I field at least once per day: "How are you doing?" You know all of those clichés you have heard about? What it feels like when you go through the pain of losing someone close to you? The weird thing is that they they are all accurate, yet ... they are laughably insufficient. If you ever want to a rather accurate description of grief, check out Patton Oswalt's Facebook post on his view regarding the turmoil one can face. Since this is already a huge ass blog, I'll quote the part that seems the most descriptive below. Yeah, that is our very own Daring Do loving pony, Quibblepants. It may be a tad over descriptive to some, but the thing is, he isn't entirely wrong. Everyone has heard that saying right? "Each person's grief and grieving process is unique"? At least something to that effect. I would have to agree, but even though dealing with the loss of a loved one seems like a 'custom made' experience, Mr. Oswalt's rather expressive and revealing detailing of his journey does at least do justice to what one can go through. Yeah, this sucks ... so ... bad. So bad. This sucks for reasons that are obvious to all, and it sucks for the less obvious reasons. If you haven't figured it out by now, I thought pretty highly of my wife. We lived a fairy tale story, and I couldn't imagine how we could have done any better with our marriage and relationship in general. It all felt perfect. With her by my side, I felt like I was living in paradise. It was that kind of good. The more luminous the light, the greater the blackness feels in the light's sudden absence. She had been sick before, had been battling declining odds for so long, it was hard not to try and mentally prepare you for the possibility she wouldn't be around. As my wife and I discussed the home hospice option, I accepted that my wife was going to die. I prepared myself. Well, I thought I did. I had faced death before. I lost my father to suddenly when I was 18. Years later, Jessica and I had to bury our third child. I thought those experiences prepared me well enough. My God what a fool I was to think that. Not all grief is the same. Grief is potent. When you think of emotional suffering and loss, it's easy to treat it differently than physical pain. Well, the emotional pain certainly feels physical, and also so completely engulfing. There are times that it feels as you have a physical weight in your chest. I think I can empathize with those that have described a panic attack or anxiety to me. I thought I could imagine this pain, but the truth is you really can't. Grief is suffocating in nature, and can be downright paralyzing. John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars writes that 'Some pain demands to be felt'. I have to agree. Grief is a sneaky bastard. Yes, there are obvious things that I miss, namely Jessica's presence. The big things hit you. For example, mornings and evenings were rather difficult as my wife was no longer the last person I saw at night and the first person I laid eyes on in the morning. She passed away weeks before her favorite holiday, my birthday, Valentines Day, and even her birthday. Her absence was almost its own presence, holding a flashing neon sign declaring, "She's not here." Then little things hit you. I caught a wiff of jasmine and ... bam. I get a letter in the mail addressed to her ... bam. A check box on an IRS tax form asking if my spouse is now deceased ... bam. I start cleaning out the fridge and I find sauces that only she liked. I went grocery shopping and as I grab something that I always have on these trips, I realize that Jess was the only one who ate it. These little things have the devious ability to break through any defense you have, simply because you can't account for them. Grief makes you do odd things. I talk to her. Meaning that I will make an aside as if she was right there in the room. I would tell a joke when I am alone that I know she would react too. I know that speaking out loud to a deceased love one is common, and it does help, but it in't me. Or, I should say it wasn't me. The night she passed away, after the kids finally went to bed, I started to purge the house of any and all prescriptions and items specific to her illness. I called the medical equipment supplier the day after begging them to prioritize a pick up of things like her oxygen tank, medical bed, etc. I wanted it out of our house. Looking back, it have no doubt you would have seen the eyes of desperation. And yes, I have listened to saved voicemail, watched home movies, and gone through more photo's than I ever knew we even had. I can tell you that every single day that Jess has not been here, not been by my side, that it has felt like I have stumbled into an alternate reality. A bit like I have stepped into a life that isn't mine but has many of the trappings of my reality. It is disquieting sensation going about the day feeling that the world is off, askew ever so slightly. I remember reading that Stephen King's favorite description of horror is walking into a room that is exactly the same as it always was, but feeling that everything was replaced. That. That is what I feel like most days, it doesn't always last long, but it is there nonetheless. There is an inherent selfishness about grieving that doesn't exactly agree with me. I'm not a selfish person in general, yet there is no escaping that ... well ... I miss her. I miss everything she was and what we had. I miss all the moments we had and I mourn the memories that we will never create. Yet, with each of these thoughts, part of me feels a bit like a selfish prick. She is the one whose journey was prematurely cut short, not me. There is a strange guilt in that. Not survivors guilt, but finding myself focusing on how I was impacted. I absolutely hate that part of this process. I know what she would likely say. Something along the lines of, "Mourning what you miss about me is just proving how much you loved me you dork." She would be