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    It's great to be back and see everyone again. But, alas, this pony needs some sleep. Have a great night everypony and a great day to follow.
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    Luna: Come join your princess on this wonderful night I’ve put together for you!
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    Shh, don’t wake the fluffy princess. Just let her sleep.
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    A quick shot of Luna
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    With season 9 being its last, I could give my thoughts on it ending, but I did so already. Instead, I want to reflect on what the show has done. Over the years, FIM has had moments where many, myself including, declare whether the show jumped the shark or not. For those who don't know, "jumping the shark" is the moment that indicates its peak has passed and won't return to form again. Examples are located here and here. Of course, when something jumps the shark is subjective. What might be a "jump the shark" moment for one may not be for another. There's no right way to determine it. That said, there have been many "jump the shark" moments, only for FIM to bounce back. Faust leaving during Season 2's production? Season 2 was really solid and has aged better than the former. Derpygate? Derpy was around during S2, was on hiatus in S3 til MMC, returned again in Rainbow Falls, and has remained a background mainstay since. Twilicorn debuting in MMC, a possible change in character? In S4, she showed remnants of Twi of old, and in S5, many of her quirks return. The castle replacing the tree? No on talks about it now, and I argue that Castle Sweet Castle helped relieve the worries. In fact, her castle's been in the show longer than the Golden Oak Library (104 eps to 91 to date, minus the shorts and Best Gift Ever). Princess Spike's ending implicating permanent status as a buttmonkey? Two weeks later, Amending Fences — one of the best of the show — aired, and Spike's direction has improved tremendously since. S5 remains my favorite of the show. Newbie Dash screwing up Dash's achievement? In consecutive weeks, Tail and TSRR air. Afterwards, the Wonderbolts become much more likeable, and Dash feels like a part of the team. Starlight joins the cast? She gradually improves in S6, and in S7 and 8, she makes her mark as one of the Mane Eight. The School of Friendship is born? Becomes one of the show's best settings and the home of the Young Six, some of the best characters of the show. You get the picture. Every time the show proverbially jumps the shark, the show always bounces back. It never stays down for so long. Whenever the show looks to be in the downturn in quality, DHX publishes good to great episodes, reminding us why FIM has the well-earned reputation of being one of the best Western cartoons of the decade. Consider this. Many cartoon shows don't last so long. After two or three seasons, it starts wrapping up or gets canceled. Gravity Falls only lasted two seasons. If they stick around, it runs the risk of rotting. FOX renewed The Simpsons for both a 31st and 32nd season, but many argue that it began its turn to mediocrity after Season 9. The Powerpuff Girls were good for about four years, but S5 and 6 (both w/o McCracken) sucked. Nickelodeon finally canceled Fairly Odd Parents after already drilling into the sewer. Sometimes they bounce back, such as Spongebob post Out of Water and Thomas & Friends following S16. Is it impressive that FIM lasted so long? Indeed. I still remember wondering if FIM will even have a S3 or 4. But think about it. FIM's been good for not just the first three to four seasons, but so far its entire run. A large chunk of the show's best episodes started in S5. If Friendship Is Magic ended after MMC or Twilight's Kingdom, we wouldn't have all-time greats like Flight to the Finish, The Cutie Map, Slice of Life, Lost Mark, The Times They Are A Changeling, The Perfect Pear, Shadow Play, Mean 6, The Washouts, or Sounds of Silence. DHX maintained consistently good quality from the very beginning to today, which is very hard to do. As I wrote here, Faust planted the seeds early, and her apple tree currently blooms. Prior to FIM, Hasbro's longest TV series was G1 Transformers (99 episodes, 6 seasons). When this show concludes, it'll be more than double the length (221 episodes, 9 seasons); not bad for a show that's been this good for so long, huh? Whether it'll hold up or not remains to be seen. But no one can deny that Friendship Is Magic built a legacy, and with S9 coming up in perhaps five to eight weeks, I can't wait to see what's in store.
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    Step into Celestia’s world
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    I want to let you know there are a lot of ppl here caring about you! We don't want you to suffer. Please ask for help IRL. Do you need any help with this? @Barpy @Blivy @Button Feri @Captain Clark @DashYoshi @DivineBlood1000 @Fluttershy Friend @Ganondorf8 @EpicEnergy @Partialgeek514 @ILoveRara @Johnny1226 @KrazyDashie @Lord Valtasar @luftschloss @lyrabetes3939 @Misanthropist @Monado Dashie @Nightfall Gloam @number1pegasister @Phosphor @Platinum Sonnet @Poly Lingua @Rarity the Supreme @Scarlett ChB @SDP40F amtrak @Sherbert MGS @Snow le Canard @Sondash Studios @Sound Variations @Sparklefan1234 @SpongeBobsLittlePony @Sun Ray @Sunset light @Sweet Treat @Tacodidra @The Recherche @Twilight Luna @TwiSparkle97 @Wannabrony @Zeal Crown LET US ALL LET HIM KNOW HE IS QUITE AWESOME
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    "Don't assume your dreams are just fantasy. If you can imagine a world, believe in it, and dive in."
