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  1. Awww, I've been booped so many times! Now it's my turn. Rikifive uses Boop Chain skill! Boop Chain Performs boops to multiple ponies in a very short period of time. Deals 1 boop per boop Can boop up to 100 ponies Cannot boop the same pony twice 35% chance to get like for each boop boop'd ponies have 1400% increased chance to boop you back in their next turn Each boop has 9% chance to glitch the mentioning system Cost: 8 MP 26 EP "Boop!" @Jeric @Lightwing @Fluttershy Friend @Snow @SolarFlare13 @Johnny1226 @Geralt of Poland @Penguinbrony24 @Totally Lyra @ProbablyNotLyra @Fade @Silver Note @Baby Dashie *it broke...* @Compeador @Meeps @Prospekt @Buzz *it broke again...* @Crescent Forest @Burpy @StrawCherry @Libra @Niko @VengefulStrudel @WiiGuy2014 *ah, it glitched...* @Ginger Ale @Dark Horse @String Note @meme @The_Gobo @Zachary @ZethaPonderer *oh, so that's how you break...* @.Wolfe. @Randimaxis @lyra as a princess @Derplight Sperkle @Catsle @Wacko Wolf @Lady Kiriness @Glacies Frost @Lunar Echo @Kyoshi @cuteycindyhoney @Fhaolan @Sparklefan1234 @Alexshy @Batbrony aaaand @Mesme Rize have been booped! (These aren't totally random boops) Some decent quality artworks all over the place, it's time for some poor quality art. Look snek pone what I've just made. ULTIMATE SNEK BOOP Aww much snek, very boop, me wants some squeeeeeeeze!
  2. I think I have the hang of this.... @Totally Lyra@AsrielFries@Mickey Adaptus@Driz@Yumekai@Slashy@The Candlekeeper@VEnoM-NinJA_4@Kyoshi@JonasDarkmane@Misty Shimmer@Maple Bat@TBD@Film Reel@Das Capschen@Flearia Dragondanser@Cyberhoof@Blitz Boom@Soaring Symphony@Ginger Ale@ShootingStar159@Zachary@Star Petal@SparklingSwirls@Twilight Dirac@Dark Horse@Count Werdowp@Mirage77@PrincessOfCompassion@Radience@Denim&Venom@ChB@KH7672@darkwingmare@FlitterFlutter@Spacey@FluffyGoat13@Niko@ThunderCrush@Lunar Echo@Stardust Balance@C. Thunder Dash@skysweep@Jade The Pegasister@Apollo Justice@cmarston1@Jaspers@Quaestio Draconis@Frostgage@Stormfury@Concerned Bystander@ScruffyTheStallion@Sweetie Feri@Dreambiscuit@Randimaxis@Star Mist OK.... maybe not. IT STILL COUNTS! Don't judge me....
  3. ... ... I keep getting booped, but faster than I can reply to! ... rrrrrrrr... grrrrrrrrrrrr... RRRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGH!!!!! @Snow, @Mesme Rize, @Mentis Soliloquy, @genessee, @Jeric, @Lightwing, @C. Thunder Dash, @ScruffyTheStallion, @GrimGrimoire, @Pripyat Pony, @cwhip9, @Hazard Time, @Missklang, @Feld0, @JonasDarkmane, @Arid_Blitz, @Blitz Boom, @Red Cedar, @Vampira Heart, @FancyHorse, @Trottermare Galamane, @Hierok, @Cwanky, @Royce, @-Octavia-, @Denim&Venom, @Maple Bat, @Rikifive, @chaosprincess, @Eloquence, @The_Gobo, @Dark Horse, @Venomous, @Mickey Adaptus, @Dark Qiviut, @Stormfury, @LonnaKitty, @Seamore Sandwich, @Flearia Dragondanser, @CinnamonPop, @bronislav84, @Derplight Sperkle, @Count Paradox, @Drunk Not I Am, @DwhitetheGamer, @Fhaolan, @Foliha, @Golbez, @Hypn0ticD, @Illiad Easle, @Inkie Winecrest, @Kyoshi, @Lord Bradley, @PathfinderCS, @RedFox, @Shadow Beam, @Sweet Pen, @TheRockARooster, @VengefulStrudel, @Vulcan *pant, pant, pant* ... now I have to clean up the casings; pardon me.