a bit on the mark, though it doesn't make hat icky feeling go away. Turns out, the perfect remedy for that is actually the worst aspect of grieving. I have kids. I know I am not even coming close to doing it justice, but the weight of what you feel ... it can be soul shattering. The scary thing, and perhaps the real horror for me, is that I am not alone in bearing this torment. Our kids are amazing and as much as I talk about her as a phenomenal wife, she was just as successful as a mother. Our kids are kickass ... plain and simple. (This is objective of course ... not at all biased. ). Each time I feel the weight of Jess no longer being here, I am reminded that they bear that pain, likely to an even greater degree. She will not be there for their graduation, for college, for weddings, and should they decide they want kids. I feel my loss, and I think of them ... and I imagine theirs. it all feels overwhelming. You can easily feel helpless against the torrential onslaught of it all. Even though you feel as if your kids are coping well, you don't trust your instincts. I put every ounce of energy into them, and it still feels like it is not good enough. I admire their bravery and their strength. I can't take away their pain though ... it demands to be felt ... but God damn it they don't have to feel it alone. So we do the only thing we can, we talk, we cry, we mourn, we remember, we love. One final thing on grieving. You know that "stages of grief" thing. Guess what? It is really accurate ... except it doesn't quite work the way you think. It isn't sequential or ordered. You can feel them in any order, and they can come back with a fun little angle when you feel you have already dealt with it. Nope. Grief does not have stages or levels. It works far more like Chutes and Ladders. You climb up to Acceptance and two hours later you spin a 'five' and ... down the chute to denial. I always hated Chutes and Ladders. Stupid game! We lost someone who was our fulcrum, center, and heart. No denying it, this is what a shit storm feels like. So, the answer to "How am I doing?" is simple ... I'm here. No. That is not an answer. That is the blasted answer I give that people expect to hear. No. The truth of the matter is that I am ... well ... I am OK. Gratitude and Moments of Peace I'm OK. As impossibly hard as this is, somehow I find the strength to find my motivation to move forward. I actually did a dumb and answered a question Jessica asked me in early January with honesty. I must have had a look on my face, but she knew there was something bugging the shit out of me. She was good like that. She asked me what was on my mind. I said, "I'm worried how I am going to react ... how I am going to cope. I'm scared Jess. I'm worried I won't be able to deal with this." She laughed. It was a forceful enough laugh to actually cause her pain. I thought she was reacting to the fact that I was focusing on me when she was the one dying. I'm going to be paraphrasing a little here but when she caught a second wind she finally said, "I'm not worried one bit, not about you. My parents, yes. My sisters, yes. The kids, well, of course I am worried about them, but then I know that they have you. You aren't built to self-destruct. You don't know how to quit on people you love, it's a skill you never learned, thank God. I know the kids will be fine because you are you. You don't even need to pretend strength for them. Shit, do you know how much that is used by people. They don't face what they feel because they need to be strong for someone else. They sacrifice. You don't even need to worry about that. You don't bottle-up. Some people are diamonds. They are impervious to life's challenges. You are different. You aren't a diamond. You allow yourself to be affected and to feel it as strongly as anyone else, but you are not broken by it. Joe, you call people a rock all the damn time it is like a cliche with you. Look in the mirror, you are a mountain. You see the world and people as inherently good, and you use that optimism to keep you strong. If there is something that could break you, I can't imagine it. I'm not worried, you got this honey." Damn I miss the fuck out of her. That was one hell of a pep talk. I don't know if she is right, but I do know that ... I'm OK. The hurt of her absence and its impact on those who were closest to her is still there, and frankly, I don't think it will ever completely go away. I smile and laugh at jokes, I make jokes, I am making plans for tomorrow, looking forward to future events, I am going about the day to day aspects of life. I am there for my kids propping them up, helping them through this, and being their lantern holder so they aren't enveloped by the darkness of this shadow. What I don't know is how much is really me. I almost think Jess missed something in that little ego boost she gave me, a few little somethings actually -- how much she will play a role in my healing. I still feel immense sorrow when I am reminded of her. It isn't strange when the tears start to well up or come freely. However, the tears don't come alone, they bring a date. You see, every overwhelmingly sad moment, comes with a smile. One of our songs comes on, I feel like crying, but he memories behind the song jump right out and blunt the sadness. In death, her memory is what helps me bear it all. Perhaps there is some innate or learned strength I have, but when it comes down to it to this strength seems to come from her, at least in part. Jessica is still inspiring me. My strength is partly what we built together. At her memorial I talked about living on through our actions after we are deceased. The lives we touch will have influence when we are gone, both profound and subtle. Our lives are tapestries of moments built from threads of memories, but as we weave ours, we also help each other weave theirs. Jessica's life is how I help cope with her death. Each moment of bliss is a thread she helped me