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    When someone asks me, "Why do you have Disney avatar on an MLP forum?": I chose to use a Disney avatar because I wanted to stand out.
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    In this day and age, it’s becoming rarer and rarer for a form of media, especially television, to have a definitive and conclusive finale. Many will either be left to sprawl endlessly until it becomes little more than a shadow of its former self or unceremoniously canceled in the middle of the story and forced to rush the endings. So, it is with an odd mix of sadness and relief that it’s been finally confirmed that Season 9 of Friendship Is Magic will be the final season. While I will certainly miss the show, I can still take solace in the sheer legacy it has left behind. When the first episode premiered on October 10th, 2010, many were expecting it to be dead on arrival, little more than another brainless show meant to distract small minded kids for a few minutes while acting little more than a 22-minute toy commercial, only to surprise everyone with its cast of colourful characters, thoughtful and funny plotlines, and an art style that was a joy to look at. What followed what a fandom like no one had ever seen before or I think ever since, filled with people far outside the intended demographic one would expect from “My Little Pony.” As of today, February 18th, 2019, the fourth generation of My Little Pony has managed to endure for over eight years, far longer than anyone could have ever imagined. In that time, a deluge of fan creations flooded the internet: art, writing, animations, plushies, you name it, someone has probably made a My Little Pony of it. But that was just the beginning, as dozens of conventions were created across the globe, gathering together fans from all walks of life together under the banner of a simple message: “Friendship is Magic”. Friendships have been formed between people who would have previously never crossed paths and people even managed to get married because of their relationship to the show, an impressive feat for a show that was originally mocked as a simple toy commercial. When the 100th episode, Slice of Life, aired on June 13th, 2015, I remember thinking that this was an unprecedented accomplishment for the show, having lasted longer than any other show made by Hasbro and doing what many shows couldn’t even attempt in reaching the triple digits. So, imagine my shock and utter amazement when I realized the show was about to take that same accomplishment and double it, as Season 9 will feature the 200th episode, a feat never before thought possible from a Hasbro show. Once the show does indeed finish airing the final episode, Friendship is Magic will then consist of 221 twenty-two minute episodes, a combined watch time of over 81 hours or around three and a half days or so, even longer if you added in the feature-length movie, the specials, and the Equestria Girl’s spin-off series, putting the combined total to somewhere around 86 hours or so. To put that into perspective, that’s longer than it would take to watch the entire Lord of the Rings movie Trilogy, plus the Hobbit over ten times. Finally, Season 9 will only mark the ending of Friendship is Magic, not My Little Pony as a whole, especially with another movie already planned for 2021 and potentially a Gen 5 in development. Even if it was the end of the franchise, the fandom that this show created won’t just up and disappear, but will no doubt continue to flourish for years to come. Myself? I’ve made far too many good memories with this show and the people I’ve met through the fandom to give it up the moment the last episode airs. If anything, I will be there with a smile when the show finally does come to end and I will watch proudly as Friendship is Magic takes its final steps into the world. For if nothing else, this show has managed to firmly consolidate one thing during its almost decade long run: Friendship truly is magic.
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    I've had a lot on my mind lately, especially with my plans to buy some land in a couple years. I find moving to be stressful, since I moved a lot when I was a kid. I've lived in the same general area for about 2 decades, so it will be tough but I'm ready to move on. 100 acres of pine trees and class 3 dark skies is calling my name.
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    Today, has been a marathon run form the start...woke up, ate, loaded my gear back up, drove home, unloaded a few things then when with the wife out to a basketball game, ran around more, ate then helped her get ready for her friends baby shower tomorrow...so..I’m beat.. With that...I wish you all a goodnights sleep
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    The show might be close to the end, but we will never forget how it positively affected us over the years. As someone who has used MLP to help me not wanting to harm myself, I see it as the best thing that could of happened to me. Let's also not forget that the show may be ending but the fandom still exists and will continue to exist for years to come. Let us not be sad that the show is ending but be happy at how much it means to us.