  4. OK. I've been booped so many times today. My nose hurts. Thanks of course! Now it is time to take revenge! Boop: @Rikifive @Baby Dashie @SolarFlare13 @Hierok@Prospekt@GrimGrimoire Of course my today status updates also applies to all of you! And it is time to boops new victims! Boop: @Mirage77 @Wingnut@Heavenly Sun@MaresFillies@Star Mist@The Equestrian Brony@meme@Varrack @Sir Hugoholic@Flutter Baby <3@SpiBaz@Radience@Starry Snow @Burpy@ScruffyTheStallion@Stormfury@strongwilled_pegasus@Sunset Rose@Sweetie Feri@TheRockARooster@Twilight Doll@Buffy@ChikoritaCheezits@CosmicSpark@Crosswind99@DJ Wonderbolt@Floyd@FlutterFan21@FelonOnBass@Merion@Miles@Misty Shimmer @Penguinbrony24@Kitsune*@KirbyFluttershy@Kinsella@Planetaria@Niko@Starzen@Sunburst0x00@Count Werdowp@Lunar Echo@Sammybaby@Geralt of Poland@Alexshy@Snow@The Cerberus @CypherHoof@The_Gobo@Gameground@Jedishy@Kenshiro@ZethaPonderer@Sonic5421@Travlein@Photon Jet@FlutterGuy999@ThunderCrush Uff. Now my hoof hurts also!
  5. ALL my friends deserve boops! Oh dear, to all my fellow awesome friends, where ever and whatever reasons where to hang out with such a pony like me, no matter if active or gone, banned or not, heres to boop! LIST AHEAD Andthe grrreatest and powerfullest boop goesto my BFF @BasementSparkle
  6. Hello there! I had something in mind for some time. Um.. No idea what to say. Basically, since the rank system is one of the most frequently asked questions, I've decided to try to draw it in order to give it some fancy visual look. Does that make sense? Yeah, the concept seemed nice, but it turned out to be bad- or at least that's what I think. I may have derp'd or overlooked few things, but welp- originally I wanted to abandon ship and throw it to trash, but I guess I'll post it here, so that you all could laugh. At least I tried something-- SCIENCE YAY! So, I'll just leave it here and quickly run away. I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess you can count it as MLP Forums fan art? At least the book looks good. ... Does it?
  7. *Boops @Johnny1226 @Arid_Blitz @KTAG @Hierok @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @Princess Aurora Wolf @Prospekt @Kaelocan @Silver Note @Misty Shimmer @The_Gobo @Duality @Royce @Cl0udChaser @flueryheartlove @TheRockARooster @Mirage77 @Artimis Whooves @Catsle @Count Werdowp @DayShadow @vivishy @Hoppy @Lunar Echo @Randimaxis @Gone Airbourne @TBD @The Cerberus @Tropico @WisePie @Penguinbrony24 @Fillypino Fries @Leere @Sunset Rose @WiiGuy2014 @IronM17 @Sparklefan1234 @Tilgoreth @CypherHoof @Sweetie Feri and @Amber Night *
  8. @Missklang @Totally Lyra @Fluttershy Friend @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Mirage77 @Lucky Bolt @ScruffyTheStallion @ChB @The Cerberus @Dark Qiviut @Leere @Kyoshi @Deae Rising Shine~ @WiiGuy2014 @Mesme Rize @Denim&Venom@Hierok @Jeric @PathfinderCS @Zachary @Celli @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Gone Airbourne @TigerGeekGuy @Alexshy @PiratePony @Rikifive Merry Chaosmas, Everypony! Discord is being generous & giving everypony a donut. Piece of Donutby Ssalbug
  9. Methinks it's time for the summoning megaboop! *soars sending the Feathers of Boop to @ChB @Totally Lyra @Celli @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage77 @Denim&Venom @Lucky Bolt@ScruffyTheStallion @Duality @The Cerberus @Gone Airbourne @ProbablyNotLyra @RDFan89 @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Dark Qiviut @GrimGrimoire @Trottermare Galamane @Ganondorf8 @PoisonClaw@PathfinderCS @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz@Leere @PiratePony @ooReiko @Jeric @Mesme Rize @Zyrael@Stormfury @Foxy Socks* *a surprise boop goes to Tia of course* Sleep well, sister, thy snoot shalt be booped in the morning! *giggles* *poof!* *up to some games in AFKastle*
  10. Hello everypony. I've been very busy IRL so sadly the boops haven't been coming very often, BUT I did make sure to save this large batch... brace yourselves, comrades... *boops @Zachary, @Jeric, @Totally Lyra, @Sparklefan1234, @Princess Moony, @CinnamonPop, @The Cerberus, @Fluttershy Friend, @Alexshy, @Stormfury, @Rikifive, @Hierok, @Baby Dashie, @Lightwing, @Derplight Sperkle, @Sun Ray, @ChB, @Sunwalker, @Tilgoreth, @CypherHoof, @Princess Aurora Wolf, @Lady Kiriness, @Trotteur Sauvage, @Trottermare Galamane, @Mesme Rize, @Allen, @BlueStreak98, @AsrielFries, @flueryheartlove, @El Duderino, @Kyoshi, @Nebula Wolf, @Lucky Bolt, @Widdershins, @Twilight Witch, @LunaLover92, @KrazyDashie, @PinkuRiku, @Amber Night, @Brightbart, @Captain Whirlwind, @ChikoritaCheezits, @Connie, @CosmicSpark, and @Duality* Phew... that was a lot!
