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  1. The MLP movie trailer has been released.
  2. NOTE: Though it may look like a thread with just a silly comic, it actually is tech support related. I believe you all are bored of threads related to that character count box, due to amount of these, so this time I'll try to make it at least a tiny little bit entertaining. (hopefully) Now getting to the point- When editing posts, there are two character counters displayed at the top. Due to recent changes, that box is moved to the center and it adds a header of some sort below the toolbar, where that box is drawn, so that the real first line, where we can type, is below that counter. While it works as intended, there are two of these when editing posts. As a result, it draws two headers, which still works as intended, but unnecessarily takes more space and looks kiiiinda bad. It's not a big issue of course- from my perspective it's just purely cosmetic, as I'm a desktop user, so I still have tons of free space in my view. I'm just letting you know, that's all. How does that look in a non-comic version: That's all, thanks.
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    Simple but beautiful story. Friend always forgive.
  4. Note: To get to and join the Poniverse Fimfiction group where the original contest thread was posted, click here. Good evening, everypony! Ya know something? It has been far too long since Poniverse put on a fanfiction contest. Wayyyyyyyyyy too long! Well, let's just fix that right now, shall we? As of this moment, Poniverse is officially launching a brand new fanfiction contest, which will be centered on our Fimfiction group, Poniverse Fimfiction! If you want to participate in this contest but haven't joined it yet, just click on the site's title in the previous sentence and the link will take you there, where you can do just that (especially if you already have a Fimfiction profile). But enough about that, back to business. Welcome to Poniverse Summerpalooza 3.0: Family is Magic!!! Now then, unlike our previous Summerpalooza contests, we will NOT require entries to be centered around Poniverse mascots. We will accept entries featuring Poniverse mascots (including a few new ones who will be mentioned below) but we will NOT require entries to include or be centered around them. All entries may be centered around whichever pony characters the author wishes, be they main characters, supporting characters, background characters, or original characters (which includes but is not limited to Poniverse mascots). If a fic featuring Poniverse mascots is deemed good enough, even if it isn't a winning entry, it will be added to Poniverse mascot canon. Finally, if you would like to include or center your fic around a Poniverse mascot(s) you can learn more about them here: Poniverse Mascot Profiles (scroll down in thread). Feel free to also use Poniverse Mascot canon if you utilize the mascots, or to reference it. All existing mascot canon can be found here: Poniverse Mascot Canon. With all that out of the way, let's cover the basic premise and ground rules of this contest. (1) As stated in the title, the theme of this contest is "Family is Magic." All fics must be centered around in one way or another the idea of family in some way. This does NOT mean that all characters involved need be blood relatives. Family means a lot of different things to everyone, and obviously there are instances where friends or mentors can be so close to you that they are family, so feel free to get creative there. Also, just because family is the focus does not mean that your fics HAVE to be serious. The genre can be whatever you wish, drama, comedy, slice of life, adventure, tragedy, whatever, just as long as the theme or idea of family is present in some respect. We hope this gives authors plenty of room to get creative in what they come up with, so go crazy guys, seriously! (2) Entries should be no longer than 30,000 words. We'd prefer that all entries be one-shot fics, but if the author requires multiple chapters for their fic, that's fine, so long as the fic does not exceed 30,000 words and is complete upon entry. (3) Entries cannot exceed a Teen rating. We will not accept any Mature rated fics, whether they be Gore fics, Slash fics, Clop fics, etc. That's not to say that you can't enter scary fics, but our group has a strict policy of not accepting Mature rated fics. If any Mature rated fics are entered, we will not read or review them. (4) Fics can be submitted to the contest in the folder titled Summerpalooza 3.0 Contest Entries. (5) Contestants can enter no more than 1 submission of their own work (and please, do not enter any other author's work into the contest, even if you're doing it for them; if they'd like to enter the contest, they can do so themselves). Collaborations between 2 or more authors are allowed, but only one prize will be given in the event that such an entry is a winning entry. (6) Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, August 13, 2017; after that