weave - a thread I helped her weave. This life we experienced together, the tapestry, insulates me from the dreariness. For that I am eternally grateful. My kids have been phenomenal sources of inspiration. I do see some of their mother in them, but mostly I see two independent young adults who will carry her torch through their own active virtues. They lean on each other and comfort each other. They carry on. Their mother would be immensely proud. I sure as hell am. I think about their sibling bond and I am reminded of Jessica and her sisters, and even my relationship with my own sister. I don't think that I could have weathered this without my sister, who was instrumental in taking some of the lead with the minutia that comes with the passing on a loved one in the hours and days that follow. Her help allowed me to be with the kids, and to process this whole thing. Old friends of Jessica, old clients, and family made their condolences known. The steady parade of support never was tiring, it was a reminder of how impact a life can be, even one that is shorter. Then there were my online friends. People that my late wife would affectionately call my "Pony People". As news spread of her passing among a few, many reached out to me, usually with condolences and an offer of an ear. I may not have responded timely, or even at all, but these meant the world to me as they came. I was hesitant to name anyone specifically, but there were some people who Jess interacted with directly, and others she developed a strong admiration for. Troblems, I know that you aware of how much Jess liked you. What started out as a great amount of respect for how my kids had taken to you became a deeper affection. You and your husband are that couple that every couple wants as friends, and should try their damned hardest to emulate, and one of my many regrets is that we didn't have the time or health to all get together. I said this before, and I'll say it again, your husband is insanely generous (or generously insane ... perhaps both ... snrk!). You knew what Jess meant to me, and you got a front row seat during this ordeal. You were always there, and I would be obtuse if I thought that this didn't effect you. I can't thank you enough for your friendship, but I suspect you and your husband horse already know that you rock. Pirate, I'm known for talking about serendipity ... all the time. There is a weird sense of it here because your handling of the MCM is what brought me back to MLPF. That and Jessica promising to actually join in. She had a blast, mostly at my expense but she was a fun troll to contend with. I wouldn't be typing this if it wasn't for you. You have heard some of this before, and like Trobs ... you were there as a friend when things got bad. You even caught me at what may have been my near breaking point. Spoon. I may not be a diamond, but you sure as hell are. I'll leave this one short and sweet, the thoughtfulness behind each and every thing you do ... runs deep. I didn't want to burden you with the emotional fallout of everything, even though I have no doubt it would have helped tremendously. Instead, our discussions seemed to run the gamut of the geek universe helped me feel normal at a time when the world feels a little askew. So many names. Hugs, Batbrony and your constant Rariart, SFyr and your skill at nailing a moment in pony form, Eloquence, Tai, DQ, Yozer, Path, Shaun and Kiwoy for all your support as well even though some of you won't read this. Thank you. I know there were more. I'm sincerely sorry if I left anyone out. I just want you all to know how much your care meant. The Story Never Ends "You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart, And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have re-written mine by being my friend..." ~ For Good - Wicked Its been a long tiring and tear filled eternity pretending to be a year. I started this thing over a month ago, and as you can probably tell, there are tonal, POV, and tense inconsistencies throughout it. I want to be raw. I didn't want this to be my magnum opus, polished and pretty. Basically, this isn't well written and I am not going to pretend otherwise. It's genuine, and possibly inspirational. Depends on what you take from this whole thing i suppose. I know each day will feel easier than the last (most days) and some days will suck hard. My wife is right about me when she says I will not let this break me. I love life. I love its surprises (most of the time), and wallowing on sorrow just isn't ... well ... me. That isn't how our story ends, how my story ends. I move forward, keeping my love as a shield, blanket, or any other handy metaphor. I'm ok, and I am both amazed and blessed that she chose me and I carry that proudly. Like I said, I would rather 20 years of paradise for a lifetime of ordinary. Wherever this road leads may now open up to a mystery, but I'm ready. Let's do this! Jess always liked the whimsical way I would tell some of the sillier moments of our lives together. I'll likely continue this blog since its purpose was as an outlet to help me talk about her when she was sick. A coping mechanism. She got a kick out of this and actually wanted me to finish. Hell, I have enough material for a damn sitcom. Unfortunately for you all ... Jess was the funny one. You get stuck with me. So closing this out ... it's been two months. I love my wife. I always have and I always will. Hoof print on my heart ... achieved. I love you Kitten <3 January 2015 December 2016
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    And I say again: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What? A new Batpony has joined staff here at MLPForums, and I wanted to greet her in their native language. (Remind me to show you my lone published MLP story, Miss Reaper, it’s all about my interpretation of batpones.) In any case, @Miss Reaper will be joining us over at RolePlay World as a Sectional. Good luck to her!
