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    It was a mistake to rejoin this fandom, and particularly through this forum. The height of my fancy here came from nostalgia- how the infancy of FiM had helped me through dark days as it had for so many people and how I was looking to step back into that light. I had met inspiring people and had in turn inspired them as well, which was a great feeling. Truly great feeling. I've pledged my service to many pony places over the internet until that service could no longer be maintained, and then I left. Every time. I have enjoyed a myriad of fan-generated content that to this day helped keep that spark of hope for happiness alive, but inspiration like that from such an unlikely place is such a whimsical thing. Lightning in a bottle. Nothing you can ever hope to rely on, (though not for a hopeless lack of trying). But these days, not only can fond memories not stave off all of the awful in my internet life, but the people that are supposed to be so-called shepherds of this community have consistently let me down for the great latter of that journey. So not even ponies are a reliable source of escapism anymore. Don't mistake me, there are people in that role who were and are quite admirable and I do very much appreciate getting to meet them. Hopefully they know who they are. But then there are a few people - one most notably one who would use that very word 'shepherd' to describe their role- who embody the disappointment and source that unhealthy and unnecessary frustration. You know who you are. Feel free to continue laboring under that massive chip on your shoulder. I obviously won't be helping you unburden yourself with it, you've burned that bridge quite nicely. I have been to many places around the world and experienced a lot more than many people are privileged to- especially considering where I come from. I am proud that what I've earned in my life came through hard work, sweat, sleep deprivation and pain and I am proud of all of the obstacles I've endured and overcome to land in even the meager existence I'm in now. It feels like what I have I have truly earned. I've learned a lot in the realms of language, psychology, literature, history, science and patience in my life that has helped me climb one rock after another. But the past year has been the absolute most unnecesarily caustic since this community started. That would have been just after I had ended a three year hiatus from the internet for the very same reason. Looks like I needed to relearn the lesson. FiM was truly a one-trick pony and that trick has long gone predictably formulary and stale. I've been offline from all personal things for a week or so now and immediately when I logged back into the Discords, the Facebooks, the SecondLifes and the forums and everything people spend so much time on these days, I was rapidly reintroduced to all of that toxicity that I have had such an unhealthy relationship with. Feelings of neglect or disappointment, feeling like there's something I need to be doing to satisfy someone else for no real gain. Unnecessary anxiety. I am unfortunately predisposed to it through my career in IT and curiosity for communication and information in general, so I can likely never escape it entirely. But I see now that I will forever associate interacting with people over the internet as a superficial and emotionally damning at worse, artificially soothing at best activity because of the experiences I've had. And it's never one big thing, is it? No one person or thing is capable of that. It's all of the little papercuts, all of those little signs that tell you that you're not doing the right thing or you're not in a healthy or productive place. But you ignore that voice in your head for that little morphine drip of artificial human interaction. To those who do not know about me very well, I moved away from the people I love very dearly to America where my biological family now lives to make a better living here in this country and to be with my biological family for a while. I've not always been very close to my biological family- I love my husband's family in Eastern Europe far more because they care for me so much. Well soon after arriving, my biological family members informed me that they were leaving to the other side of the country because they had been planning to for some time but decided not to tell me because it might upset me. Ya think? I left the people I love for the people I should love more and now I am alone in a country that I do not belong in. So up until last month, I was not a very happy person. Even though I'm a relatively reserved person, I feel like the friends I've made here have a right to know what's been on my mind. I know this blog is a little more unhappy than is normal for me, but it's pure emotion, hard intuition and honesty. Do you wanna know what I've done the past week and a half? I've gone hiking with kind, American strangers, I've been to a family get-together with an elderly coworker who so graciously refers to me as the daughter she's never had, I've been up and down the quiet back roads of an American state that's bigger than my home country for fun and I'm so broke that budgeting for the month gives me headaches, but I've finally been genuinely happy again. Because there's no hangups with having to sit at home and babysit a forum or someone's feelings or some silly DJing set that I'm supposed to pretend to care about or any of that. I'm just living a little more impulsively and not letting people dictate my mood or my day. I'm finally having fun with my life again. This just can't compare to that. It never can. I can honestly say I have better things to do with my time again, and to my friends whom I hope to God know who they are, you do too.
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    In which, Twilight Sparkle is unable to create the "Twitanic" & decides to improvise.
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    It was unhappy and wounded, but it met me on the road today. Now is safe and undergoing treatment.
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    Just wanted to drop the community a quick line and say that even though I occasionally have to be the bad cop and enforce rules and say no to many requests than I would like to, I appreciate all of you who come here to enjoy themselves and have fun. Pony on folks
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    This is my favorite Sweetie belle moment.
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    Ahh look at Starlight using her magic to help scootaloo fly that’s adorable. I wish that this would happen in the show.