date, we will accept no new submissions. We hope to announce the contest winners towards the end of August, although that time-slot may change depending on whatever real life demands may arise. The fics that come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be featured on our Fimfiction group and MLP Forums, along with reviews published for each one. In addition, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will also receive free art commissions; these pieces will be 1-2 character full art pieces with a basic background, and may be whatever the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners desire, whether it be cover art for a fic, or just art of an OC. We hope you all enjoy this contest, and hope to see some wonderful entries that help us to celebrate family and summer! So get to it writers, and show us what you've got up your sleeves! I'm sure many of you have some very interesting stories in mind centered around this theme, and can't wait to see your ideas in action. If you have any questions about the contest, do not hesitate to post them here or to PM me, and feel free to share this contest prompt with any friends of yours here on MLP Forums, Fimfiction, or any other pony site you can think of! Have a pleasant evening, everypony, and happy writing one and all! Art Prizes 1st place art prize: Fantastic up-and-coming brony artist mirroredsea (deviantART ID: mirroredsea) has generously offered to do the first place prize. Be sure to check out his incredible art (and amazingly adorable ponies) on deviantART!!! 2nd place art prize: Poniverse staff artist Crystal Vision (deviantART ID: cayfie) has also offered her services for our second place prize. Be sure to check out her sweet art on her deviantART profile!!! 3rd place art prize: Finally, Poniverse staff artist Jeshh (deviantART ID: Jeshh) has offered her services for our third place prize. Be sure to check out some of her fantastic art on her deviantART profile!!! That is all I've got for you, everypony! A new Poniverse fanfiction contest is upon us, and I for one cannot wait to see what you all come up with! Best of luck one and all, may the best fic win, but above all else, have fun!!! Oh, but don't get sunburned...
  5. It won't happen explicitly, but isn't Lyra & Bon Bon the "best of friends."
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    I recently saw a vivid rainbow this morning after some light showers. It definitely reminded me to stop and take in the world around me more often. If I had time, I totally would have tried to find that pot of gold. Have a lovely week!
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    I can't believe my two years on the forums is coming up in a week. It feels like I haven't been here that long yet. That being said, I also feel like I've known some folks here for far longer. Anyway, hope y'all have a nice rest of your week. ~
  8. It's about time we knuckle down with some outstanding staff announcements; so expect a few posts in short intervals! To begin with; we are continuing with our goal of filling up the remaining vacant Team Lead positions on the Mod team, and so now turn our attention to Roleplay World! I'm very happy to announce that our Master of Chaos himself, @Randimaxis, has kindly agreed to take up the reigns of this Section. Randi has been nothing short of a wonderful boon to this team ever since joining us almost 2 years ago, with his uniquely gifted personality and incredible fortitude against even the toughest of times being an inspiration not just across the staff, but for the whole forum as well. I know that with his long and studied experiences into Roleplay (including rumours of Chaotical proportions one April Fools Day ), that there is no better person for the job. Best of luck to you Randi! -- He won't be alone however, because what's a Sheriff without his Deputy? And what better deputy would you rather have than your own personal Changeling? @Derplight Sperkle has been our honorary Changeling representative for some time now, proving once and for all that MLP Forums is an equal-opportunities employer. He's also a heck of a Roleplay enthusiast and Staff Sectional, and so its with a lot of pride that we now whip out the purple paint and announce Sperkle as the newest Global Moderator, presiding over Roleplay World. While his duties will now extend to across the entire forum, his primary focus will remain with assisting Randi through the exciting changes soon to come to the Roleplay section. (Or maybe he'll just change into Randi and stage a secret takeover... ) Best of Luck, Derplight! -- Alright! That's all for this post, but there are still more announcements to come very soon; so keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Hiya! I'm Hannah, better known as Stormence or Havoxious. I am a pone artist who does roleplays and owns WAY too many characters. Feel free to message me and say hello!
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  12. Mega Thread

    Its been a while since I last posted here so.. here I go..