  11. @Stormfury @GrimGrimoire @The Cerberus @TheRockARooster @Dark Qiviut @DashYoshi @WiiGuy2014 @Deae Rising Shine~ @strongwilled_pegasus @Ginger Ale @ShadowDash13 @Amber Night @Photon Jet @Lunar Echo @Sir Hugoholic @Dusk Nightshroud @Bnig98JR @Summer Breeze @goofyg65 @ThunderCrush @_BlazingInfinity @flueryheartlove @Kelldrick @ChB @Zachary @Dark Horse @Totally Lyra @Denim&Venom @RDFan89 @DANUTERCISD @meme @Kyle Douche @Dubwave Nightshadow @BlackHole(TimeLord) @Sparklefan1234 @gamecubeguy214 @SolarFlare13 @Vampira Heart @Foxy Socks @Barik the Luigineer And anyone else I might be forgetting the exact username of. It has taken me way too long to get a specific boop post going, but you awesome pony peeps deserve it. :3 So I present to you, a Button Boop.
  12. @Sparklefan1234 @ChB @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @Zachary @Jeric @ooReiko @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Hierok @Alexshy @NightmareLuna800 @Lucky Bolt @SparklingSwirls @Count Werdowp @CypherHoof @Fluttershy Friend @MidnightRush @Gone Airbourne @WisePie @Sun Ray @ZethaPonderer @GrimGrimoire @TigerGeekGuy @Mickey Adaptus @Ani @Concerned Bystander @Johnny1226 @Lucartini @twilight24 @Widdershins @Misty Shimmer @Sunset Rose @Fillypino Fries @jorge123esp @Royce @WiiGuy2014 @meme @Nightmare Muffin @ShadowDash13 @TBD @VenoM_LP-4 @Cl0udChaser @Totally Lyra @Stormfury @Prospekt @Wolfgrel Don't you know what Day it is BOOP?
  13. Prepare for the ultimate boopage! @Totally Lyra @Leere @Zyrael @VEnoM-NinJA_4 @The_Gobo @Jaspers @Rikifive @Duality @Lady Kiriness @ScruffyTheStallion @Lightwing @Lucky Bolt @Zachary @Stormfury @Jeric @TigerGeekGuy @Alexshy @Royce @WiiGuy2014 @Baby Dashie @Summer Breeze @Hierok @iceestarz @Woohoo @Gone Airbourne @FizzyGreen @Burpy @Venomous @Dark Horse @-Nobody- @Glacies Frost @Dreambiscuit @Randimaxis @Niko @Wingnut @Frostgage @Techno Universal @Arid_Blitz @Cl0udChaser @GrimGrimoire
  14. *Boops* @PathfinderCS @Fluttershy Friend @Deae Rising Shine~ @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Denim&Venom@Penguinbrony24 @ChB @Celli @Kyoshi @NightmareLuna800 @PoisonClaw @Unicorncob @Mirage77 @TigerGeekGuy @RDash11 @Totally Lyra @Dark Qiviut @Ganondorf8 @Chrylestia600 @Rikifive @PiratePony @Jeric @The_Gobo @Tilgoreth @The Cerberus @Mesme Rize @Hierok @hopkey123 @Alexshy Uploaded by faience
  15. Thank you @Lucky Bolt! I'm sending a shout out to You and some of my other AWESOME friends: @ChB @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Celli @Totally Lyra @Hierok @Denim&Venom @Mesme Rize @TheRockARooster @WiiGuy2014 @RDFan89 @ScruffyTheStallion @Dark Qiviut @King Clark @Tilgoreth @AmarisNsane @Mirage77 @Fluttershy Friend @Jeric @ooReiko @PiratePony @Kyoshi @PathfinderCS @Leere @Stormfury @Missklang @Chrylestia600 @Ganondorf8 @Prospekt @Kenshiro @Alexshy @Deae Rising Shine~
