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    Jupiter was low in altitude (20°) around midnight, but the images came out decent. One of Jupiter's moons is visible in the video clip. I would rate the atmospheric turbulence as "average". I didn't run into anymore glitches in the new computer, so I'm happy and so is Twilight. Definitely going to bed early tonight. Jupiter_C8_ADC_5-23-2019.mp4
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    Even years later, this still remains one of my favorite PMVs.
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    Lack of sleep is catching up to me. Good night, everypony!
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    Picked up this little guy from Petsmart yesterday. Haven’t named him yet. Y’all got any ideas? He’s a blue Betta fish btw (yea I know, the lighting is terrible)
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    Bleh. Far from my best work. Kinda rushed. Anyway... @Tacodidra wearing @Mirage's borrowed socks.
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    Hello again loves can only do a short gallop by for the time being til I get the first portion of my job outta the way! hope you're all having a great day/evening. Talk to you all in a bit <3 Keep shining your love on all those around you, as you all do so well
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    I think I can hear summer coming! https://www.deviantart.com/ohemo/art/Royal-Summer-Part-1-751221542
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    I'm home from the graduation dinner. That was pretty fun.
  10. Now that I share my PMVs on these forums with y'all, I figure why not share my art too. If you care to check out my Deviantart that would be awesome! So, let's kick this off with my most recent artwork...a couple little gifts I made for my good friend @Misty Breeze. Her OC, Misty Breeze: *Base credit* And my favorite piece I've made so far, Misty and Lucky: *Base credit*
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    too tired to write a long thoughtful note (even though i want to) goodnight sweethearts <3
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    Two awesome pairs of twins!
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    Jack stands finally arrived in the mail! That means we can finish the brake work on the truck! Welp, I’m off to work. Wish us luck!
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    Good morning everypony how is everypony on this typical Thursday morning?
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    I believe its that time of the evening once again A pretty good day for a Wednesday if I do say so myself although I didn't get any time with my SO this evening- I believe she probably fell asleep and (hopefully) she'll sleep on through the night til she has to get up at the crack of dawn I missed hanging out with her, but she gets up so early in the morning for work, I really don't mind that shes gotten some decent sleep once once (I'm insistent that she get more sleep, but that just how things are ) time for a bit of reading, then its off to bed with this tired pone Thanks for being there lovelies, you've never failed to put a smile on my face and bring warmth to my heart. I hope your all have a wonderful rest of your evening/start to your day, and sleep well/ be safe during your travels! Goodnight my flowers <3
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    Another day down, another day full of goals successfully conquered! The end of the school year is almost upon the children of the school district I serve, so excitement is high and behavior is horrible but what can you expect from the little ones this time of year? Soon all they'll be worried about is when the next field trip is for us, and I honestly can't wait (even though I'll be moving to full time administrative work soon, joy ) I"m sure I"ll still be able to get out of the building frequently though Every day that goes by that I push through and make my daily goals happen, I feel stronger and more confident about the future- yes their may be many things I need to accomplish, but If I keep digging after them, I don't I can meet them and bear them! *collapses into a plush comfy chair with the best Chinese food in town and a cup of sweet green tea* tell me loves, how have your days been? I hope they've all been wonderful! even if they haven't been, pull up a seat and share this space with me, maybe I can help make the evening a bit brighter for you who knows? you could probably make my mine even better as well! <3 how beautiful
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    Some flowers for ya'll to enjoy Can't wait for my Magnolias to open up! They smell so good!
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    I want to be more social on here. I have quite the Fluttershy streak in me Well, maybe not quite that bad
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    Uggh I hate when transportations always like 20 to 30 min late.
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    They’re guarding my bed.
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    @Azul Maya says slaps are how you earn respect around here. *Slaps forum* Sorry!
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    Good evening everypony again just like yesterday I apologize for not being on much today I’ve been studying for finals and stuff I wanna finish off sophomore year with a bang. Im just letting you all know I probably won’t be on much tomorrow or Friday either. I hope you guys understand. Anyway how are you guys doing this evening?