  13. Any thoughts? Character and art belong to me.
  14. I'm not sure if it's just me or if there's some way to change this; but the character counter (since the recent Ponyverse upgrade), has been nothing but an annoyance by obstructing the view and disabling right-click (spellcheck) on any pieces of text underneath it. Is there anyway to move the counter back to the margin around the text editor as it was in the previous version? Thank you. -Rebus
  15. Wanted to do a redraw of one of my favorite drawings I've done.
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    Oh ya I almost forgot to show you's all my new art I had commissioned ¦S I got it about a week ago and I olny just noticed I never posted it so here you all go, What do you's all think? "by @SFyr"
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    Have a happy and safe 4th of July! Don't forget to keep your pets indoors during the fireworks.
  18. Its my countries Birthday tomorrow, 150 years of Canada. AWESOME. EPIC... JOY and HAPINESS.. To celebrate the occasion of the once in a lifetime event I doodled my OC Crystal Frost. With Pretty Blue Bows to mark the Special Occasion. carrying the Canadian Flag with Honour and Pride... So here she is. Happy 150th Birthday Canada.svg Don't be shy to reply.. All done in one day doodle, lines, width tool, colours, scrapbooked..
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    The boss brought ice cream to work this afternoon....Today is a good day. ~
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    Good gravy, it's sweltering! Time to stick my head in the freezer for a minute. If I turn into a puddle, send help, plz.
  21. Heya everypony! I've been part of the fandom for about 3 years now. I do pony art a lot. Also sing and practice voice impressions of the characters from time to time. It's been forever since I've had some friends in the fandom. I'm just here to make some friends and just get a bit more involved in the community. Cause y'know I'm sure you're all awesome and amazing and fantastic. I don't want to reveal my name since It's kind of ehhhHH. So everyone here can just call me Aula. Hope everyone's having a good day! Pssssttt I really love the emoticons
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh, goodness, goodness, gracious me, my wonderful girlfriend and I are having a splendid time together so far! Had a great time together with my grandparents, mom, sister, and her fiance at a ball game last night, and she absolutely spoiled me rotten with early birthday presents, including a VERY special MLP present. God has truly, richly blessed me with someone I love very much and who loves me back very much and I can't wait to see what He has in store for us. Catch ya later everypony, we're off to see Wonder Woman soon!
  23. Mega Thread

    Images and arts of me :0 Super insecure so R I P
  24. What... "Derpy"? YES PLEASE! We fans have been waiting for SOOOOOOOOO long for our justification in this! It's LONG overdue, and the fans keep speaking louder and louder - YES, HASBRO! WE LOVE OUR DERPY HOOVES, AND WE SHALL NOT TOLERATE HER MERCH'S NAMELESSNESS FOR EVEN ONE MORE BLASTED SECOND! DER-PY HOOVES! DER-PY HOOVES! DER-PY-... ... wait... that's... not what you meant, is it? ... oh, the mortification...
  25. Mega Thread

    i may be new to the forums, but since ill be sticking on here, i might as well show you who i really am—
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    *gives snuggles to everyone* :>
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    Hey everyone! (Just imagine me like Pinkiepie for a bit ) I had my first day of work today! I had a blast and am so happy to finally be doing something productive like it! I am working at Dairy Queen and spread joy through yummy blizzards and what not! I am so excited to have this job and am looking forward to contuing it! Yay yummy stuff!
  28. I redrew her since the old drawing I have looks ugly! >~< Old ugly one X-x New ugly one! X'D
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    Thanks so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes today, it was very kind and considerate of all of you! God's richest blessings to you all and here's hoping year 26 proves to be a great one indeed! To show my gratitude and thanks, here, have a giant virtual muffin courtesy of best pony!
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    She pulled off a Sonic Rainboom as a filly. Without even thinking about it. She is 20% cooler than Absolute Zero. She is so loyal that she will turn into a machine gun for you. She can clear the sky over Ponyville... in ten seconds flat. She is... The most interesting mare in the world. "I don't always drink cider. But when I do, I prefer Sweet Apple Acres. Stay AWESOME, my friends."