  16. *yawns squeakily* *spreads wings and wiggles them lightly* Time cometh to perform some summoning! Shall the booping begin! *soars high sending the Feathers of Boop to @Lucky Bolt @Totally Lyra @Fluttershy Friend @Hierok @Mirage77 @Baby Dashie @Wolfgrel @ChB @Flutterstep@Spark The Kirin @Duality @Deae Rising Shine~ @Sparklefan1234 @Leere @Rikifive @Denim&Venom @Lunar Echo @ooReiko @Jeric @Zachary @Arid_Blitz @Celli @The Cerberus @Princess Aurora Wolf @GrimGrimoire @Mesme Rize @Dark Qiviut @Randimaxis @Stormfury @Foxy Socks* I'm off to mine nightly duty. See ye all shortly. *More soft Feathers of Boop follow, one lands on the snoot of sleeping Tia*
  17. *Boops* @Deae Rising Shine~ @ChB @Totally Lyra @Celli @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage77 @Denim&Venom @Alexshy @Lucky Bolt@ScruffyTheStallion @Duality @The Cerberus @Gone Airbourne @ProbablyNotLyra @RDFan89 @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Dark Qiviut @GrimGrimoire @Trottermare Galamane @Wolfgrel @Ganondorf8 @PoisonClaw@PathfinderCS @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz@Leere @PiratePony @ooReiko @Jeric @Mesme Rize @Zyrael@Stormfury @Foxy Socks Button Mash (Alicorn) and Shady Daze (R63) - Boopby CyanLightning
  18. Like in this animation I boop @Alexshy, @The Cerberus, @Twilight Witch, @Sparklefan1234, @SparklingSwirls, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Concerned Bystander, @The_Gobo, @Tilgoreth, @Duality, @Lunar Echo, @Niko, @CypherHoof, @ScruffyTheStallion, @Lucky Bolt, @Baby Dashie, @-D1SCORDANT-, @Kyoshi, @Jeric, @Mesme Rize, @Fluttershy Friend, @Flutterstep, @ChB, @TBD, @Prospekt, @Mirage77, @Ginger Ale, @Dark Horse, @Lady Kiriness, @meme, @MegaSean45, @ThunderCrush, @SilverNote, @Vulcan, @Penguinbrony24, @.Wolfe..
  19. Ninja boop! @Stardust Balance@Ani@Widdershins@SolarFlare13@Mickey Adaptus@Crystal Peppermint@Radience@Driz@Sparklefan1234@JonasDarkmane@SparklingSwirls@Thuja@Hazard Time@WiiGuy2014@GeekySonic@FlitterFlutter@Tao@IronM17@Deae Rising Shine~@Catsle@Rulerofblocks@Alexshy@Foxy Socks@Fillypino Fries@Ginger Ale@Tiny Hoofs@StormBlaze@Raven Rawne@Totally Lyra@Burpy@PathfinderCS@Fluttershy Friend@Mesme Rize@AlexanderThrond@Truffles@KTAG@Photon Jet@cmarston1@Summer Breeze@Prospekt@iceestarz@Misty Shimmer@The Cerberus@Lucky Bolt *Vanishes off into the darkness*
  20. I was gonna boop you all... but... @Misty Shimmer@Ani@Frostgage@VEnoM-NinJA_4@Johnny1226@Hazard Time@Kronos the Revenant@ShootingStar159@Prospekt@Oleks@DashYoshi@Cyberhoof@Radience@Jaspers@PinkiePie97@Fallen Valkyrie@The Equestrian Brony@Nissan Skyline GT-R R34@WisePie@Br O N Y@StrawCherry@Marciblook@Maple Bat@iceestarz@Wacko Wolf@ShadowDash13@Odd Ball@Zyrael@BronyNumber42@Truffles@WiiGuy2014@Autumn Mist@JonasDarkmane@Jeric@Harper@SFyr@Kyoshi@Jade The Pegasister@Lucky Bolt To heck with that! You've all been promoted to nose honks. Congrats!
  21. Sometimes you get the boop.... @Crystal Peppermint@PumpkinCharm@ambergerr@Mirage77@Hierok@heavens-champion@RainCode@Drago Ryder@The_Gobo@GaryTheGriffon@Baby Dashie@MegaSean45@Shadow Beam@ShadowDash13@d^_^b@PathfinderCS@Cwanky@The Cerberus@Holiday Agnaktor@Raven Rawne@Fade@Steve Piranha@Redeye@Vocal Analyst@Ganaram Inukshuk@Fhaolan@FizzyGreen@Dawnchaser@Misscellanio@Rarity the Supreme@Windchime@Sunset Rose@VengefulStrudel And sometimes it gets you....