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    Three years I joined this community on April 10th 2014, just about three years ago. I don't recall ever doing a 'forumversary' blog here, and I suspect that the reason why was simple; outside of some form of self-congratulatory pat on the back it seemed rather pointless for me. Basically, I didn't think I had much to say other than, 'I have been here x years'. This year though, I have words. I think that taking stock of where you have been, where your are now, and where you are going helps with perspective. I look back at the last three years with shock at how everything has changed in my life. Recalling what my life looked like in April 2014 and comparing it to April 2017 leads to mindbogglingly insane realizations of how dynamic our world can be. I want to use this blog series as a roadmap of sorts of my history here. Highlight my favorite events and times. I need to say this though. I will obviously mention other users who have impacted my time here, but I will try and stay clear of some highly emotionally charged moments. This time the elephant in the room and I will make peace. Basically, if you are looking for me to talk about forum drama, you will be disappointed. Over the next month I will focus on why I came here, and a few of the most impactful moments of my time among you all. *I am also publishing this a bit early since this week has quite a bit going on. Star Wars Celebration, Easter, Pony Premiers ... lots. April 2014 - A Wild Jeric Appeared This is my original Welcome Post There are some amusing lines in that first post. For one, you can plainly see that I had yet to become the "Prophet of Rarity" as I was called once. My first words on MLPF were a quote from the Princess Bride, and I talked briefly about my current job, family, and hinted at how I became a fan. I smile seeing who welcomed be to this forum. There were Destiny, a former head of Poniverse PR)who can be seen as @zenyatta, and Magos Amphrose currently going by @Bedman. Destiny in particular makes me smile knowing that several months later I would be working with her on staff. Magos though, I recall what I was thinking when I read his post. It confused the living hell out of me. What the hell is a Nyx? I love that comment about my avatar, which is what I am wearing today. There were members on this forum I noticed almost immediately. Some are no longer part of this community, and some are. Anyway, at this point, I was a Twifan. Rarity was waiting in the wings though. The World Cup - The Dawn of Fabulosity So for those that don't know, there used to be a strong vocal minority of Rarity fans on this forum. Forgotten names like @ghostfacekiller39, @Obsidian Sky, @GlowingFlask, @Blobulle @Andaasonsan and more were core people who you could find in the Rarity Fan Club. Others like @Woohoo, @ooBrony, @Sunny Fox, @A.V., and @Radiance64 would also heavily contribute to the fan club as well. It was something I noticed. Back then there was this sense that many disliked the character of Rarity, and that characters most fierce defenders did a hellova lot of in depth analysis on her virtues and flaws. I paid attention. It was impossible not to. Rarity started off being my least favorite of the mane six. I character I dismissed readily. I joined the forum as a fan of Twilight, and was still catching up watching the show, and what started happening was shocking. An early post, just four days after I joined, is found here I often post on social media and forum platforms with casual musings. I find it illuminating to go back and see what my train of thought was, and how it ended. I wonder if I ever did elevate Rarity to Best Pony status? The MLPF World Cup 2014 During this time there was a user created event called the MLPF 2014 World Cup. It basically amounted to a popularity poll with various characters facing off while the fans of the characters posted text and images to root them on and try and get support from other members. I wish I could say I was immune from that sort of thing. I am not. Actually I am being extremely unfair here. The users involved actually put together one hell of a topic This was @Sterling Crimson's brainchild but quite a few contributed. @Batbrony used his word crafting to actually do mock interviews with the characters whole RP'ing as Derpy and Dinky. There were anthems for each character, and flags designed as well. The conclusion was high drama as it turned out Luna fans created a few sock puppet accounts to cheat causing that characters disqualification. Fluttershy faced off against Rarity and eventually it was a Flutters vs. Twilight battle with Twilight taking the prize. Good times. Before the main matches began I made my first post in the RFC as they were asking for people to basically post ponies. There was no going back. Not satisfied with simply posting fabulous pony pics, I created a serious of nonsense short stories that became referred to as the Rarity Bible (and my role name). Celestia tells Rarity she is to face three tests here Rarity and the Epic of the Killer Crabs Here, here, here Rarity vs. Tom here Yeah. Jeric does ridiculous ... kinda bad and overly punny ... but I do it. Seriously though, that was a fun moment for most of the people who participated. Rarity came in third, which was surprising to even her die hard fans. It was during that time that I saw the first hints of this being different than most internet communities. The diversity here was off the charts, it felt a more welcoming than YouTube comments, and when I felt so inclined I could easily switch for choas mode to thoughtful and be taken seriously. I decided during the World Cup that this place may be worth chilling out at. That is a relative term since I tend to make posts in between or concurrently with IRL activities, but this was a time sink I felt was deserving of my spare moments. It wasn't because of what I felt I could contribute that kept me here, it was the interaction with the users and seeing the community at large that made it worthwhile. The crazies, the fierce debaters, the relaxed ones, the passionate types, and the philosophers seemed to congregate together. Don't get me wrong, I know I come across as this unrealistically optimistic goofball, but that is only one part of who I am. I suspected that there was simply more to this community that met the eye. Was there some high drama at this time. Of course! But, the moments of merriment outweighed the more explosive ones by far. I'm not a fan of the concept of a 'Golden Age'. Experiences are relative, yanno? This is more like that moment of discovery. There would be experiences down the road that would lead to immense highs, but this was an era that had its own charm to it. It is easy to lose site of that sometimes. That's it for now, but next up - Waifu Marriages by a real (not really) Minister. Yes, I am dead serious, this was a thing!
  7. The title is misleading, it's actually not Applejack here! Anyways, this is pretty much just a silly doodle of my OC. Enjoy those staring button eyes. Here are some screenshots of my recent unfinished pony drawings too.
