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    My two favorite ponies!
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    4 brohoofs away from the 18000 milestone! I’m getting so close to 20000 brohoofs and it’s all thanks to my awesome friends!
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    Celestia makes everyday brighter!
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    I see @Buffy in the forum banner
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    @Tacodidra eat your heart out!
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    Either the mods/admins are having fun (Most likely.) or they're all going crazy due to FiM ending (Also, likely.).
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    Shh, don’t be sad. I’m here now and everything will be okay!
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    Well, time for the Rooster say goodbye until tomorrow. Goodnight all and stay safe. 🐔❤️
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    As long as I have my beautiful princesses, I'll be safe!
  10. Status: Closed! Hello there, everyone~ I'm giving this another shot, at least for the time being, before uni starts again in mid-September. I had another request shop but it's been inactive for years and I'd rather not re-open it. I can draw any type of pony. I'm also open to try drawing kirins, zebras and possibly changelings (just keep in mind I've never drawn them before). I will draw them traditionally and re-draw them digitally for some needed practice. So you get an idea of what my art looks like, here: Request info: - I need an image of the OC you want me to draw or a very detailed description of what they'd look like; - Tell me something you want for the drawing (be it an expression, pose, theme...) just so I can vary my art a bit; - Feel free to ask how the art is going but don't rush me. If you do, you won't be getting free art, sorry~; - There shall be 5 spots available for requests. Once these are all taken, this request shop will be "closed" while I work on them. If it all works out, it shall re-open. Spots: 1 - @Zero - DONE 2 - @Mesme Rize 3 - @Kyoshi 4 - @Troblems 5 - @dsc
  11. Confirmed by the man himself. Yup, it's possible that Season 9 will be the third and last season to not end with a two-parter and the only season to have a final episode succeeding a two-parter. Better yet, this makes it very likely for us not to have a rushed finale, as we will get one more episode to cover what the two-parter could miss.
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    Sorry if I haven't active on here that much lately. I've got a lot on my mind and I'm just trying to make it better! I love all of my friends still!
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    Just got back from the store and I brought this home with me!
  14. You three again?! Didst thou not receiveth enough of a beating in the dreamscape last time, that you've returned for more?
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    I am so glad to be in the house by myself, because it means I can sing as loud as I want to without disturbing anyone.
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    I trust you all are doing well! Its been a hot one already....
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    Whenever I comment on YouTube and get rude replays, I don't like getting into fights so I just reply really nicely and thank them for pointing things out that I didn't realize. But the most hilarious thing is that I don't get any response after that. Not even a like. I think it might have been because they didn't expect that calm of an answer but idk. Anyway, Be nice online, kids.
  18. Blame @Creamy Arty this one is his fault.
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    Who else wants to see the pony figures that I bought today?
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    Hiiii! Okay, just a quick announcement from me to you- starting soon, I will be on the forums less. Not because I don't want to, but because school starts soon as well as my training for my new job. I love you all and hope you can understand. Thank you for being such good friends to me!
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    [Video] How To Draw Splashee (in 3 easy steps) I recorded myself drawing in Photoshop. I know how to draw my OC, so why not share, it is fun! This is a speed drawing, so the video is playing 400% faster, making it take only 5 minutes of your life to watch:
  24. PONY LIES! She was down there for weeks! She would have perished if I didn’t make sure she received food. Besides, she made a good ready meal to myself since I had to show restraint with her disgusting fiancé! Wanted? I think your tense is wrong.
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    ok i think we are done with the whatever this guy on the rank profile...
  26. It's my oc Moonlight Toccata
  27. When did my announcement turn into the Social Rejects of Society Club? Get your own thread, and a more menacing demeanor while you're at it. We all know the end result is going to be the same, whatever you cook up. I might not care about this place but that doesn't mean Thorax and his army of pony friends don't. Speaking of, @Thorax, you failed to mention she's here, and that she's spending time with children, now. Do you need a chaperone or something?
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    im home and watching the rest of rebals :3
  29. Fantastic. The Legion of Doom seems to be planning an invasion. @Chrysalis @Cozy Glow If you think you can mess with the wonderful folks here and get away with it, we'll you've got another thing coming! You'll never learn the secrets of the forum's power!
  30. Silly Foals! Why you all bicker and and argue about who is a prettier pony, what adventures are the best, and who should return to the hive, I am making designs on something grander and more glorious than you pathetic creatures can imagine. If I can’t have my Hive, I’ll take this place instead.
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    Mane 7, tell us a bit about yourselves. Twilight Sparkle: I'm smart! Fluttershy: I'm kind. Rainbow Dash: I'm loyal! Pinkie Pie: I'm funny! Rarity: I'm generous. Applejack: I'm honest. Spike: I'm Spike!
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    I’m gonna these beautiful princesses and Queen until the end of time!
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    Funny story, I was about to post a status update about the most frustrating element of EQG for me and then I realized that the comment would be better of as a blog entry because of how long it was. Also, I don't understand how but somehow I have reached 100 content count somehow. Yay me.
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    So does the principal & vice principal in every school in the entire world all turn into Alicorns when they enter the magic portal to Equestria?
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    Wow I keep calling @Splashee out for staying up too late. But here I am. I woke up a few minutes ago and it's 6 AM
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    Hello EveryPony so the purpose of why I created this status update is a sincere personal apology from myself to all of you, for if i seemed annoying or if i comment too much on all of your posts, I just sincerely really enjoy helping others or chatting or having fun, so i just decided to make a short list so you may hopefully understand me a bit more 1. So, to some ponies i have come off as Flirty, and if i have im sorry, I just enjoy making new friends anyway possible and im not trying to seem that way, and i respect your opinions but i'm personally not like that and i hope you may understand im not intentionally trying to seem like that 2. Another thing that i feel like personally has been like if i have seemed overly hyperactive and seeming like i'm always happy, but personally I'm sorry for if i've come off as that, I'm just emotional and i wish for other ponies to be happy, I feel joy at times because i wish other ponies to be happy as well, if some of you wish for me to be different in a way towards you i fully respect that 3. Annoying- I've personally felt like i've come off as this to some of you and if you feel like i have, im terribly sorry and i don't want you all to feel like that So to finish this, I respect you all and wish you all to understand i don't intentionally mean to seem like this, and to you reading this, Thank you
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    It's finally cold enough to wear my onesie again.
  40. Uhh, @Pharynx I'd really prefer you not antagonize the bad guys needlessly! I had no idea Chrysalis was here, or this team she's with, but let's not engage with them until we need to, right?
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    It’s the thot that counts
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    What’s better than two beautiful princesses and a beautiful Queen? Absolutely nothing!
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    My voice always sounds so squeaky whenever I'm not trying to sound good. Otherwise, I sound pretty good.
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    I have decided to make my discord public so anyone can add it, how long this is gonna be, idk. so you add me down there in my profile if you want (but a pm saying who you are will be nice, too. :3)
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    Roses are red Wine is also red Poetry is hard Wine
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    Oh joy! I received a note from Deviant Art, saying that I’ve been selected for a free IPhone giveaway. All I have to do is click a hyperlink where I have no idea where it will take me!
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    Well, time for the Rooster say goodbye until tomorrow. Goodnight all and stay safe. 🐔❤️
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    Whats going on with the throne room and where can i get more of it? morning folks, its wednesday!