  22. First, I boop my precious @Baby Dashie who's asleep in my hooves. Now brace yourselves. This is a big list. Boop for @WiiGuy2014 Boop for @Fluttershy Friend Boop for @RDFan89 Boop for @Prospekt Boop for @Kyoshi Boop for @Lightning Charge Boop for @ScruffyTheStallion Boop for @Sparklefan1234 Boop for @ThunderCrush Boop for @Fluttershy of Light Boop for @ShadowDash13 Boop for @ChB Boop for @Totally Lyra Boop for @Foxy Socks Boop for @GrimGrimoire Boop for @Jeric Boop for @Zyrael Boop for @Libra Boop for @CypherHoof Boop for @Steve Piranha Boop for @Zachary Boop for @Johnny1226 Boop for @Photon Jet Boop for @Lunar Echo Boop for @Trotteur Funeste
  23. As the title says, boop anyone and everyone. No nose is safe. Let the Boopening commence! *boops the first 3 noses to reply*
  24. So the premiere just happened and this happened at the premiere: What I'm saying is if you see this in theaters, please don't film it. It's a felony and hurts ticket sales. If you can afford internet connection to watch a shitty cam rip, you can afford to buy a 10-20 dollar ticket or a 25 dollar DVD.
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    When I'm sad your presence, your posts, your broohooves, nice words give me invaluable support! Thank you all for that!
  26. *fires the summoning Boopernova at @Deae Rising Shine~ @ChB @Totally Lyra @Celli @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage77 @Denim&Venom @Lucky Bolt@ScruffyTheStallion @Duality @The Cerberus @Gone Airbourne @ProbablyNotLyra @RDFan89 @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Dark Qiviut @GrimGrimoire @Trottermare Galamane @Wolfgrel @Ganondorf8 @PoisonClaw@PathfinderCS @Randimaxis @Arid_Blitz@Leere @PiratePony @ooReiko @Jeric @Mesme Rize @Zyrael@Stormfury @Foxy Socks * Help thine Princess, mine valorous ponies, to catch deformed @Nightmare Boop... ...ere he turns into a pumpkin at the sunrize and smacks on the ground. In the latter case we need to find Discord with his prank superglue to bring the pone back before reforming him!
  27. *boops @Holiday Agnaktor* Tis soundeth like an passable explanation of thy condition so far, considering the symptoms. *boops @Deae Rising Shine~ @ChB @Totally Lyra @Celli @Fluttershy Friend @Mirage77 @Denim&Venom @Lucky Bolt @Duality @The Cerberus @RDFan89 @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Dark Qiviut @GrimGrimoire @Wolfgrel @Ganondorf8 @PoisonClaw @Randimaxis @Sparklefan1234 @Arid_Blitz@Leere @ooReiko @Jeric @Mesme Rize@Foxy Socks * Ahh... so little time, so many snoots to boop!
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  29. Okay, that's it. I warned all of you. DX hypnotizes @VengefulStrudel @Hierok @Lady Kiriness @Dark Horse @JonasDarkmane @Jeric @Batbrony @Lightwing @GrimGrimoire @Randimaxis @Flutterstep @Snow @Lunar Echo @Mr Dash @Photon Jet @Sparklefan1234 @CypherHoof @meme @Totally Lyra @WiiGuy2014 @The Cerberus @-Nobody- @A.V. @Derplight Sperkle @PathfinderCS @Prospekt @Rikifive @SFyr @Trottermare Galamane @Yoshi89 ordering to boop their own snoots.
  30. To my brothers/sisters in Christ: @Sunwalker @Steel Accord @Prospekt @EMT Brony @Dreambiscuit *Boop*! To my Lyra friend, @Totally Lyra: To my Twilight Sparkle friends: @Sparklefan1234 @Celli @Faulty Circuit To my Rarity friends: @Jeric @ooReiko @TheFunk @Zachary : To my Rainbow Dash Friends: @Baby Dashie @Ziggy + Angel + Rain @Deae Rising Shine~ @RDFan89 To my fellow Fluttershy friends: @Autumn Mist @FlutterGuy999 @Fluttershy Friend @KirbyFluttershy To my Pinkie Pie friends: @Pinkamena-Pills @Gone Airbourne @pinkiepartypie @PinkuRiku @Sun Ray To my Applejack friend, @Princess Aurora Wolf To my Sunset Shimmer friends: @Ganondorf8 @TheMagmaCube13 To my Disney friends:@Hierok @WiiGuy2014 To my other friends: @Photon Jet @King Clark @The Cerberus @Bit Boss @AmarisNsane @OmegaBeamOfficial Love you all!