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    Have a lovely Easter, everyone! ~
  9. hehe ^^; I drew this clock in a toy store background >~>
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  11. Is just Holly,Flower,and Rainbow Dash stacked up on top of each other >~>
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    Post Ponies > Meet Bronies This is the latest in a few observations on my entry into this site. That first summer was a highly active one for me. A large amount of the people I call friends came from this area. A larger number of people who I never found the time to grow close too are still instrumental to my history here, and have earned my respect. Going back and reminiscing about the first time you noticed someone, or interacted with them, is a healthy way of trying to learn how friendships started. It also allows you to consider how they evolve specifically with that person. I've interacted with more individuals here than I can count, and an almost countless amount of them have been influential in my time here. What I mean my influential is this -- at some point or another they defined what I loved about this site. MLPF is a platform for engagement. It is first and foremost a community comprised of a diverse group of people, all of whom seemingly cover a massive spectrum of ages, values, and experiences. It is also a microcosm of what some call reality. What I mean by that is that friends come and go here for the same reasons they would if you knew each other in a different social setting. Interests change, people move on, and yes those damn things we call emotions get in the way -- sometimes while judgement takes a vacation. Here are just a few of the first interactions between me and others who positively impacted my time here. Without them, this place would never have felt like a digital home, and for that I have a great amount of gratitude. At this point I need to issue a strong reminder of what I said two blogs ago -- this is a retrospective with no agenda and no desire to go into or address forum drama. This is no elephant. I also need to do this -- there is no way in Hades I can screen capture every first interaction with everyone who I am or have been close to. This blog would be insane if I did. Some first interactions are also personal moments that I'm not posting here. Some are unfortunately lost to Skype forever so after spending hours trying to find some important ones, I had to give up. I found a few though. So, with that out of the way ... I thought that was more amusing than a bolded paragraph header. This is my actual reaction to something that happened on my wall in June of 2014. So I was just another user posting and talking about ponies, switching seamlessly between being a goofball, insightful, and helpful. I made a post or two in Feedback and Site Questions to help other members since I was familiar with that version of the software and was able to answer a few questions. Once such post caught someone's eye apparently. Two people (one not shown here) actually had a reaction because this guy post on my wall. Obviously I needed to find out what a Feld0 was so I delved into this sites history. That expedition was part of why I stuck around. It probably influenced my decision to want to help in the Site Questions forum. Funny how fate is. A casual question like that wound up taking me down a road to an adventure of sorts. I ended up working for him not long after. Met the guy at a con even. I got the guy back though by sucking him in to lesser appreciated IP. <evil grin> I decided to snoop around and saw this. If I could go back in time I would have done this. Huge missed opportunity. No Title It would be disingenuous to talk about first encounters without this moment. It's exclusion would smack of historical revisionism, and I am not allowing that. There are few certainties in life. There is a line in the Broadway musical Hamilton that goes, You have no control in who lives, who dies, who tells your story. That quote talks about legacy, and how we are at the mercy of circumstance and the narrative of others. I like to apply that quote to a different type of legacy -- the one we build with each other. Simon's legacy, at least for me, will forever be tied to the best moments I have had here on this site or in this fandom. I can say without question, if I had not known him, or if I had not met him at this moment, I wouldn't have have had anywhere near as much fun on staff as I did. He helped make MLPF feel like a home. She had 99 Troblems and Jeric was occasionally one of them! I got her permission to use this PM. I talk to her often and damn if I didn't smile at seeing that hint of a Troblemsesque nature jump out on reading that PM for the first time in a few years. This is actually my first official staff invite. I technically got access to the old hidden PonyRolePlay dev site before SCS caught up with me and made me MLPF staff, even though I have never RP'ed once, I was actually an RP staffer before anything else. I'm not going to embarrass her, or talk her up in this entry. I'll save that for another day. Suffice to say, I've met many people on MLPF that I like. Many I consider friends, and am really close to. Some I would hop on a plane to see. Troblems and her husband I would take a fucking bullet for. There .. are ... four ... Spoons! So I am cheating here, because my first contact with Spoon was actually due to an off-topic post I made, and I didn't want to have to display a staff PM that may have other users names in it. Also, he may be Yellow Diamond now, but he will always be Spoon! It's actually sad when I look at this because I recall Spoon's old avatar was why I ended up actually mentioning him in this topic. It was a thing I did to bring topics to other people's attention. You see, there was a time when Spoon wasn't under the influence of the Diamonds and was bathed in the pure innocence of Disney, parading the visual magnificence of Rapunzel or Elsa. Anyway, at this point we had no real interaction, and I actually was curious about this well spoken Admin others had sung songs about. Ok, I'm obviously kidding about the singing of songs, but I had heard one or two people say he was pretty damn smart. So I set up what I call a 'mention trap'. See a new topic that a person can't ignore but may not see? Mention them in it. Boom! I found that the rumors were not exaggerated -- perhaps even downplayed. I am also amused by the fact that almost three years elapsed before we had another conversation about Disney animation. Marvel and SU always seemed to monopolize the conversations. I searched for others. I almost wish I wasn't as freaking busy on here because just finding these was a little bit of a pain. Dawn Rider/King's PM conversation (that I actually reference in the Fresh Nonsense PM), my interactions with Path and Undecided/Shimmering/Coby, Lightwing, Jonas, DQ, Arty, Miles, Fhao, Crecious, Mesme, Frostgage, and many others I looked for to no avail. My Skype intro with SCS and Aquila are toast. I'm satisfied I was able to locate a few at least. One thing I have to say is that little expedition proves you never know what will come from a casual and unsuspecting interaction online. It isn't all memes and bullshit politics after-all. Also, I brohoofed Hugs for trolling me years ago. So this was a great experiment just for that. Comment made in Dec 2014 on Status posted in April 2014 .... >_< Broohoof nearly two and a half years later. Thanks IPB4!