  7. Sunset Shimmer

    Short Comic School Project

    Hey there everyponybody as you all know i'm in charge of the yearbook, but this year principal Celestia asked me to also supervise another project.a short, 2 page Comic competition, what could be more exciting than that?stop right there! yes you, who was about to say you can't draw, the comic doesn't have to be hand-drawn, it can be edits, vectors, or stick figures, anything goes as long as it makes a cohesive story, and don't forget that it's a school project so no gory or explicit stuff, keep it safeand of course a competition needs a winner, and a winner needs a prize, while every participant will be getting a badge for it, one will be picked by our lovely library staff and be read live on Discord during one of their readings.the deadline is the end of september, good luck once you're done, simply post your comic as a comment here
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    A reminder that buying the cheapest thing doesn't always mean it's the best for it's value. Do your research on a product before you buy it EVERYTIME! This is a PSA from Twily, you're welcome.
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    Look at starlight go with her awesome guitar skills uha hit it.
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    Well, it's been fun everypony. To @Sparklefan1234, @Tacodidra, @Gone Airbourne, @Nightmare glim, @Nightmare Rechie, @Mirage, @Alexshy, @R.D.Dash, @Rikifive, @Flutterstep and @TheRockARooster, I wish you all sweet dreams and a peaceful night. See you soon!
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    Yep, it’s that time again. MLPF turns seven years old. There will be some laid back celebrating to this day, including a live party on our Discord Server!
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    Alas, mine optical connection let out a ghost. Shan't be much online tonight. Hopefully I shall get it fixed on morrow. Stay awesome everypony! And Happy Anniversary MLPF!
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    Looks like Vignette Valencia needs a new catchphrase:
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    Ah finally ive got all my homework done and now i can relax.
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    Good afternoon all, I've been busy doing adult stuff all day so far. How is everyone else though today? Music below
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    The prime example of “Evil is Beautiful”
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    Anypony else so addicted to this site.
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    Who else can relate to pinkie pie.
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    I'm happy that I was able to give a few of my BFFFF's the Smile Badge because they always make me SO happy to be on MLP Forums!
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    I guess I should make a status update about people who make me smile, right? Well, I can sure as hell try. @Tacodidra This one should pretty obvious. You are a great friend and you almost always reply to my status updates. So much more than I can ask from a person @Rikifive You are still possibly my favorite person on these forums. You are absolutely amazingly creative when it comes to everything and I appreciate that. @Passion Skooma? @Nightmare Rechie We've had problems in the past with each other but it still has to be said how much you've had an impact on myself and others on this forum of ours. You might not be as active as you once were but that doesn't matter one bit to me. @Twilight Luna I first met you in the WPCC. You've stuck around ever since then and I appreciate that! @Lord Valtasar You really know how to push my buttons sometimes and I can somewhat appreciate that. @Sliding Bolt I also first met you on the WPCC. You're a pretty great friend to have. You might not be that active anymore but that is still fine with me! @The_Gobo I miss you, buddy. I wish you were still here with us but I know you had to move on. @Sparklefan1234 No one can underestimate how much you have an impact on people. You are just absolutely amazing! @Zayfen Hah, I remember first talking you when you first joined these forums a few months ago. Good times. @Rixton Same thing with you. Your fascination with 3D stuff is really neat! @Jedishy DID SOMEPONY SAY SMILE?!? @Cash In Wish we could talk more, but our timezones kind of prohibits us from doing just that. Other than that, you have been great to talk to with how much we've talked already! @Clod This boi is a meme, and a damn good meme at it. @DivineGlow1000 You may have gotten mad at me in the past but I still consider you a friend even if that is the case. @Ganondorf8 You're a pretty fun guy to hang out with. Especially when chatting the staff chat. @Mesme Rize Did I see a snek around here? hissssssss @Jeric The dadmin himself. I could so much about you but I'll just leave it at this. You're focus on events on this forum has helped people grow closer so much more! @PathfinderCS The master of deer puns himself. An absolute treat to talk to! @Rising Dusk I really like you. Even thought the WPCC is basically dead, your status updates make me smile! and last but not least @Haunt-A-Brony Oh man, wanna. You have been one the best people to talk to ever since I joined these forums. I have told you things that most people will never know about me. Even if I haven't found the time to talk to you that much on discord lately, you still mean a lot to me and I really appreciate your company. Thanks to everyone else that I haven't mentioned. You all mean a lot to me. I just can't remember everyone off the top of my head!
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    I won't mention names but my biggest pet peeve are people who post upwards to 30 status updates a day. It really gets grating after awhile. True, I could disable notifications for that but there are people that I want to keep up with.
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    It looks like our Equestrian counterparts heard that some of us are in need of hugs and are here to the rescue.
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    Woo birthday is coming tomorrow!
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    This forum has spoiled me. Despite not having watched MLP in years, I still visit here. Every other forum I’ve been on is so antisocial and boring. All people do is complain or post pointless spam, yet critics others for doing the same. This forum offers everything a forum should offer.