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    *boops the whole forum at once* :3
  32. If ya wanted snoot boops, then here comes a bunch of booped snoots. @Arid_Blitz @AsrielFries @Baby Dashie @Buttonmash1973 @Christhegreat141 @Count Werdowp @Deae Rising Shine~ @djdashie3 @Duality @FemaleIntrovert1995 @firewing628 @Fluttershy Friend @Ginger Ale @Hierok @ImDaMisterL@IronM17 @Johnny1226 @Kitsune* @KTAG @Leere @Lucky Bolt @Princess Celestia Feri @PrincessOfCompassion @QueenLiz808 @Randimaxis @RDash11 @Rikifive @ScruffyTheStallion @Sir Floof @Sparklefan1234 @The_Gobo @ThunderCrush @Tilgoreth @Totally Lyra @Trotteur Sauvage @Trottermare Galamane @Twilight-Sparkle17 @Unicorncob @Zachary
  33. *Activating anti-bop defense shields... ....shields activated... defenses at 100%* Searching for targets... ...targets acquired. Firing boops at @Dawn Darkness@Johnny1226@Mesme Rize@Someguyinablazer@Libra@RDFan89@Deae Rising Shine~@Sparklefan1234@Twilight Witch@WiiGuy2014@Stormfury@weesh@SparklingSwirls@Jaspers@Princess Celestia Feri@Celli@Aquaflame@Meeps@Randimaxis@Sunset Rose@Snowflake Frostflame@Wacko Wolf@FizzyGreen@Jeric@Totally Lyra@BronyNumber42@Foxy Socks Targets booped. Returning to rest mode. And as for @Alexshy@Lucky Bolt@Ani@Kyoshi You guys need to bee-have. *Totally not ashamed of myself for that pun*
  34. Old MACDONALD had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had a boop *boops @Mirage77* E-I-E-I-O With a boop boop here *boops @Lucky Bolt* And a boop boop there *boops @Misty Shimmer* Here a boop *boops @Sunset Rose*, there a boop *boops @Twilight Witch* Everywhere a boop boop *boops @Kyoshi* Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O *boops @FlitterFlutter* Old MACDONALD had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had another boop *boops @Libra* E-I-E-I-O With more boop boops here *boops @Crescent Forest* And more boop boops there *boops @meme Here a boop *boops @Randimaxis, there a boop *boops @Fluttershy Friend* Everywhere more boop boops *boops @Johnny1226* Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O *Boops @Batbrony* Old MACDONALD had a farm E-I-E-I-O And on his farm he had even more boops! *boops @Stormfury* E-I-E-I-O With a ton of boops here *boops @The Cerberus* And a gaggle of boops there *boops @TigerGeekGuy* Here some boops *boops @CypherHoof, there... holy crap more boops! *boops @Mesme Rize* Everywhere so damn many boops *Boops @Ginger Ale* Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O *boops @Yellow Diamond* I could do the rest of the song but my fingers are tired. But not tired enough to give one giant shout out... errrr.... mega boop to @Jeric and his family and everyone else in the path of the Irma. Obviously it heard about all the awesome booping going on between us all and wanted in on that action. Sadly @Totally Lyra did not put a "No storms allowed!" clause in the opening thread... so here we are. Maybe if we all gave it a unified super boop, it would be enough to send it happily on its way off into open water?
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    Welcome the new Princess Celestia Feri, my subjects!
  36. Well, you all asked for it! I will boop @The Cerberus, @Count Werdowp, @Baby Dashie, @Jeric, @ooReiko, @Johnny1226, @Kyoshi, @SpiBaz, @Dark Horse, @Deae Rising Shine~, @Concerned Bystander, @Randimaxis, @Lunar Echo, @Penguinbrony24, @ShadowDash13, @TBD, @ChB, @ThunderCrush, @Lightning Charge, @Prospekt, @Sparklefan1234, @SparklingSwirls, @The_Gobo, @Duality, @Radience, @CypherHoof, @Tilgoreth, @WiiGuy2014, @meme, @Ginger Ale, @Crosswind99, @Fluttershy Friend, @Flutterstep, @Silver Note, @Arid_Blitz and @ScruffyTheStallion.