  13. Mega Thread

    Here is one I took yesterday in the band room at my school.
  14. This is probably going to go over as a Nixon going to China moment due to what I say at one point, but I'll take that risk. Lurking and participating in this specific forum in the last few weeks, I can't help but see a common thread* appear. A boop system with reactions, a currency system, user awards, etc were all mentioned. It seems that - to me at least - the general flavor of these requests is that the community is looking for fun ways to engage each other, and for the organization to engage them (or provide new ways to facilitate it). It's been a while since I've seen a rush of these types of ideas come from the userbase, and I'm personally impressed by that. I hope that the wheels keep turning in their heads, because I think there is some actionable feedback to be had there. In the past we had banner, fanfiction, and art contests. We had ad-hoc moments to add some fun here and there, had a calendar system that allowed modification by the users. Some of these events - on occasion - created a few moments that have the special quality of creating future nostalgia for this place. Some of these ideas died out. Some were victims of real life priorities, and some fell to the 'dynamic' nature of crisis management that tends to occur from time to time. I know perfectly well that running this community is not exactly a simple task. It is easy to back-burner an event plan while a community or staff bugaboo takes center stage, so I know full well how that happens. It is always a shame as they were some great missed opportunities. Small things are also important. I recall being a new user and seeing Feld0 actually ask another new user how his first day on MLPF was. That little touch went a long way, not in just retaining that member, but it went a long way in creating the positive impression I have of the staff and organization. It's why I took initiative to help people in Site Questions. Now I'm not advocating any specific solution(s). Hell, the staff knows that I could create a sizable list of events and engagement tips, and as actionable as they may be, it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the list and not appreciating why a list like that would be conjured into existence in the first place. Also, I certainly wouldn't expect the Admins to even consider asking staff to run around asking people how their first day is, but I hope you can understand why I included that particular example. I admit that the various contests returning would be welcome distractions (opportunities for community frivolity and merriment are always welcome by me), and I do hope that they return, but I understand the human effort some of them take. Perhaps take a page from the initial (and successful art contest) and involve the users in helping to manage the project? Mentis, RKA, and Skysweep showed that events and projects like these are possible and even popular. The people who did the MLPF Reacts videos also had a wonderful idea that they managed on their own. Perhaps a collaborative approach between staff and the users could ease the burden a little. The staff here does a pretty fair job at launching events. The MCM, Secret Santa, and even the improvised April Fool's Day event were good examples. This is not me saying these don't happen, or that when they do happen that they suck. No. Pirate and company knocked the MCM out of the park, and the Rarity RP'er did the same. That said, I do think there are opportunities now, especIally now. The community and the staff would benefit, is a recurring theme here lately. I want the newer members of staff to feel inspired along with those who come here to discuss, have fun, make friends, or waste some time. I want the seasoned vets to remember that each day should be more than just surviving the latest sky falling drama or conflict. I want the newer members to keep throwing 'idea spaghetti' at the Feedback wall. I just wanted to impart to the other users to keep these community driven ideas coming, and to remind the staff that in the sea of feedback on the new version's issues - there is a deeper desire for that little touch that helps drive us to come back day after day. *Yes that was a pun. I'll be here all week. Also ... the little touch ... it's quite important.
  15. Mega Thread

    This is probably the most decent picture I've got all year. Self-photography is harsh to do.
  16. i drew my boy in a birthday theme because it's my birthday next friday and im a saddo like that drawing myself a gift xD
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  18. Well... hello! I'm CoalCrazy, or Silver Note by my pony name. I joined about an hour ago and I'm bad at this so... HI! I am still figuring out how to work all the buttons and things on here, so bare with me. The description on this section said to introduce myself, so here we go. Well, I'm Silver Note. I'm a unicorn with a rainbow eighth note for a cutie mark. My mom is Golden Note and my dad is Mac Note (I make to many OCs -_-). I have an older brother named Andante Inferno Note (a play off of the type of note andante and the book Dante Inferno). My amazing older sister is Petal Note. She's epic. (She even made her OC herself.) Lastly is my cute little brother, Staccato note. All of these people actually exist in my family, I just made their OCs. My little brother has Downs syndrome and Autism, and he's really fun to have around. Enough with my giant mouth (like Spike). I hoped you liked my not so little introduction. I have more to my character, more characters, and characters. I have way to much time on my hands. Thanks for reading!!! ~Coalio
  19. staff

    A cool breeze creeps through the night, a frosty chill in the air, the temperatures drop to near freezing. It signals the approaching storm; a glacial wind that gusts through the forum, unassailable in its quest to freeze the paths of those who would do us harm. These are the winds of the (sort of) North, and their presence heralds the appearance of a single card: I SUMMON THEE NOW: GLACIES FROST! Indeed, @Glacies Frost is the newest member to join the ranks of the MLP: FiM Sectional team! A cool and chillaxed individual, Glacies has displayed to us his exceptional understanding of FiM and demonstrated a calm and collected demeanor to moderation that means he now takes responsibility of protecting what is arguably MLP Forums' most important section, and I have no doubt that his talents and personality will be of huge benefit to the team both within and beyond his role! And if you ever have need of some effective Crowd Control spells, well, look no further! (I really have no clue whatsoever how Magic is played..) Congratulations Glacies! I know that you'll do FiM proud as a place for all to enjoy. (With thanks to @VengefulStrudel for throwing together the card art!)