  31. Beautiful eyes. Stare master
  32. Adorasexy Flutters asking for a date
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    PSA: Listening to Enya increases productivity and euphoria by about 500%. Anyway, have a great (and restful) weekend! ~
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    So the phone rings, and it's the SAME DAMN TELEMARKETER that we've been dealing with for the past 6 months... so, I decided I'd had enough. Transcript as follows, as best as I can recall: Me: Helloooo? TM: Ah, hello sir - how are you toady? Me: *hesitantly* I'm goooooood... TM: That is good to hear, sir; according to our database, it appears that your computer is infected with a virus that we have been monitoring for some time; we can- Me: *bright and pleasantly* WAIT! let me guess... your company ONLY wants to help me, and they want to do so by selling me the cure for this so-called virus, which - to be honest - I'm fairly certain you folks put in there in the first place! Now, I could always go to a friend of mine who works on computers, and if HE finds that your "company" are the ones responsible for this supposed "virus", I could always get in touch with both the police AND a lawyer... but instead, I'll bite; exactly WHAT is it that you have to offer me to try to separate me from my money? Hmm? Tell me, please, what is it????? TM: *a three second silence, then* Well, FUCK you. Me: Thank you very much! TM: >click< ... so yeah, GREAT day!
  35. Happy 4th of July, America! Happy 241st birthday and I hope you all have a great day today! I made a special picture to celebrate the day of Applejack standing proudly with the American flag waving right beside her and an eagle soaring through the sky. I hope you enjoy this picture and feel free to offer any thoughts you might have.
  36. What I miss when villains weren't redeemed all the freaking time.
  37. funny

    I daydream frequently and like to imagine myself in fictional settings
  38. Fluttershy - tea lover.
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    That moment when your boss surprises you with an early release for the holidays ~
  40. Happy 150th birthday, Canada! From an American in the states, I wish all you lovely Canadians a great day today and a happy birthday to your wonderful country. I made a special picture in celebration of this day of Pinkie Pie looking cutely with Canada's flag behind her. I hope you enjoy this drawing and feel free to offer any thoughts you may have.
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    Anyone that knows me knows that I have issues, for sure, Mental issues. Sometimes I get really depressed, other times I get super stressed out, and sometimes I get super pissed off. Being someone that is autistic and has a crippling anxiety disorder, this stuff isn't too much of a surprise. Regardless, I know that I do come off as abrasive sometimes, or perhaps even more than that and if I have ever come off as an asshole to anyone here, I apologize, deeply. I mean no ill will towards anyone, I just have my moments and stupid stuff results from those moments. I hate the feeling that many people might not like me for what I have said in the past, it makes me extremely worried because I want to be a positive influence, a good person. Still, I know I fail at doing that half the time. I guess my own paranoia is what is making me write this clarification. Reassurance is something that helps and I am wanting to reassure myself by trying to clear the negative air that I know I sometimes make. So in closing, I shall now hug you all with a big pizza. Oh yeah. *hugs with big pizza*
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    Sweet Friday is back again! Time to pull out the fuzzy socks. So ready to kick back and watch some anime. Y'all have a restful weekend.
  43. Mega Thread

    Okay if anyone remembers me, I used to look like (the christmas photo) but in early April I had an accidental haircut, and now have really short hair that I hate, but this photo is decent.
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    Well I shouldn't be posting right now so I'll leave you's with this ¦D "by derpiihooves"
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    I made the ultimate avatar for myself... but it's ten times the max file size for avatars on this sight :V . . . SO I'LL JUST PUT IT HERE!
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    Well i'm of to bed now so night all and I know this ain't no MLP pic I just found but damn It's the best thing iv'e seen in a while ‡D "by TsaoShin"
  49. Zephyr Breeze can get fucked, one of the most unpleasant characters in the show, and the show more or less forces us to feel sorry for him instead of doing naturally, and does a horrific job of doing it