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    Hey everypony, I know that it's been a while, and umm...I just wanted to address something pretty major (as far as me on this website goes) and, well...here I go. Now, these past two years on this site have truly been something that I've treasured. I'm deeply thankful too each and every one of you who has supported my content in that time, really, I'm more grateful than you can ever imagine. However, there is something that has been gnawing away at me for about the past seven months, and I would like to put it to rest. For a long time now, my activity on the forums has been...spotty, infrequent, more akin to random spikes of energy than anything else. And every time that I have brought this phenomenon up in the past it's been me dodging around what's really happening and how I'm really feeling. With that in mind, and I don't want to make a big show out of this, I have decided that I will no longer visit this website as of April 30th, my birthday, this year. I don't want to go too into detail as to why this is, to be honest it's mostly on me, I think, but suffice to say that I haven't really been...feeling it for a while now. When I joined the forums back in January 2017 I was just some unintelligent, ignorant child, I was depressed out of my mind, I thought that the world owed me something, and this website was an escape and a support system. I've done a lot of growing in the past couple of years, and though I still have some ways to go, I'd like to think that I'm much better off now than I was back then, I've started to come into my own, and I've improved my confidence tenfold. That, in part, is largely thanks to all of you and this website/community as a whole. Again, I'm deeply grateful for what you've all given to me moving forwards in my life. But as my mental state improved, and as I've gotten older, the more posting here has seemed like more of a chore that I do out of necessity and because I want to see all of you guys, than something that I do for fun. I've outgrown it, it's lost it's sparkle, whatever you want to call it, I can't deny what I'm feeling. This forum was great before me, and it's been great without me. I don't really have a place here anymore, and you guys don't need me any longer. So...yeah...I hope that you can appreciate my decision, it wasn't easy to make, I'll try to post semi-frequently in the next two and a half months and who knows, maybe I'll give you all a look at the being behind the mask. I'll also probably return for a little bit whenever the show wraps up (presumably sometime in the next two years). Thank you for listening to me blathering on for 10 minutes, farewell and have a great day everypony! Not even going to spellcheck this one. That's how far I've come.
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    Just something silly that popped into my head:
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    Dear former instructor. You have received this message because you were previously a coach on Team Moon in the Pony World Cup. You may be unaware of this, but due to a series of regrettable occurrences which resulted in a dangerous reshaping of the dreamscape that has entrapped us, all teams were partially disbanded. No direct communications were sent from any source to notify those who were displaced of what took place, leaving little besides breadcrumbs of information to be found, for those who were fortunate enough to stumble upon them. The purpose of this message is twofold. First of all, this means yes, you lost your position on the team as a result of the spacial rift. Due to reasons beyond our control, teams are presently closed to new invites. Secondly, Team Moon may have been thrown off balance by the unexpected tremor, but we have regrouped, are still fighting, and aim to pursue this tournament to the very end, and put an end to Grogar's treachery once and for all! If you are still interested in serving the greater good of Equestria and joining with Team Moon once again, simply respond affirmatively to this message with a post or a brohoof/emote, and I will send you notifications for when our matches are active, so you can easily remember to cast your vote without the need to regularly check the World Cup section of the forums for updates. If team invites open up again, you will also be notified so you will have an opportunity to jump in during the short window of opportunity. If you have no further interest in this endeavor, I shall not trouble you with these matters any further. Regardless of your decision, may the Light of the Moon guide you through your darkest hours. Thank you for your time and for the support you showed me during the time you have already served on Team Moon. @Loud Opinion @~The Snowy Wolf~ @JCKane @SugarCoatxMarblePie @PCutter @AlbaTross @Asbel Lhant @Grandmaster Slas @Woona :3 @Lambdadelta @Gainsborough @CoolConfucius @J.T. @Millennium Shadow @OG CHUCK @Sherem @K_Cast @RaphLuna @Raven Rawne @Theanimationfanatic @zerozoner @Alex2002ita @Raririsu @Artrexus Hope @Calico @Wild Star @Don't Spy on Me @SkyPie @Hachiroku @Emperor Blu Traincrown @SBaby @.Wolfe. @Rising Dusk @Ganaram Inukshuk @NightmareLuna800 @Nightmare Muffin @Cwanky @Snow Frostflame @Script Chime @Glimmerlicious @Jonny Music @Tylad @Luna's Admirer @Loyal Defender @Acons @Feather Data @Luna the Great of all the Russias @Princess Lulu <3~ @Kyoshi @Envy @Rixton @Stardust Balance @Handsome Changeling @Mickey Adaptus @Arid_Blitz @TBD @AdorbzFangirl @Kind Claw @Twisted Cyclone @Krashface @Sir Floof @Pripyat Pony @Gabosor @Ginger Ale
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    The rooster is gonna be taking some time away from the forums. But I will return, when I’m ready. I want my special friends to know that I’m so happy and grateful to know you all, I’ll see you on my return. For now, farewell and god bless.
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    When I post about something that would only be interesting to me:
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    Good morning ponyville It was 4am this morning...but it’s done.. im beat... hope you all have a awesome day
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    I wonder if Derpy is available to clear out some clouds. Just please don't drop a piano on me
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    I just had a happy thought. (For me.) Friendship is Magic may be leaving but, I don't think they've said anything about Equestria Girls being done yet!
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    I wonder if ponies are happy that I haven't been mass-mentioning them lately?
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    Celestia: Why hello there, sleepyhead. I knew that I'd find you snoozing out here.