  37. Time to return some of the boops I've been receiving. *super boops* @CypherHoof @Alexshy @Fluttershy Friend @The Cerberus @Randimaxis @Kyoshi @Sparklefan1234 @Prospekt @chaosprincess @Lightning Charge @C. Thunder Dash @Wacko Wolf @PrincessOfCompassion @ShadowDash13 @WiiGuy2014 @Nebula Wolf @Count Werdowp @Baby Dashie @Flutterstep @ScruffyTheStallion @CosmicSpark @TBD @Hierok @Starzen @ThunderCrush @Silver Note
  38. *Poof!* *boops @CypherHoof* 't wast UT2004. Naturally I am that old fashioned *boops @Wolfgrel* Mine gratitude for the match! *bows* *soars into the night sky spreading the wings* And now it's time for the BOOPERNOVA!!! *Feathers of Boop heading to @Sparklefan1234 @ChB @Steve Piranha @Lunar Echo @ooReiko @Baby Dashie @Princess Aurora Wolf @Hierok @Lucky Bolt @Count Werdowp @Fluttershy Friend @ZethaPonderer @GrimGrimoire @TigerGeekGuy @Concerned Bystander @Luna @Mirage77 @Spark The Kirin @Widdershins @Misty Shimmer @Sunset Rose @WiiGuy2014 @meme @Totally Lyra @Stormfury @Prospekt @Holiday Agnaktor and the rest of the herd randomly* *Special delayed hyperboop goes to Tia... to surprise her in the morning* He-he!
  39. Dear and wonderful Boopers. Probably I will not be able to be much active on forum by two weeks.To all of you (booped by me already or not yet) I would like to wish nice booping! Giant fiendly boop and reboop for everyone! Especially for: @Alexshy@Rikifive @Mirage77@Hierok @ChB@Sparklefan1234@Totally Lyra @ZethaPonderer@Prospekt@Starzen@Wolfgrel @Lucky Bolt @CypherHoof @ThunderCrush@Count Werdowp@GrimGrimoire @The Cerberus @RDFan89 @Princess Aurora Wolf @Holiday Agnaktor
  40. I know not of the Boop. Still, I fully appreciate the boopings. A part of me feels it is somehow diluted by being buried in a swarm of other mentions, but that's just my tsundere side... any moment having been taken aside for thought to be spared of myself still warms the space where my heart used to be. I wish to show my appreciation to all those whom I've met, to those who have added into my life a small moment that shall forever remain crystallized in time that I can look fondly back on for however much it may have meant to either of us, regardless of how long or irrelevant it may have seemed at the time. I would boop, but I want to do something far more expressive of my feelings... so without much further ado... I tribute the following to: *Widdershins takes a deep breath...* @FullmoonDagger , @Zarosian, @Lunar Echo, @SolarFlare13, @Randimaxis, @AmarisNsane, @Amys-pmvs, @Applejacket, @Chrylestia600 (and their sibling!), @Hastur, @Handsome Changeling, @Contrast, @dragon4111, @LugiaFan249, @Little Snowdrop, @WhirlyPop, @~Phoenix~, @Nightshroud, @Jackie: sleepy mare, @Dji, @GrimGrimoire, @Prospekt, @Driz, @The_Gobo, @Duality, @Br O N Y (both of them!), @Elric Leaftail, @Evelyn Light, @flame, @Glacies Frost, @ImDaMisterL, @Johnny1226, @KlutsyDraconequus, @LuminaraRose, @ShadOBabe, @Maple Bat, @MaryxMelody, @Missklang, @melodythepony, @Misty Shimmer, @Penguinbrony24, @Blitz Boom, @Foxy Socks, @Vampira Heart, @ProbablyNotLyra, @Radience, @SeraphStar, @sound_of_fire, @Someguyinablazer, @Shineling, @Seamore Sandwich, @SpongeBobsLittlePony, @SugarCoatxMarblePie, @Stormfury, @Sweetie Feri (or whichever he's going by now!), @trademark2, @Violet_S, @BasementSparkle, poor, forever abandoned Starcake... and of course, @Bit Boss So, to all those (and Penguin, who just caught on as I was halfway through typing that...) and all those with whom I have yet to meet & experience, I give unto you all what I feel is the best way I have of expressing myself... through parodying a song. Hit it, Widdy. You're the light, you're the night, you're the color of my blood... You're the cure, you're the pain, you're the only things I want to boop... Never knew that it could mean so much.... so much. You're the fear, I don't care, because I've never been so high. Follow me, through the dark, let me take you through my satellites. I hope you can see the world you've brought to life! life... So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do. So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do. So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do. Love me like you do-ooo-ooo... WHAT'RE WE BOOPIN' FOOOOR?!!? I'll leeeet you seeet the paaaace.... because I'm not thiiiinking straaaaight! My head's spinning around and I don't see clearly anymore. What're we booping for? So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do. So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do. So boop me like you do, B-B-Boop me like you do.
  41. That's it!! Boops away!! @Mesme Rize @Jeric @Duality @Lunar Echo @Rikifive @CinnamonPop @Stardust Balance @Totally Lyra @Deae Rising Shine~ @Randimaxis @Crypty @Derplight Sperkle @Lightwing @Nebula Wolf @Raritas @Royce @Snow @Stormfury @Swinton @TimeyWimeyAqua @Venomous And, of course, for that booper of boopers himself @VengefulStrudel...