  20. Just launched from one of the Manehatten's shipyards! x3 is the new explorer class heavy cruiser >~> (I kinda gave up on finishing the background tho >~<)
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    Finally back home after almost three days of living and breathing the Force. There is such a thing as Star Wars overload. I only got into four panels but they were some of the big ones, so I'm happy about that. One of the most fun moments was watching Pony while hanging out at Celebration! Here is what it felt like.
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    Just got back from a wonderful weekend in my old hometown, visiting my girlfriend of almost two months who I went to high school with. So happy and feeling blessed for the wonderful time I had with her and how things are progressing so far; there's a lot of stuff we have to get squared away in both of our lives (namely in terms of employment and financial stability), but if we handle our business just fine, we could have a great and serious future together. Right now, we're very content and happy taking things slow, and just thankful for having each other.
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    With great power comes great electricity bill.
  24. Whaaat?? D: I like her alright D: since she reminds me of Rainbow Dash but with strawberries >w< (also,I'm not sure if I posted this already >~<)
  25. Oh my! A fan club? For little ole moi. Darlings, I am so touched! Oh hoofbumps and boops to all!
  26. This is a new OC I have made! I'm thinking he is even Lunarpalette's father! His name is Oxhammer and he is a strong work pony. He does manual labor and has a cutie mark of a set of ox horns crossed with a hammer. He is a Pegasus. I don't have much more information about him currently though.
  27. Kalani is the one on the right and her little sister on the left is called Violet Tune. I sketched it then scanned it on to my pc and did the line art and colouring on ms paint. I got the background from google it's not mine.
  28. Just arrived in Salt Lick City with her friend Holly Dash,just to see the city's famous Giant Ball of yarn,is also where Applejack and Rarity visited too
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    Tomorrow's Good Friday, season 7 starts Saturday, and Sunday is Easter. This has already been a fantastic week so far and it looks like it's only gonna get better!
  30. Mega Thread

    Hey guys. I think God is really working wonders in my life. I was really in a very dark place only 3 months ago, which I'd rather not get into publicly, but it all worked out in a scary way, involving a health situation. I had been very depressed on and off for nearly a decade, and at it's worst for at least 5 years. It's really interesting how things work out, sometimes your life gets better out of very scary situations but things turn out OK in the end, sometimes better than you had been for a long time. I'd like you guys to pray that my life still stays this good, and that things in general work out for the future, hopefully so that I can help others and maybe help others with their relationship with Christ.
  31. Mega Thread

    just got out the shower, and tried straightening me hair but oh well also havent gotten out of this shirt since the concert 31.03.17 (ha help im band trash)
  32. Yep x3 she was just reading a book,until that cute little creature came up to her x3 hehe
  33. I drew more cause of certain fanarts about having ponies with spaceships >.> anyway,this is the largest ship that they ever created!! >:D is call the Manehatten class dreadnought!!! Dx it's armed with a'lot of weapons just like a space station! @w@
  34. "I was not aware that I was an expression." -Celestia when she realizes she's a god
  35. staff

    I now have an excuse to pull this out. Batponies are Fabulous! @Miss Reaper, congratulations. I normally make this a goofy joke post or a smarmy sentimental post, but seeing as I have been in the presence of wise old Jedi types all day, I will impart some wisdom - in list form. 1. Always try and enjoy yourself. Whatever it was that brought you to this site, and motivated you to join, keep it in you mind as you go about your day to day activities of staff work. 2. Make new friends. The MLPF team is a core group of diverse people. Learn from them. Let your hair down and get to know the ones you don't know well already. 3. Find your person. We all have at least one. We can have many many close friends. You will no doubt have some already. Your 'person' is that one person that you know you can lean on for questions and support. They will be your keystone. They will help carry you when you need it. You will carry them in turn. Find this individual(s). 4. Don't burn out while trying to impress the others. We all fall into this trap a little. Longevity comes with not trying to do everything all at once. 5. Remember, you are allowed to make mistakes. Don't be afraid to admit them to yourself and others. 6. Communicate. If you don't know it yet, the seasoned vets, and the Adminstration are people you can trust. Go to them when you had questions or concerns about anything. Seek their guidance. These are decent people who want you to succeed and have fun. Trust them. 7. Yell at PathfinderCS every once in a while about seeing more movies. I'm not allowed to anymore. 8. It's ok to step away and take a break. Especially when you feel stressed. Take a break when you need it. 9. Rule #1 is the most important rule. Do that stuff and you'll be fine. Welcome to the Wonderbolts. /) /Jedi
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    This will always be my greatest memory in service of this great place <3 <3 <3 May the pies fly, forever and ever. Pies c:
  37. Nothing like dozing off in the forest.
  38. Fluttershy & Marble Pie:
  39. Fluttershy for today.
  40. Mega Thread

    Where are my fellow Metal fans at!? Whoot! Whoot!