  42. 14 brohoofs
    @Sparklefan1234 @Lightning Charge @Ginger Ale @ChB @Princess Aurora Wolf @RDFan89 Sweet Celestia! I checked my notifications! I was booped 6 times today! Is there a international boop day? Anyway. Thank you everypony who booped me and maybe will boop me. Be booped make happy. So I'm happy! You make my day! Boops back of course!
  43. @Totally Lyra *boop* @Duality *boop* @Sparklefan1234 *boop* @Lightning Charge *boop* @The_Gobo *boop* @Widdershins *boop* @AsrielFries *boop* @Stormfury *boop* @KrazyDashie *boop* @CinnamonPop *boop* @Trottermare Galamane *boop* @FizzyGreen *boop* @CosmicSpark *boop* @Mesme Rize *boop* @WiiGuy2014 *boop* @BlueStreak98*boop* @ScruffyTheStallion *boop* @Princess Moony *boop* @Flutterstep *boop* @ChB *boop* @Kyoshi *boop* @Lunar Echo *boop* @.Wolfe. *boop* @Johnny1226 *boop* @Jeric *boop* @Allen *boop* @Stardust Balance *boop* And finally... @PinkuRiku, @Trotteur Funeste, and @Lady Kiriness. I miss you. *boop*
  44. @Totally Lyra Boop @The Mint Pone Boop @Radience Boop @Unibeat Brony Boop @Lunar Echo Boop @CypherHoof Boop @ChB Boop @Wolves Boop @Royce Boop @The Cerberus Boop @Jeric Boop @Lightwing Boop @Holiday Agnaktor Boop @KTAG Boop @Mesme Rize Boop @Mirage77 Boop @Libra *noms tail* @ThunderCrush Boop @Baby Dashie Boop @Zachary Boop @Stormfury Boop @The_Gobo Boop @Amber Night Boop @Kyoshi Boop @Prospekt Boop @Foxy Socks Boop @Burpy Boop @Johnny1226 Boop @ooReiko Boop @Duality Boop @Allen Boop @Princess Moony Boop @Shineling Boop @Mars Orbit Boop @TheRockARooster Boop
  45. Aww thanks you guys! Here's a shoutout to some of my favorite pones: (This list is in no order) @Glimmerlicious @LilCinnamon @Totally Lyra @strongwilled_pegasus @Prospekt @Hierok @RDFan89 @Penguinbrony24 @SpiBaz @Meson Bolt @ThunderCrush @Regal Shadow @CinnamonPop @Lightwing @ScruffyTheStallion (yes, I still love you) @Sparklefan1234 @Alexshy @GrimGrimoire @Crosswind99 @BlueStreak98 @Twisted Cyclone Ok hopefully I remembered everyone
  46. *Poof!* Ye all, fine pony folks, behold the power of my booping!!! *Sends Feathers of Boop to @GrimGrimoire @The Cerberus @Dark Qiviut @WiiGuy2014 @Deae Rising Shine~ @strongwilled_pegasus @Lunar Echo @Summer Breeze @ThunderCrush @ChB @Totally Lyra @Denim&Venom @RDFan89 @meme @Sparklefan1234 @SolarFlare13 @CypherHoof @Fluttershy Friend @Hierok @Mirage77 @Libra @Wolfgrel @GrimGrimoire*
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    Tomorrow will be my two years anniversary on MLP Forums
  48. 13 brohoofs
    Hmm. Today morning I got up and looked at mirror. Ponification complete! Maybe I should go to a doctor? Maybe although post in LIfe Advice?
  49. @.Wolfe.@Celli@Crescent Forest@Johnny1226@Lady Kiriness@Libra@Maple Bat@MaryxMelody@Meeps@Mesme Rize@Misty Shimmer@Pixel Dusk@Radience@Someguyinablazer@Star Petal@Steel Accord@Stormfury@Sunset Rose@Sweetie Feri@Violet_S What? Too hard? I play rough! Thou hast all been boopeded! Plus I am now plotting my revenge @Jeric on you and your little Rarity to!
  50. Just a few more "boops" to go. @Duality @ooReiko @PathfinderCS @PiratePony @PoisonClaw @Prospekt @RDFan89 @Stormfury @The Cerberus @The Diver @The_Gobo @TheRockARooster @Leere @Zyrael @Arid_Blitz @Unicorncob @Unlikeable Pony @NightmareLuna800 @Photon Jet @djdashie3 @FluffyGoat13 @FlutterGuy999