  41. Mega Thread

    I'm transgender BTW and my first time wearing makeup.
  42. I have not shared any work (at least on here) for a while now, so i wanted to show you guys what i recently finished after recently getting my new graphics card so that i could begin to draw again I hope you like it! <3 Source:
  43. Hello, I'm new. ^^ I'm not quite sure how this site works but I'm looking forward to making new friends. My favourite character is Starlight Glimmer and she's actually the reason why I found this place. I was looking to see if anyone else liked her as much as I did and stumbled upon a thread of this forum. I also really like Rainbow Dash and my favourite background ponies are Lyra and Bon Bon. I've been watching My Little Pony for years now but I never joined the fandom. I was introduced to it while I was a part of the Hetalia fandom and I came across some crossover videos on youtube. Well, about me. I'm from Europe, I play the harp, I own two cats. I'm a member of the Petz and Babyz communities (those are games from the 90s by P.F. Magic). I'm a fan of Eurovision, Star Trek, Les Misérables, and, well, My Little Pony. I also have a fascination with Russian history (maybe part of the reason I like Starlight? I mainly really love her character development though) and my taste in music is really odd and diverse, ranges from 70s & 80s rock music to Alexander Rybak to musicals to Russian popmusic apparently (started listening to that recently). O_o Lol, anyway. Nice to meet you!
  44. Hey, everypony! My name's Shadow Dash, and I want to be your friend! I've been a brony since December, and have been hanging around on the EQD forums ever since. But they've been down for a few days (and I've been lonely, and I love making new friends) so I decided to pop in here. I look forward to meeting you all, and hope to have a wonderful time. P.S: I'm still on Season 5, so please no Season 7 spoilers.
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  46. Since there isn't a whole lot of these 3 as fillies, I thought I'd do a piece on them.
  47. Well, finished All Bottled Up. Honestly, I take back what I previously thought. This was much better watching it a second time. Strengths: Starlight. She needed a really strong performance after poor outings in Every Little Thing and To Where. ABU is her best outing since The Crystalling. She was strong when she needed to, angry when he needed to, tired when she needed to, and sad when she needed to. Her characterization was a row of colors (and, no, not just red). She felt like a character that people can empathize to. While past episodes sometimes told us she grew, we get to SEE it very clearly. If you recall Every Little Thing She Does, she controlled her friends against their will as the first resort; in what was trying to replicate Lesson Zero's success, that didn't work. Here, she literally bottled up her anger as a last resort. Every time Trixie did something that made her angry, her anger became more and more uncontrollable. Starlight knows this, but feared getting mad at her would fracture their bond. Considering what happened in the past (both with each other in NSP and herself in ELTSD), it's understandable. She couldn't risk that. Even though it was wrong for her to bottle up her anger, you can see where she's coming from, and there are actual consequence to hr choice. Every time she got mad, her expression, personality, and facial expression changed. Her hair frayed and wilted. Her eyes drooped. Overall, there was no life into her personality. To keep her temper under control emotionally and physically drained her. In other words, her character growth from ELTSD was used to the Sister Writers' advantage, not ignored. She and Celestia were the best characterized in these two episodes, but I'm more impressed by Starlight's for the reasons above. And Starlight's hairdo wilting at the jewelry store is my favorite moment of both eps. The pacing here is much more improved over CA, too. With one exception midway, everything flowed from one point to the next much better. The ending didn't feel rushed, cramped, slow, or nonsensical. Everything, including the Friendship Retreat, mattered. The Friendship Retreat broke away from the moody A-plot. Yeah, the B-plot had some humor, but it was also quite serious and heavy. Sometimes when you have a plot this heavy, you need something to occasionally break away to relax the plot a bit. The B-plot is very relaxed and tenseless. On top of that, fantastic moral. Sometimes when you bottle up your anger, that anger can manifest itself into making you do things that'll you'll regret. A big strength in maintaining a healthy friendship is the ability to be honest, yet constructive with those you care for. Weaknesses: The B-plot, while counterbalancing the A-plot, is contrived. Twilight's mildly flanderized here, and you have a stereotypical-looking and sounding stallion who acted like he couldn't care less about his job. Secondly, it kept interrupting the A-plot, which slowed the pace and put it at a standstill. You can maybe relax the tension in the A-plot without stopping it to complete the B-plot. Trixie becomes flanderized. After she accidentally teleported the Cutie Map, she stopped caring about that, was so oblivious to Starlight's anxiety until late in Act 2, and cared more about other things immediately. Her change in personality feels too sudden and implausible. If there was a conflict between trying to find the map and slowly becoming too mesmerized on extracurricular things, then it could work a little better. Like an improved Cart Before the Ponies. Nevertheless, a really great episode that I grew to appreciate more the second time. Originally, I thought Celestial Advice was better. Now I believe the opposite.
  48. I would like to receive such a gift!
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  50. Mega Thread

    I know I'm very rarely here anymore but I recently uploaded a picture of me on instagram and I realised that I'm actually wearing my first mlp merch I ever got on it so I guess that's sort of related to this place.